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We can't see the stars

So there's been a volanic eruption in Iceland and the ash cloud has come this way. The entire country's grounded (we're not the only ones, most of Northen Europe seems to be too). Let's just hope this eruption doesn't last as long as the last one. The last one they had lasted just over a year.

Been on Pokemon a lot, mostly to train up. Caught the legendary birds though. And my first wild shiny! Yay! Sure, it's an Ursarig, but still...

We've been watching Death Note and we're now halfway through. I like Rem. And Light's still insane and L's still odd.

Not done much today really. I was gonna write but had no ideas and got caught up on Pokemon (that game is addicting).

I'm amused that the 4music ad has For Your Entertainment playing, but shows nothing from the vid.

Anyway, gonna go now. Russell Howard's about to start.
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