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I just look at your life now and work backwards

So today has essentially been... eh.

I asked mum to get me a Sonisphere ticket. After some talking, she agreed... only then I found out I essentially can't go. Naturally this lead me to become moody and eh. I pondered going alone, but let's face it, I don't have a tent, I'm hopeless at sorting it out and I'd be useless alone. So yeah, that fucking sucks.

Mum did say I'd only have to pay half of the money for it back though, so maybe I could figure out something else I'd want that I could convince her to get. Have to look tomorrow, although the sci-fi shop has been useless (maybe Tesco will have something ok). Retail therapy always helps. Maybe I could get a ticket to see We Are The Ocean instead too?

Meh I dunno.

We spent the day watching the last Clone Wars disc. Mum seemed to like it, even wanting more when it finished. Wish I had season 2 now.

The net's been real fucking shit again. I wanna kill it.

Wish I had inspiration to write something to distract me. I did manage to beat Gary on Pokemon though. Woo.

Comment if you'd like a color.
Then list ten things that you like/love which are that colour.

antontobias86 gave me blue.

1: The Doctor's TARDIS

2: Captain Argyus

3: Senate Guards

4: R2-D2

5: The ocean

6: Seperatist Vulture droids

7: Death Watch troopers

8: Doritos

9: Mudkip

10: Zora Sapphire
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