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The Hanging Girl

The Hanging Girl
Pairing: girl!Matt Kean/girl!Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Matt Kean
Warnings: Femmeslash, BDSM, watersports
Notes: birthday fic for asphyxiatide I hope you like

I stepped slowly into the bedroom, gazing over at the bed, or, rather, the figure tied to it. She was naked apart from a black, rubber hood covering her head. My attention was drawn to her tits, which moved every time she breathed. I walked steadily over to her, the sound of my boots filling the air. Her head turned in my direction, clearly alerted to my presence. I ran my hand over her inked skin, starting from the eagle on her belly and working my way up her arm, stopping only to cup her breast.

She was so pretty, even more so all bound. I smirked and climbed on top of her. I squated just above her heaving tits, then began to piss. I'd been holding it in all day, just to watch it cascade over her tattoos and make them shine. I sighed softly, smirking when i heard her moan behind the gag, knowing exactly what fluid it was that was splashing over her skin. I shifted down slightly, rubbing the last drops on her cunt before standing again.

I undid her wrists and ankles, then moved away and growled. "Stand." She rose instantly, walking towards me. "Stop." She did instantly, her piss soaked body glistening in the light. "Arms up." She raised them above her head and I turned her around, before reaching up, securing her wrists up there.

I looked over her, satisfied by what I saw, then walked away and opened up a drawer. Inside was a selection of some of the toys I used on her. I picked up a double-ended dildo which was clear purple and about as long as my forearm. I went back over to her and inserted one end into her waiting pussy. I smirked as I heard her groan behind the hood, licking my lips at the sound.

I shifted forward and eased myself onto it, grunting softly as the toy filled me. I licked along her neck, purring at the taste of her wet skin. Steadily I began to move my hips, reaching up and holding onto her tits I began to fuck myself on her, pushing her slightly each time.

I sped up gradually, until I was jerkiing my hips faster then I could see. I squeezed her tits again, releasing her left one and slinking it down her body. I planted it on my hip, rubbing my fingertip around my clit. I groaned, pressing my finger a little harder into it, knowing I was close and wouldn't last. I growled against her hood, partly wishing I'd removed it and shoved her face between my legs. She was amazing at eating out due to her fucking wonderful tongue. The thought of it wiggling around inside me or just lapping at my clit was what sent me over the edge, making me cum hard and soak the toy.

I slipped off it, pulling it out with me. I heard him whimper, but ignored her completely to fall on the bed. I examined the dildo and smirked when I realised that while I'd cum, she hadn't. Ah well, she'd just have to wait. I laid back, flicked the Tv on and ignored the hanging girl. Perhaps I'd let her cum next time I fucked her.
Tags: bring me the horizon, femmeslash, fic, girl!matt kean, girl!matt kean/girl!oli sykes, girl!oli sykes
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