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Hypnotic Smile

Hypnotic Smile
Pairing: Brian Cox/Rhod Gilbert
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rhod
Warnings: Toys
Notes: I blame them both being on Channel 4's Alternative Election Night. And them both being hot. For those that don't know, Brian is a physicist and Rhod's an angry Welsh Comedian. Cap of Brian done by Mikeysaur.

"What's with the plug?" I mumbled to him as he kicked his trousers and underwear away. I hadn't expected him to be wearing such a thing. It was undoubtedly hot. I reached down and removed the toy from his ass, taking a moment to examine it. The plug was translucent purple, so the inner workings were visible.

He shrugged slightly from where he was bent over the table. "I like it." To be honest, I'd half-expected some technical explanation from in reply. I guess it would make things easier though. I set it down on the table carefully, far enough away so that it wouldn't get knocked off. I reached down between my legs and undid my fly, pushing my trousers down much as he had his moments before. I stepped out of them and returned to position behind him.

I spat onto my hand and reached down, rubbing it into my thick length. It would do I guess. If it hadn't been for the presence of the plug I'd have asked if this was his first time. I'd assumed he was straight, but I wasn't going to question it now. "Ready?" He nodded a little, his hands gripping tight on the edge of the table. I held his ass cheeks open and stared at the tight, twitching hole. I paused to stare at it, watching it intently as his hole clenched. I sank to my knees and ran my tongue along his crack, stopping to lick at his slightly open hole. I tongued him a little, probing inside him and wetting his insides.I wiggled it more, tasting him as I made sure he was wet enough, hearing him moan softly. After a few moments I stopped and examined him. It'd do.

I stood back up, spat on my hand again and rubbed it into my length again. I kept a hand on each of his firm cheeks, keeping them spread apart. I pushed between them, sliding my head against his opening. I pushed into him steadily, listening to the sounds he made as I filled him until I was balls deep. "Fuck... you're so tight." I kept pushing in until I was balls deep, keeping a hold on him. He was certainly the most intelligent person I'd entered, no contest. I began to move steadily, thrusting slowly in and out of him.

"Harder." He whispered, turning his head slightly to face me. He was smiling, that usual smile that was on his face whenever I saw him on tv doing an interview. It was almost hypnotic somehow. So when he said harder, I fucking went for it. I buried my short nails in his flesh as I started to fuck him with reckless abandon, the table rocking at the force of my movements. Cheap channel 4 set pieces. "Fuck..." His eyes were lidded now, his head hanging over the edge of the table. A not-so-small part of me wished I wasn't alone in this. "Talk Welsh to me."

Bollocks. The Welsh education system left little to be desired and, although practically every sign in my native Wales had Welsh translations on it, I barely knew the language. However, barely might be enough. After all he was asking me to talk in it not for directions. So I began speaking it. I started with the obvioius, Cymru, then went through what I could remember. Random words from road signs, colours, swear words... whatever popped into my head. It seemed to do things to him, making his moans louder.

I seperated one hand from his arse, reaching around and grasping his cock. I started wanking him as fast as I could, while still pounding him and mumbling in Welsh. Who said men couldn't multi-task? I groaned, slamming into him as hard as I could, my balls slapping loudly against him. It was now getting harder and harder to think of words, so now I was just saying them randomly between moans. If we did this again, something I hoped but doubted, I'd have to ask him to talk about science and see how well he did.

"Fuck Rhod!" He thrust his hips into my hand and he came across the table. I felt a little bit of it dribble down my fingers, the feeling making me groan. His body went limp against the table, pants escaping his lips as his insides squeezed tighter still around me.

"Shit Brian..." I growled, pulling out just in time to spill over his cheeks. I panted softly, wiping my dick over his cheeks. "Fuck you were so good."

"So were you." He flashed me that smile again and I couldn't help but smile too. I lifted up the plug, which had fell on it's side and almost rolled off the table, then I pushed it back into him. "Thanks."

I went to put my trousers back on, sliding them up my legs as I gained my breath back. "Fancy a drink?"

Tags: brian cox, brian cox/rhod gilbert, fic, rhod gilbert, slash
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