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Selection Process

Selection Process
Pairing: Ian Watkins/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Ian
Prompt: 37: Shaving
Warnings: BDSM, slavery, brief pony play
Notes: So I blame Jay's new hair for this totally. The original idea for this was to be used for Jared when he got his mohawk, but I never did it so... here it is. Even though there ended up not being much emphasise on the pony play side. I dunno why I paired him with Ian really.

The werehouse was cold, since the building was mostly derelict and considered unused. The fact that the werehouse was in Welsh valleys didn't help either. I walked through the large expanse of a room, my footsteps filling the air. I could, just about, make out a row of shapes in the darkness ahead of me. I counted six, with a seventh approaching me.

"I'm glad you could make it." I offered the other man a smile. He was roughly my height, with dark brown hair that swooped over his forehead. He was quite attractive and I knew he was more dominant then he appeared. "Want to see the merchandise?"

"Of course. I wouldn't be here otherwise." He smirked and nodded, leading me to the other shadows. There were six men all in a line, with their arms above their heads attached to chains from the ceiling. Light from the high windows illuminated them, although only slightly.

I stepped in front of the first one, stopping and looking him up and down. He was a little shorter then me, stocky, with short, dark hair. He was naked, with a gag between his lips as were they all. "This one's called Gavin." I nodded a little, my eyes trailing down his body. His belly was round, with a tattoo of some unreadable words across his stomach. He had a small dick, not really worth even a second of my attention. His balls were bigger then it by far. Then only thing going for him were that his legs looked fairly strong.

"Nah." I shook my head and Moose smiled, almost like he'd expected that answer. He patted Gavin's head, his wide eyes becoming desperate, then he moved on.

The second one had hair that was a little lighter and much longer, hanging past his shoulders. He had tattoos on his right arm, some tribal symbol with what looked like lotus flower. His arms looked quite muscular, but his body was slim. Like Gavin, he wasn't terribly impressive down below. "This is Matt. What do you think?" I shook my head and he chuckled again. Unlike Gavin, Matt was something I'd consider. Perhaps.

The third was blonde, his hair bleached brightly. He was a little rounder, then Matt, though not overly so. He had a tattoo across his stomach with words similar to Gavin's. They probably knew each other "Sean. I'd advise you to keep the gag in this one. He's a talker." He had a hard-on and he looked bigger then the first two combined. His legs were lean, but appeared to be strong. He was another one to consider, although I'd have to figure out a way to silence him if he was as big a talker as Moose claimed. I inclined my head slightly to show my consideration, then moved to boy four.

Number four was shorter then the others, with midnight black hair that looked slightly similar to Moose's. His body type was similar to Gavin's, with maybe a little less muscle and a little more fat. "This is Darran. Pretty thing huh?" I reached up and touched him, feeling his dick. Although he was pretty, he felt substantial. Like Sean, he was hard and I could tell from his eyes he was liking this. Interesting. I checked out his legs and smiled, though they were a little pudgy, they seemed to be alright. I inclined my head again and Moose nodded.

The fifth one had blonde hair like Sean, though it was darker by a few shades. He was a little more gangly too, skinny all over. There were two things that were noticeable about him. First was his dick, quite long and slim. The second was his neck, which looked oddly long. "This is Lee." I shook my head. His neck was just too off-putting.

So it was onto the last one.

Like Darran, he was short, only he had less fat. His arms were muscular, though not excessively. His body was bulky, a mixture of fat and muscle. He had tattoos on both of his arms and his hair hung to his shoulders. He had a slight amount of facial hair on his chin, though not much. And he had a lip ring. "This is Jay. He has a tongue stud." I looked him in his hazel eyes, licked my lips. No sign of defiance. Good. I looked down, examining his crotch. Nice sized cock, long, fat, piercing through the head. Big balls. His legs were strong too, with nice thick thighs. Unlike the others, I circled him, checking out his rear. Sexy, rounded ass. Lizard tattoo between his shoulder blades. Yeah, he was the one.

"Looks like we have a winner." Moose smirked and I merely nodded, studying Jay again.


When we were home I circled Jay again. I'd paid Moose, then he'd unshackled the boy, bound him and tossed him in the boot of my car. Now he was standing in the cold garage, free from the bindings and gag, yet he remianed silent. A good sign. I'd checked to make sure he had the promised tongue piercing the second the gag was removed, but other then that he'd kept his mouth closed.

I figured now I should get started. "Arms behind you." He shifted his arms from his sides until they were behind him. I walked up behind him, securing a simple black armbinder around his strong arms. He let out a small groan as I strapped them in tight. Once I was satisfied I moved away again.

