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Pretty Inked Girl

Pretty Inked Girl
Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Dan Whitesides/girl!Jepha Howard/Quinn Allman
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jepha
Warnings: Het, tit fucking
Notes: For Saur. This is the first of two fics with a girl member of The Used. There'll be a Quinn one soon (I doubt I'd do a Bert one, since everyone does girl!Bert, though no one's done a girl!Dan...). I had the idea for the Quinn one first, but this one got done first.

"You know Jepha, you should really wear underwear when you're wearing a dress like that." Quinn muttered as we headed off stage.

"It's not my fault." I shrugged a little, pushing the black dress down a little. "Dan wanted me to." I wasn't totally devoid of underwear though. There was a small, black harness holding a dildo in place up my cunt. It wasn't easy being energetic onstage when every move made the toy move too. Of course, Dan wanted me to wear that too. At least it wasn't the one he'd manage to connect to his kit so it vibrated as he played.

Quinn snorted a little, shaking his head. "It's teasing is what it is." He muttered softly, adjusting himself.

Dan chuckled and ran his hand down my back. "Of course it is." His hand shifted under the dress, squeezing my ass. "That's why I make her wear it." I let out a soft whimper from his touch, swallowing slightly. "How about we get you out of this dress?"

I groaned slightly, nodding a little. "Great, I'll let Bert know so you two can fuck in peace."

"Nu uh." Dan muttered, reaching over and running his hand down his side. "You're both coming with us."

Quinn blinked and stared right at him, almost as if considering. "Just to watch or will my dick be going anywhere it'll like?"

"Come and find out." I could hear the smirk in his voice, which always made me squirm. Quinn raised an eyebrow, then nodded.


The second we were on the bus, Dan's hands were on me, removing my dress. He tossed the material away, his hands feeling my full breasts. "You're so hot." His hands shifted down stopping at my waist to undo the harness. It slipped down my legs, dropping to my feet. He placed his large hands on my thighs, his fingers stroking in circles. "Spread your legs, just a little." I smiled and parted them, shuffling my feet apart.

Bert and Quinn were both sitting down, watching us. They clearly had boners, their pants tented and Bert already had his hand down there. "Get your dicks out already, there's no need to be shy." I'd been around them for so long, I'd already seen them naked. And jerking off. And balls deep in one another.

Bert slipped his hand out of his pants, undid his fly and pulled his cock out. Quinn raised his eyebrow again, then did the same, sitting up and shucking his pants down his legs. I stared at their cocks, studying them and licking my lips. Quinn was slightly bigger, certainly thicker anyway. Not that Bert was small, it was just that he was the smallest of the three.

Dan's hands seperated from my thighs, obviously to do what the others had. This was confirmed by the sound of him undoing his pants and them dropping to the floor. I smiled, feeling the head of his hard dick against my lower back. The contact made me moan a little and lick my lips. His hands returned to my sides, his fingers stroking at my skin gently. "You're so hot." He whispered in my ear again, extending his tongue to swipe at my earlobe.

He pushed me towards the table with his large hands, turning me around and pressing my back against the table. "Now, Bert, get on her." He did as he was told, moving from where he'd been sitting over to me. He clambered onto the table and glanced at Dan before straddling my chest. He was grinning down at me like the idiot he was, the long strands of his hair framing his face as he looked at me. I glanced down his body, which was now naked, until my eyes fell his cock again. His dick was bouncing slightly, the head hitting my tits. Dan mumbled something in his ear, which caused Bert to grasp my tits, pressing them together around his dick.

At the same time, Dan grabbed my legs and pulled them apart, standing in the space between them. I felt his cock against my wet cunt, his eyes meeting mine as he pushed inside me. I groaned as his large cock stretched me open, instinctively wrapping my legs around his waist.

At the same time, Bert began to move. Keeping a tight grip on my tits, he began to move his hips back and forth. After a few seconds Bert frowned, spreading my breasts apart with hands before spitting into the gap between them. It was slick, thick and kinda gross but was real hot. Only Bert could make something like that hot. He bent his head forward a little, then spat again. I watched as the thick, clear liquid fell from his lips and landed on my skin. Satisfied, he pushed my tits together, then resumed his movements. "Oh yeah, that feels much better." He chuckled softly, licked his lips and moved steadily. Dan was doing the same, holding my legs as he began to thrust harder each time, making moans leave my lips.

Quinn cleared his throat. "Poor neglected Quinny!" Bert giggled from above me, moving slightly faster between my tits.

