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The Last Fight

The Last Fight
Pairing: Jay James/Padge, Jay James/Matt Tuck, Matt Tuck/Moose (mostly implied)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Padge
Warnings: AU, violence
Notes: This is based on the Kerrang photoshoot. It was gonna be more slashy, but it just... never came. There might be a part 2 if I get a idea.

The entire room was filled with energy. Men were jeering, most half drunk and eager for the main event. Everyone was gathered around the room's centerpiece, a square made out of metal fencing. That was where I stood, leaning against the bars of one corner, giving my fighter a pep talk. "Don't fucking embarrass me Jay. I've got a lot of money riding on you beating the shit out of him."

"Yes sir." He nodded slightly, bouncing on the spot. He wore dark jeans with a belt tight around his waist and a vest that was once white but was now slightly grubby and torn. The vest displayed his muscular, inked arms. Both of his hands had a white wrist wrap around them to protect them from injuries. Honestly I didn't care if he got hurt, just as long as he won.

The competition stood at the other side of the 'ring'. He was tall, slimmer then Jay with long dark hair. He wore a near identical outfit to Jay, white vest, wrist wraps, jeans, although his were lighter and torn at the knees. He semed to have less overall muscle to Jay, though that didn't mean he'd be a pushover.

Behind him stood his owner, Moose. He saw me looking and outright smirked at me. Bastard. For the longest time I'd wanted to face him like this and now, I had my chance. I just hoped Jay wouldn't fuck it up. I'd made it quite clear to him what the consequences would be.

The referee climbed over the bars, drooping into the ring to join them. He was was from some old mining town and he had next to no hair on the top of his head. "Ok, the first round will start as soon as I've left the ring. The round will last for fifteen minutes, unless one of you gets knocked out." He looked at them both, seemingly sizing them up as everyone else was. He moved back and climbed over the fence. "Now begin!"

I patted Jay's shoulder, then watched as he stepped forward. Across the ring his opponent, Matt, did the same, stepping towards the center. They stared each other down for a few seconds, both raising their fists in defensive positions. Jay went to hit first, though Matt managed to hop out the way of the first punch. He retaliated quickly, slamming his fist into Jay's side. Jay stumbled back, growling. Jay threw a punch in return, this one making contact with Matt's chest, causing him to take a step back.

"How about we make things interesting?" I glanced from the fight to Moose, who'd managed to slither his way through the crowd to my side while I'd been distracted by the fight.

"Oh?" I raised my eyebrow at him, as Jay got hit int he face. "More interesting then all the quid we're betting already?"

Moose chuckled, resting his head on my shoulder. He lowered his voice now and I could practically hear the smirk on his lips. "No. If your boy wins, you get Matt."

"And if yours does?" Matt's fist slammed into Jay's gut, making him groan and back off.

"I get you both." Jay quickly recovered and lunged at him, hitting Matt in the face with one hand and in his chest with the other.

"That seems unfair Moose." Matt stumbled back a bit, wiping blood from his nose on the back of his wrist. "Seems you're confident in your boy, but not enough to bet yourself."

He growled a little under his breath. "Fine. You'd get me too."

"Deal." But he was already gone, seperating from me and returning to his side. I chuckled softly, shaking my head and returning full attention to the fight.

Matt's next punch was a lucky one, aiming high and hitting Jay right in the face. The shock of the hit made Jay fall to the floor with a thud, his arms sprawling either side of him. Matt crouched beside him and grabbed his vest with one hand, raising the other up above his head, ready to get the knock out punch.

Jay anticipated that though becuase, when he bought his fist down, he moved at the last second. Instead of hitting Jay square in the face, a hit that would probably have cracked his nose, his fist smashed into the ground, making Matt cry out in pain. Taking advantage, Jay punched him in the ribs, causing him to release his grip on Jay's vest. Jay rolled out from under him and stood up, wiping his mouth before punching Matt's side.

Sadly, before he could get Matt on the floor the referee called for time out. Bastard. Jay moved back to me, taking the beer I offered him which he quickly drank from. I settled it back on the floor beside my feet. "You better win this."

"I will sir, I will." A little bit of blood covered his chin, where one of Matt's punches had split his lip.

"You need extra incentive." I leaned a little closer, resting my hand on his shoulder. "You win, you get him. To do with whatever you'd like." He growled low and eyed Matt, like a predator studying his prey. "Anything." I ran my hand lower, cupping his crotch briefly. "Anything." I shifted it away after he let out a soft groan. "Now go get him."

Round two began with Jay charging towards Matt, fists flying at the other man. Each one of them hit him, making Matt go on the defensive. He blocked Jay's fists with his arms, taking steps back. When Jay eventually did stop, Matt took his chance. He flung his fist out, hitting him in shoulder. Moose was cheering him on as Matt lashed out, hitting him in the sides, but not hard enough.

I shifted slightly as I watched the exchange. The pair of them fighting did to me what mud wrestling chicks did to straight guys. I could tell it had the same effect on some of the other crowd members too.

The fight went on for a few more minutes, mostly with Matt on the defensive. Occassionally, Matt got in a punch or two but he didn't manage to floor him again. Jay hit him hard in the face with enough force to send him tumbling back against the bars. Matt groaned, the lower half of his face bloody. He stood shakily, took a few steps forward, then collapsed to the floor. Jay dropped into a crouch beside him, gripping his long hair and slamming his face into the floor to be sure he was out. He did it again, just to be sure.

"And we have a winner!" The referee yelled, having entered the ring when everyone's attention was on Matt's fall. I smirked and chuckled softly, watching as the referee raised Jay's arm in the air in triumph. There were cheers from the crowd, which easily drowned out those that cursed about him winning.

I smirked and looked across the ring at Moose, who wore such a scowl it made me laugh. I crept around the ring towards him, keeping my eyes on his until I stood beside him. "So, you gonna keep to your word?"

Moose let out a growl of displeasure, but nodded. "Unfortunately."

"Good." I nodded with a smirk, watching as the referee opened up the fence of the ring. Jay was dragging out Matt's body, looking at me for confirmation as to what to do. "Put the trash in the boot." He nodded, lifting Matt over his shoulder and hauling him out. "You go with him." I smirked at Moose, who narrowed his eyes at me, but complied.

All I'd have to do was collect my winnings and then I'd join them. Tonight had been a most profitable one.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, james davies, jay james, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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