I plugged the electric razor into the wall, then walked back to him. Once I was behind him I spoke in a low voice. "Face foward and keep it still." He nodded a little, wordlessly, then kept his head facing foward. I smirked, then nodded and activated the razor, the sound filling the air. I reached up, then began to shed him of his locks. I started with his left side, buzzing the razor though it. Clumps of hair fell from his head, cascading down onto the cold concrete floor. Some stray strands landed on his arms, which I'd brush away later. I thought I heard him whimper, although the buzzing drowned it out. I shifted to the other side, removing the hair from there too.

I surveyed my handiwork after a few minutes, brushing hair from his head and then shaving the few remnants away. I went over it again to make sure it was all evened out. All that was left of his hair now was a three inch wide strip that ran the length of his head. I turned the razor off, setting it down on the table I'd gotten it from. I returned to him, messing with his hair so that it was a bit more spiked up. It would grow out, becoming a proper mohawk over time.

I nodded slightly to myself, moving away from him. In a few days, I'd put something on him to get rid of the stubble. I walked around him again, examining him and brushing other clumps of hair from his body. I nodded a little in approval, then headed to get the other things I needed. The first was a collar, which I secured around his neck. It was a pretty basic collar, just plain black apart from the silver buckle. I'd get a tag engraved with his name at some point to attach to it.

Next, I trailed my hand down his body, stopping at his dick. He was semi-hard, so I wrapped my fingers around the shaft and started pumping him. He looked a little surprised, then let out a slight moan and he began to stiffen more. After a few pumps of my hand, he was rock hard, his head a little shiny. Perfect. I smiled and released him, securing a black rubber cock ring around his base of it to keep him hard.

There were only two things I needed to complete his basic look. First was a pair of boots, which I'd get when I knew the size of his feet. Second, was a plug I'd insert up his ass later. Not now though. No, now I was too hard. I moved behind him and pushed him over the front of the car so his ass was in the air. I undid my jeans and pushed the flies open, freeing my aching cock. Since I'd seen him I'd sported a boner and now he was almost ready I was so fucking horny. I pushed my jeans down, then kicked them away once they were at my ankles. I stroked his arse, running two fingers along his crack. I gripped the dildo that had been lodged deep in there. It was small and easy to miss. After all I'd missed it when I first examined him. I gripped onto it and pulled it out, casting it aside. It wasn't too thick, but it had stretched him enough for me.

I held his ass open, then pushed my head into him. I didn't wait. I couldn't. I slammed into him hard, my balls slapping against him. Fuck he felt good. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you?" I asked him, running my hands up along his sides. When he didn't answer I smiled and slammed into him again. "You may speak."

"Thank you sir." He whispered, his voice so soft, so quiet, it made me thrust in again. "I don't know sir."

I smirked and bent down, licking along the lizard tattoo on his back, the part I could get to anyway. He moaned softly, which made me slam into him again. He had hot moans. I bet he'd have sexy screams. "You're going to be my pony boy." He groaned and I dug my nails into his skin. "Your arms will stay secured behind you like this. You will soon gain boots with heels which you will wear permenantly. Your hair will stay like this, growing out to become your mane." At the end of each sentance I punctuated it by thrusting hard into him. "And if you behave and be a good pony, you'll get a mare of your own. And I'll remove the cock ring so you can fuck. But only if you're good, can you be good Jay?"

"Yes sir." He moaned and clenched his muscles around my invading cock, making me groan

"Good." I nodded, my voice unsteady. I'd teach him to neigh too, like a real horse. I couldn't wait. I growled low as I fucked him harder, all the thoughts running through my head making me slam into him harder and rougher.

All too soon it was all over, but then again I never expected to last long. I flooded his ass with my cum, then slipped out. Quickly, I grabbed the butt plug from the side and thrust it in him, sealing my cum inside him. The plug had a tail, which matched his dark hair and hung to his knees. "Beautiful." I smiled and shifted to his head, wiping my cock through his new hair.

"Come on, I'll take you to your new home. I clipped a leash onto his collar and pulled him, breathless, through my home to where he'd spend most of his time. The basement. Perhaps, if I did get him a mare, I'd make them a little stable outside. For now, though, the basement would have to suffice.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, darran smith, fic, funeral for a friend, gavin butler, ian watkins, ian watkins/jay james, jay james, lee gaze, lostprophets, matt tuck, moose, sean smith, selection process-verse, slash, the blackout
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