I tipped my head back, looking at the other man upside down. He, like Bert, was now fully naked. He had a hand on his cock, stroking lazily as he watched the three of us. He was obviously waiting for something. I extended my tongue, trying to beckon him closer as sexily as I could from this angle. However, he didn't move right away, instead looking over at Dan. "Do it."

Quinn nodded, standing and shifting closer to me. His dick pressed between my lips, it's thickness filling my mouth. I wiggled my tongue against him, content to let him have control. His balls filled my vision, practically hitting my eyelids as he began moving. Unlike Bert and Dan, his movements were much slower. He was content to just let me lick and suck on him, something which I was glad of. Dan's thrusts were hard and fast, rough enough to keep me groaning near constantly.

The four of us moved like some, debauched machine, moans leaving the three of them since their mouths were free. Dan's right hand left me, then there was a moan that I recognised as Bert's. "Fuck! You should warn people when you do that shit!"

"Shut up Bert." Dan growled, probably in his ear. "You know you like it." Bert just moaned in response to whatever he did, probably fingering his ass. Dan's other hand shifted up my leg, stopping at my thigh. His thumb shifted to my cunt, seeking my clit. I jerked up when he found it, moaning out loud around Quinn's dick.

There was a loud cry from above me, knowing without looking it was Bert. He was cumming over my tits in thick, messy spurts. "Good boy..." I heard Dan whispered, again probably in Bert's ear. He stayed on me for a few moments longer before hopping off, the loss of contact meaning I also lost wherever he was. Not that it mattered that much.

A finger, Dan's, ran over the mess on my chest, collecting Bert's cum. It soon left my chest, curving upwards away from me. "Suck." The word was spoken in the same way Dan usually spoke to me when we were alone and he was giving me a command. It was forceful, but not overly so, enough to let you know he meant buisness. There was a pause, then I heard sucking on his digit. It was Quinn most likely. I had a feeling Bert wasn't the kind that needed to be told to lick up a cum covered anything.

Dan pressed my clit eagerly now, his thrusts becoming more erratic. Each movement of his hips caused his cock to be impaled inside me, his balls slapping against me. Each thrust made him press down, a sign he was getting close. Usually he'd circle my clit, as he had been doing for awhile, but now it was just... pressing against my pierced clit. I groaned, my hips thrusting up high as I came around his horse dick. He followed soon after, pumping deep into me. I could feel it, every move his dick made as he came. It almost made me forget about the dick between my lips. Almost.

"Over her face." Quinn grunted, not slipping out of my mouth right away. "Over her face Quinn." Dan growled, then I heard him whisper something. I couldn't make it out, but whatever it was was enough to get Quinn moving. His dick left my lips and he took it in hand, jerking himself off to completion. It was over in a matter of seconds, the sticky, pearly-white fluid landing across my lips, cheeks and eyelids. He wiped it off across the ink on my neck, then moved away.

"Leave us. Both of you." I heard, rather then saw him and Bert leave, heading to somewhere else in the bus, probably to get some form of alcohol knowing them. Or piss. Bert often felt the need to piss after he came. I pouted a little, then looked up at Dan. He was smiling, with a cigarette between his lips. "Now, I am going to give you a choice." His voice was soft now, much less commanding and not just becuase he was breathless from his orgasm. He gestured at my body with one hand. "This can be a regularly thing. If you want it to be. Do you want the whole band fucking you?"

He paused and I considered his words for a moment. "Yeah, yeah I do."

Dan smirked and nodded to himself. "I knew you'd say that." He inhaled, then let out a cloud of smoke which hung in the air. "Our little whore."


A few shows later I was standing onstage, trying desperately not to moan. Everything was going great, this whole thing was working out amazingly. Dan was the one who was ultimately in control, even to the point where he'd fucked both of the others just to prove it. That was probably one of the hottest things I'd ever seen in my whole life. I bit back a groan, hoping I didn't mess the fuck up while playing this time, but they were making it hard.

Like before, the was a dildo up my cunt, which went off along to Dan's drumbeat. This time it was joined by a second one, up my ass, which was controlled by Quinn's guitar. The last vibrator, was more of a butterfly clip, attached my clit ring. That one was controlled by Bert, who was messing with the control whenever he could.

My lips parted and released a low groan as all three went off at once. Thankfully I was nowhere near a mic which could have picked it up. They were bastards, the three of them. But I wouldn't change them for the world.

Although I may had to set a limit to the number of vibrating objects that were in me onstage.
Tags: bert mccracken, bert mccracken/dan whitesides/girl!jepha, dan whitesides, dan whitesides/girl!jepha howard, dan whitesides/girl!jepha howard/quinn a, girl!jepha howard, het, quinn allman, slash, the used
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