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Inside Out

Inside Out
Pairing: Dan Whitesides/girl!Quinn Allman/Jepha Howard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Quinn
Warnings: Het, pegging
Notes: I said I'd do a girl!Quinn fic and here it is. I hope this helps to cheer asphyxiatide up.

"Quinn?" I growled softly at the sound of our drummer calling my name, instantly stilling my movements. Couldn't a girl finger herself in peace around here? "Quinnifer?" Maybe if I stayed quiet he'd go away. "Quinny?" I bit my lip to stop myself making any noise, retreating my finger out of the warm heat of my cunt.

"Ah, there you are!" The drummer grinned at me after pulling back the curtain, smirk creeping over his face and replacing the grin when he spotted where my hand was. "You don't have to stop on my account."

I glared at him, then threw the nearest thing that came to hand at him. Unfortunately that happened to be the dildo I kept under my pillow, which only served to make him laugh. Asshole. "Stop laughing you bastard!" I growled again, louder then before and glared at him. "Or next time that's going up your ass."

That only made him laugh more, but he calmed after awhile when he realised from my look I was being serious. "Ok, ok." He smiled, then wet his lips with his tongue. "There's something I want to ask you..."


Personally I thought I looked ridiculous. I was mostly naked. The only parts of my body that were covered were my feet, which were currently filling high heeled shoes. The other part of my body that was concealled was my crotch. Protruding from it was a dildo attached to a strap-on. It was large, thick and purple. It was actually quite pretty.

I glanced at the bed before me. There was Jepha, spawled over it like a whore. A wanton whore. Dan's hand was on his ass, his fingers moving in and out. It was mesmerising really and made me so wet. Bastards. Jepha's pierced cock bobbed slightly, erect and leaking slightly already. "He's almost ready." Dan said in a calm voice, as if he was talking about something far more simple and innocent. "So you should probably get him to lube you up."

I nodded a little and walked around the bed to Jepha's head, studying Dan as I went by him. He was obviously in complete control. While me and Jepha had shed our clothing, he was still fully clothed. He hadn't even undone his fly yet. I glanced down at Jepha, running the toy across his face, poking him in the nose with it. Yeah, I was completely clueless as to what to do with it. After all, I wasn't born with a dick and I'd never even owned a strap-on. Jepha gave me a smile, one that told me it was ok and not to worry. A reassuring one. He extended his tongue, then began licking at the shaft. I studied him carefully, unsure if I should fake moan or shift my hips. I shrugged slightly, settling on just watching as he coated it in saliva. The dildo became slick quite quickly thanks to him.

"That's enough." Dan spoke, his voice filling the room. It made us both stop and look at him. It was calm still, just like before. I wondered how he was able to keep his voice like that, especially with Jepha lying there all naked and wanting under us. I didn't think I'd be able to keep my voice anywhere near that level of calm. That's why I kept my mouth shut and stepped away from Jepha. "On the floor, on your hands and knees."

I almost did just that, then realised the instruction was directed at Jepha and not me. I watched him get off the bed, fall to the floor, then get on all fours. Dan smiled, then looked at me. "Well, what are you waiting for? A written invitation tattooed on his ass?"

I shook my head, moved between Jepha's legs and pulled his cheeks apart. His hole was ready for me, stretched open by Dan's large fingers. I wet my lips, gripped the fake dick by the base and guided it to his hole. It was trickier then I expected, though I did manage to push in after a few tries. I wished I could feel him around me the way he felt me. He seemed to be enjoying it, his back arching and moans leaving his pierced lips.

I gazed down, watching as the dildo entered him. Once my hips were flush against his ass and the toy was buried fully within him I stopped moving. I pulled his ass cheeks apart, staring at his hole as it twitched and quivered around the shaft. It was certainly an interesting sight. It was hot. He whimpered, pushing back eagerly against me. I glanced at Dan, waiting until he gave me a confirming nod before moving.

I kept Dan's advice in mind and moved quickly, slamming my hips against him. His moans were louder now, his ass still pushing back. I groaned, feeling the base of the dildo brush against me every time I thrust into him. It made me even wetter.

My eyes darted to Dan as he shifted up, standing before Jepha. "Your moans are annoying me." He stated simply, though I had a feeling he was lying. "There's better things you can do with your mouth." Jepha shifted his head up, then used his teeth to undo Dan's fly. Quite a talent considering I was still fucking his ass. His hands shifted to Dan's pants, pulling them down to his knees, his boxers following seconds later. My eyes widened at the sight of Dan's cock. How the fuck could Jepha take that so easily? Jepha's moans then became muffled as he took Dan's dick into his mouth. While the moans he made had died down, that didn't mean he was quiet. Instead it was replaced by the sounds of him slurping on Dan's dick. It was hard to know which was hotter really.

It was distracting, distracting enough to make me slow down. I took a deep breath, looked up Dan's t-shirt clothed body and kept my gaze on his face. I sped up while watching him, gripping Jepha's ass cheeks as my speed increased. Dan looked so... calm. I'd never seen that expression on anyones face when they were getting head. Dan was always a strange one though.

Jepha's back arched again, letting out muffled moans. His ass pushed against me even harder then before, almost knocking me off my heels. It didn't take much to realise he'd came over himself. "Slut." I mumbled softly, more to myself then anyone else, then I pulled out of him.

Dan looked over at me and smiled. "Take the strap-on off." I nodded a little, undoing the harness and sliding it down my legs. "Now, turn it inside out and put it back on again." I looked at it as I did so, realising this meant pushing the toy inside me. The toy that was covered in Jepha's sweat, spit and ass juices. I shrugged, then pushed it in me, moaning as I buckled it around my waist.

"Fuck..." I mumbled, practically tumbling back on the bed. Dan was smirking, gesturing for my tits, which I took to mean he wanted me touching myself. I reached up and groped my tits, watching him thrust his hips. My eyes lidded slightly, one hand pressing the harness into my crotch. I was focussing on myself now, because damnit fucking Jepha had made me so wet. I heard Dan moan, probably cumming, but I didn't open my eyes to check. I kept moving the harness harder and harder until I felt myself tense up. I shuddered against the sheets and jerked up as I came with a gasp.

When I opened my eyes I let out another groan. Jepha had flopped over the bed beside me while my eyes were closed and he was looking at me, his face slick with Dan's cum. "That was so hot." Jepha whispered softly, his voice low and quiet. "Thank you." He kissed my cheek gently, then curled up and drifted off to sleep.

When he was asleep I looked around the room. Dan had ended up in a seat, watching us while smoking. "What did you think?" I asked, keeping my voice as quiet as I could, which was still louder then Jepha's.

"That was some hot shit." Dan grinned, running his fingers through his hair. "And I know what you're thinking." He flicked his tongue across his lips. "Next hotel night, you'll get it." I nodded, then closed my eyes and joined Jepha.
Tags: dan whitesides, dan whitesides/girl!quinn allman/jepha h, fic, girl!quinn allman, het, jepha howard, slash, the used
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