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I wanna know, I wanna know

I hate people that call, ask for me, then hang up as soon I confirm it's me. The fuck?

Got Kerrang yesterday. The best part's the poster obviously, which is now on the wall downstairs.

Should I be disturbed I now have more icons of hawk!Jay then or angry lesbian!Jay?

Bring Me The Horizon's support for Bullet's new aussie tour. Let the badthoughts ensue.

Last night's Desperate Housewives was amusing. Darla's a lesbian! Ha! lthough I really, insanely wish Patrick would turn up (aka the guy played by John Barrowman cause he's hot).

Not gonna do much today apart from trying to finish fic.

Meme from mikeyface so the post isn't pointless.

If you've been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question. Tag 8 people. Don't refuse to do that. Don't tag who tagged you.

001. What songs are you currently addicted to?

Bullet For My Valentine - Pretty On The Outside
Bullet For My Valentine - Alone
Bullet For My... oh let's face it, the whole album
Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment
Poison The Well - Pamplemousse

002. What are you currently reading? The Clone Wars by Karen Traviss

003. What was the last movie you saw? In the cinema that'd be... errrm. I can't rememebr actually. Was it Avatar or something? I dunno. At home it'd be The Clone Wars film, cause mum hadn't seen it.

004. What makes you angriest/most frustrated right now? I'm gonna agree with mikeyface and say Justin Bieber is certainly up there. And annoying phones. And the government. And Mikey's mum.

005. Favorite TV show(s)? The Clone Wars (I wish it was fucking shown on normal tv damnit), Family Guy, Futurama, The Simpsons, Doctor Who, the Star Treks, Glee, Desperate Housewives, Russell Howard's Good News, Mock The Week, Gilmore Girls, Bleach, Death Note, Wonders Of The Solar System, The Vampire Diaries... I've likely missed a load but I figure I should stop there.

006. What is your current addiction? Bullet's new album, go buy/listen to it!

007. What is your favorite t-shirt? I love my Bullet ones, the white ones especially. And the Drop Dead ones I have.

008. What's your earliest memory? Escaping the house! I can't remember how young I was, it had to be about 6ish or something, but when mum went out I wanted to go with her. So grandad was meant to be watching me, but he didn't do a good job as I walked roght out the door and down the road! I ended up at the police station, but since I was taught not to talk to strangers I refused to tell them who I was. Someone recognised me though and got mum so...

009. What was the last thing you bought? Kerrang, a lottery ticket and two haribo jelly things

010. Do you have more friends online or off? Online

011. Who haven't you seen live, but would like to? Adam Lambert (shutup), Thrice, Poison The Well, Finch

012. Favorite non-alcoholic beverage? PEPSI!

013. What's your favourite animal? Axolotl! I'd LOVE to see one for real, because they're the most awesome adorable animal ever. (This says it best</a>)

014. Favorite fictional character(s)? Kit Fisto, The Seance, Uryuu (I could list more, but I'm lazy

015. Favorite website? LJ, facebook games, websites for kink fic, wookieepedia, twitter.

016. What are you plans for tomorrow? Sleeping, seeing nan, fic maybe. Gonna try and get some Doctor Who stickers too.

017. What kind of music is contained in your hard drive? Pretty much all kinds really (apart from rap/hip-hop/dance cause I think they're pretty shitty).

018. Favourite foods? Pasta, sushi, pizza, galaxy chocolate, spring rolls

019. Pet peeve? Homophobes, crazy religious people. And firefox being annoying.

020. Can you list 10 famous people you find hot? I could easily list more, but right now. Jay James (bassist/screamer, Bullet For My Valentine), Brian Cox (physicist), Moose (drummer, Bullet For My Valentine), Adam Lambert (singer, sparkly gay), Matt Nicholls (drummer/geek, Bring Me The Horizon), Padge (guitarist/drunk, Bullet For My Valentine), Demetri Martin (comedian), Dan Whitsides (drummer, The Used), Ian Watkins (singer, Lostprophets), Sean Smith (singer/talker/general pest, The Blackout)

That was harder to come up with replacement q's then I thought.

I tag whoever wants to do it.
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