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To-do list

Cause every evil genius needs one! (In no particular order)

*Get Kylie doll
*Get outfits for Kylie doll
*Meet Blue
*Flirt with Duncan
*Flirt with Lee
*Flirt with Ant
*Have sex with Duncan, Lee or Ant
*Have sex with Duncan, Lee and Ant
*Be handcuffed
*Have a human puppy/slave
*Win the lottery
*Take Kel to a gay bar
*Decimate Style chemy's hair
*Dress as Illyria
*Get Duncan hair
*Find a boyfriend
*Marry said boyfriend
*Keep every family member with a pulse on a different continent to said marriage
*See Star Wars Episode 3
*Meet Malcolm, Trip, Travis
*Watch Queer Eye (I feel deprived for not seeing it :sob: but 4 have the rights for it yay!)
*See Kylie live!
*Go to Australia
*See Blue live (outdoor gig)
*Get a (gasp) job
*Go to college
*Have sex
*Have kinky sex
*Meet Anya, Tara, Willow, Illyria, Lilah
*Write all the fics I have planned
*Go to Gay Pride weekend (in London)
*See lesbians kiss in public
*World domination
*Meet Anakin, Padme, Neo
*Get Buffy season 2
*Become famous
*See Lee/Duncan shipiness first hand
*Record/take pictures of said shipiness

I think that's all anyway. Might be more.
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