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Pairing: Demetri Martin/Matt Good
Rating: NC-17
POV: Demetri
Warnings: Sorta BDSM, non-con
Notes: For antontobias86 < 3

I gazed at the man on the bed, the man I had brought here. We'd met at a bar, talked a bit and I got him a drink, which I drugged. Once I could see it start to work I took him outside, tossed him in the trunk of my car and drove him home. He was tall, with dark hair that hung to his shoulders. He had tattoos on both arms in a myriad of colours which I'd study for any familiarity later.

He stirred slightly and I smirked, moving a little closer so he could see me. "Hello Matt." He blinked and then looked at me, opening and closing his mouth uselessly. "I gave you a drug which numbed your body, vocal chords included, so there's no point trying to talk." I paused to let that sink in, watching as he tried uselessly with amusement.

"Now, here is what we're going to do tonight. Or rather what I'll do to you." I picked up my pointer and waved it at the large pad beside the bed, tapping each line on it. "I'm going to fuck you. You'll suck my dick clean. Then I'll drug you again and decide what to do with you." I set pointer down once I'd finished.

I undid my pants, sliding them down to my ankles before stepping out of them. I kept my eyes on his as I gripped my t-shirt, pulling the blue material up and over my head. I tossed it onto the chair I'd occupied while watching him sleep, then pushed my underwear down. I was hard just from watching him lie there naked, knowing I could do anything to him. And I would.

"I took the liberty of fingering you while you were sleeping, so I wouldn't bother now." I smiled, flipping him onto his stomach so his ass was accessable to me. I looked at his round, inviting cheeks and licked my lips. He'd tasted good too, but I wouldn't let him know that. I patted his cheeks, then stepped away, an idea forming. I picked up pointer again and moved back to the foot of the bed. I angled it down and pushed the end of it between his cheeks. I easily found his hole, pushing it inside him. He made no noise at it's entry which was the only disadvantage to keeping him quiet this way.

Still, I began to move it in and out of him anyway, despite his silence. I didn't push it in too far, just the first few inches, since I didn't want to accidentally push it too deep and through his organs. I shifted a hand under him and felt for his dick, wetting my lips when I found it. He was hard, throbbing in my hand from pointer's movements. I would have teased him more with it, but I had been patient for far too long.

When I moved away from him, I slipped pointer out of his body, returning it to it's place propped up against the large pad. I picked up a rubber cock ring and worked it onto his cock, until it was tight around the base. Once I was satisfid, I knelt on the bed, prising his legs apart as wide as I was able. I placed a hand on each ass cheek, then spread them apart. His hole twitched slightly, though was still open wide enough for me. The opening clenched a little as I spat on it, providing him with the only lube he'd get. Once I lined myself up, I pushed in quickly, groaning at the feeling of him. He clenched around me, probably to force me out, but it just made him feel better.

I remained still for a few seconds, just enjoying the squeezing of his insides. I kept ahold of him, when I began to move, shifting back so just my head remained, then thrusting back in. I hummed to myself, moving in an out to the rhythm in my head, slamming into him hard. Again, I lamented his lack of speech, but it was a necessary sacrifice. He'd only call for help if he could talk and that would be such a distraction. And a mood killer.

I kept my pace to the beat in my head, knowing my thrusts would seem erratic to him. I wondered if he was still enjoying it, not that I'd care to find out. I did and that's all that mattered to me. My hands shifted up his body, scratching along his skin. When they reached his head, I grasped his hair with my fingers and yanked it back hard. "Like that whore? Yeah, I bet you do. I bet you're used to having dicks up your needy ass." My other hand scratched back down his back as I talked. Once it arrived at his ass I raised it high, bringing it down hard on his ass. I imagined that he'd yelp or moan and try and get away. I did it again, harder this time, watching as the cheek turned red from the blows.

I could feel I was getting close, so I forced myself to slip out of him after a last hard thrust. I hopped off the bed, moving to his head. Using my fingers, I forced his mouth open and pushed my aching dick inside the hot warmth. "That's it..." I growled a little, moving slowly as I felt him lap at me. He knew better then to try to bite me. A good sign. If he sucked my cock again I'd be sure to have him undrugged so he could attend to it better. I was still debating what to do with him. I'd decide later tonight, though I probably would keep him. Or a part of him at least.

"Yeah, just like that you little fuck." My head lulled back, my hips snapping back and forth since his head couldn't bob. Each push in was greeted by his tongue caressing my length, making me groan. My fingers of both hands were tangled in his locks, holding him in place despite knowing full well he couldn't move. I pulled out quickly, just in time to shoot ribbons of cum over his face. "Fuck..." He looked so pretty like that. It was an improvement.

I climbed off the bed, closing his mouth with one hand while using the other to wipe the cum from my dick over his face. "You did well slut." I got a syringe and injected him in the arm in a patch of bare skin. As his eyes started to lid, I went back over to the pad, flipping the page over. The next one had a list of potential things I would do to him. I hoped he could see it, but I guessed there was no way to know.
Tags: demetri martin, demetri martin/matt good, fic, from first to last, matt good, slash
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