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It's always like this with you

Yesterday was a busy day. Watched Flashforward, then Glee (shut the fuck up Rachel!), then Cleaveland (which I partly missed due to damn mum).

Mikeysaur got all dizzy around then, so I helped him downstairs and put some food on. I wish I knew what caused it, I felt a little... helpless and useless.

Then there was the radio 1 rock show. Ok, so it was kind of a disappointment. Mostly cause everywhere it was listed as Bullet For My Valentine takeover. This is wrong for several reasons. First, it wasn't Bullet, just Matt. (As I've rambled before, one band member isn't the band, so if it's only one person it should be listed as x from x band not just x band.) Second, it wasn't a takeover, just a brief interview and two new songs. Which leads to three, since one wasn't new and had been played before. However, they did play Fever, which sounds so fucking pervy.

After that we watched the last Death Note epiosdes, so now I'ma gonna ramble about the series.

I'm glad I waited to get all the dvds before watching them. I think I'd have been majorly annoyed to watch them spaced out.

Thoughts on the series:
*Light was a major psycho. He was clever, manipulative and often times thought things so far ahead it was insane. Also his god complex was a mix of semi-annoying and hot.
*L was adorable. I loved L, he was awesome. I loved his need for sweets and how he sat and everything. I wish he hadn't died.
*Misa was annoying. Sure, she was ok to begin with, but she's crazier then Light in a way. And incredibly stupid and naive
*I loved Ryuk and his apple love (though I hated the long stint where he just vanished)
*Rem was so cool looking and I, like Mikey, am still sure Rem's a he.
*Sidoh (aka the other shinigami) was amusing, if only because he sounded so high.
*I loved Matsuda, he was so funny and adorable
*Mello was hot, even with the scar
*Near was annoying. The whole time. Ugh.
*Mikami was hot, but sadly underused
*I did like the whole bit where L and Light were cuffed together and investigating. It was amusing.
*The sudden title change amused me (I love the Ryuk thing with the apple and L spinning on his chair)
*The main thing that bothered me was the end seemed so... compacted. It felt like there could have been about 5 more episodes in there. Mello and Mikami seemed especially underused, which is a shame since both were so hot.
*The end was also sad. I kinda wished that Light would've won. I guess there was no way he could have (his overconfidence was his weakness) but still... he should have won, then he could have been with Mikami and gotten rid of Misa.

Anyway, end that ramble.

After Death Note we watched a few episodes of The Mighty Boosh, then went to bed. I couldn't sleep though, so I finished my fic (which I posted last night) and then watched the latest Clone Wars episode. Death trap's so awesome and Boba's so hot. I'm glad he found it hard to kill the clone (it must be hard to know there's millions of people walking around with your dead father's face) and I was glad Bossk and Aurra showed up. I wish he'd gotten his revenge and killed Windu, but since he doesn't die till Ep III I guess that's an impossibility anyway.

Fever's on Bullet's Myspace. I only re-listened to Fever and heard A Place Where You Belong. I'm resisting the urge to listen to more. (We are going to the secret gig and I hope to yoink Jay.)

Today's been ok. We've got here ok. On the trip I was on Pokemon and slept. Yay for me!

Finally got a new mouse though, woop!

I'll have to be sneaky while I'm here to avoid Mikey's mum. I can't stand her. She's a bitch that's treating her dad like a doormat. Plus she blatently hates me so why should I bother with her?

Off now. Dunno what we're gonna do tonight yet so...
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