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Choke Me

Choke Me
Pairing: Jay James/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Warnings: The obvious, slight domination
Prompt: 14: Breath play
Notes: Saur helped me pick this, so this is for him.

America was very different to back home. I think the main thing that bugged me was touring. While back home, or other places, we'd have hotel nights. Here it was constant travel and we were lucky to spend a night not heading to the next venue. So night's like these were even more important then they usually were.

"Moose?" I glanced at the source of the voice, smiling. Jay was my oldest friend and I was glad I got to spend this hotel night with him. Out of the whole band, he was the one I preferred to spend time with. Not that Matt and Padge weren't great guys, it's just, Jay knew me better. I nodded a little, smiling. He always made me smile, even now, with his hair in that strange hawk thing. He'd only done it because he was drunk and Padge suggested it. The very next day he'd borrowed one of my hats to cover it up. He seemed happier with it now though.

"Yeah?" I asked softly, studying him. He was topless, having shed his sleeveless tee the second he got in the room. I liked his body. He wasn't like Matt. He hadn't suddenly gained muscles or lost weight. He was... normal. I licked my lips a little when he sat beside me.

"Well..." He turned to face me, bit his lip, then looked away, his cheeks flushed. Instantly, I knew what he wanted. I just didn't understand why he'd always get so nervous.

I sat up, leaned over and kissed him. He responded with his usual shyness, but steadily got into it. His lips parted slightly, allowing my tongue to enter his mouth and lap at his. I shifted my hands to his bare skin, stroking it gently. He was into the kiss now, responding more eagerly as he wrapped his arms around me. His tongue lapped at mine as I explored the familiar territory of his mouth.

We seperated only when he pulled back, his hands shifting to my sleeveless tee, his fingers tugging at it eagerly. Raising both hands above my head, I let him pull it off me and throw it aside once it was off me. His hands then went over my body, down towards my crotch. He palm my crotch, then he undid my fly. He looked down at my crotch as he shifted my boxers down, pulling out my hard cock. He then looked me in the eyes, wrapping his fingers around me. He steadily stroked my already hard dick, leaning in close to me. "I want you." He whispered softly, his voice still soft but a little more confident.

I nodded, knowing what he wanted. I stood up and pushed him down onto the bed, reaching down and undoing his fly. I pulled his three-quarter lengths down down his thick legs, smiling at the lack of underwear. "Hands up." He reached up once he was naked, spreading his legs invitingly. I chuckled softly, taking in the sight of him. Pretty little thing. "Finger yourself." I smirked, tossing him lube from one of the bags.

While he began spreading lube over is fingers, I pushed my trousers and boxers down, kicking them aside. By now he had his fingers buried up his arse, thrusting them steadily in and out of himself. He moaned as he fucked himself. The sight was hypnotic and certainly arousing. If I didn't already sport a boner I would have from seeing him like that. After a few more moments of watching, I swallowed and stepped towards him. "You can stop now." I nodded slightly, watching as he slipped the fingers out, wiping them on the inside of his thigh. "Legs up to your chest."

He obeyed, bringing them up so his knees were pressed up against his belly. I moved onto the bed, between his legs, and lined my cock with his whole. I didn't ask if he was ready, I knew he was. I pressed my head against his hole and eased it into him. Once that was in, I thrust forward and slammed my hips against his fleshy cheeks. I held onto his ankles, thrusting steadily in and out of him.

Quickly, my hands moved up his body to his neck. I looked him in the eyes, wrapping my fingers around his neck. I waited another second, then began to squeeze. I kept thrusting in and out, watching as his hands twitched against the bedsheets. "You can." I whispered, after thrusting in another time. He smiled, reached up and began to fist his dick. I kept a close watch on his face, resisting the temptation to gaze at his erection.

He was becoming a little breathless now, his eyelids fluttering. I released my grip for a few seconds, long enough for him to take a few gulps of air, then squeezed again. This time I held a little longer before letting go. The third time I did it was longer still, banging his arse harder and rougher. His eyes opened wide, a little teary, but he kept touching himself. If he wanted me to stop, he'd let me know about it. While some people had a safe word it was a little impractical when he was being choked. Instead, if he wanted me to stop all he had to do was squeeze my left wrist. Or my right one. Either really, it wouldn't matter.

I squeezed again, knowing I was getting close and assumed he would be too. I pressed my thumbs into his throat, watching him gasp for air. He jerked and bucked up, eyes shut tight as he gasped. He let out a choked groan, then he stiffened as he climaxed over his belly.

Seconds later he squeezed his eyes shut and I released him, shooting deep within him. I pulled out of him steadily, letting him go and watching as he took deep breaths. "Thanks Moose." He whispered, his soft voice a little softer from the lack of air.

I nodded and kissed his forehead, entangling my legs with his as we laid there. I gave it about ten minutes be one of us either turned the tv on, had to piss or grabbed a bottle. Still, it would be nice while it lasted.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, moose, slash
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