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All The Time In The World

All The Time In The World
Pairing: 11th Doctor/Adam Lambert
Rating: NC-17
POV: Adam
Notes: For the teamcockbert prompt The Doctor - seduction, glitter, wall (although it lacks the seduction part really. First fic with the 11th Doctor so far, set at some unknown point.

I looked up slightly as I heard the strange, yet familiar sound. It was a vroop, vroop noise and it was close. I finished applying the glitter to my face, then glanced towards the source. The little bathroom. I walked over and pushed the door open, staring inside and smiling slightly. There was a blue box in there, which certainly hadn't been there before. It was bright then I was used to, like it had had a new paint job.

The door opened slightly and a head popped out. A head with a face I didn't recognise, yet I somehow knew who he was. "Ah, Adam!" I caught a glimpse of the box's interior, which was even more different then the outside was. The man hoped out, shutting the door behind him. "Glad I found you, the first place I ended up in was a storage cupboard."

I blinked and looked him over, raising an eyebrow. He wore a brown jacket with elbow patches, blue shirt, dark pants and a bow tie. "You've changed."

"Oh, yes!" He nodded and looked down at himself. "I regenerated."

"Was it for something worthwhile?" I remembered he'd told me his face might change, due to a way his species had to cheat death.

"Yeah, it was." He paused, his face looking a little thoughtful for a few seconds. "Anyway, the reason I'm here." He stepped towards me, crossing the space between us in a few strides. He planted his lips on mine in an awkward kiss. It wasn't like the ones from his former self. He didn't feel as confident or dominating. I responded to him as I'd done before, but something felt... off. He sighed softly and pulled back, shaking his head. "No, this is wrong."

"What is?" I asked, a little concerned. He'd never acted like this before, even though he was a little... strange. I took that in my stride though. He was an alien after all, strangeness was implied. He stepped away and began pacing, moving quickly and waving his hands around.

"Ah!" He stopped in front of me, smiling a little. "Of course, it's staring me in the face." He leaned close to me, licking his lips. "I need you inside me." I blinked a little,surprised. Every time we'd been together it had been the other way around. "Now come on, get to it." He was already undoing his pants, sliding them down his hips.

I watched intently for a few moments, then began to strip too. I was naked in moments, though that was thanks to only wearing two items of clothing. I locked the bathroom door the second I was naked, then examined the man in front of me. It wasn't just his face that had changed, his body has too. He looked slimmer and younger then his old self, his hips jutting out. His dick was smaller then before by a good few inches at least. He was bent over now, fumbling through the pockets of his jacket, which gave me a great view of his ass. He pulled out a few things, discarding them across the floor. A magnifying glass, a ball, a slingshot, a... strange torch-like thing. What the hell would he want with those things anyway? Eventually he stood, standing in triumph as he held up the lube. He grinned, then popped the top and squirted it over his fingers. "You know, I haven't even had chance to test out this body yet? Too busy saving this little planet."

He reached around and pushed two fingers inside himself. He let out a groan, then his arm moved a little. "Hmm, a little tighter then before..." He licked his lips in concentration, clearly moving his fingers around to explore himself. A few moments passed, then he slipped them out. "Fuck me Adam."

I pushed him up against the wall, groaning as he wrapped his legs.around my waist. I kissed him hungrily, guiding him to sink onto my aching cock. I groaned as I pushed into his tight, alien heat. He was content to let me take control, something which he hadn't done before. I kept kissing him, hot aand wet my tongue darting in and out of his mouth as I began moving in and out of him. He felt so amazing, his insides squeezing around me even more rapidly then a human's ass.

"Fuck... you feel so incredible." I closed my eyes and rocked up into him hard. "I don't think I can last long."

He panted, leaning down and licking along my neck. "I don't mind. Touch me, please." I nodded and grasped for his dick, wrapping my hands around it and jerking him off. I moaned as each stroke of my hand made his insides squeeze around me tighter still.

I came hard inside him, bucking hard as a particular hard twitch caused him to clench tight around me. His hand wrapped around my own, helping me stroke him even as I lost control it. All I could manage was a couple of squeezes of my fingers. I felt something sticky cover my fingers and collapsed against him.

"Thank you." He whispered, his lips seperating from my neck. "You are amazing."

I smiled, then slipped to the floor slowly, letting go of him.I lapped his cum from my hand, marvelling at how it seemed to almost glow. He'd assured me that consuming it would have no adverse effects. I wiped a little of it on my skin, letting it join the glitter and mix with it. Hopefully it would glow for the whole show tonight. "Will you stay for the show?"

He considered for a moment and nodded. "Sure, I've all the time in the world."
Tags: 11/adam lambert, 11th doctor, adam lambert, doctor who, fic, slash
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