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The Only Guy

The Only Guy
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Moose/girl!Padge/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Het, femmeslash
Notes: Based on this from tumblr. I was gonna do this as a kinkyways thing, but couldn't work something in. For some reason this took ages to do, annoyingly.

"Do you think what that interviewer said was true?" I asked from my seat, watching Moose as she pulled her top off.

"Which one?" She replied, tossing the clothing away as she flopped on the bed, her tits bouncing slightly from the impact.

"The one that asked Matt if he was uncomfortable being the only guy in the band." I shifted in the seat to get comfortable. "He didn't seem to give a real answer."

"So?" Moose shrugged from the bed, stretching out her legs across the sheets. "You think he is?" I nodded a little and she seemed to think for a moment. "Well, what do you think we should do about it?"

"Maybe we should talk to him." Padge spoke up, taking a long drink from her beer bottle. She'd remained silent since we'd got back, content with nursing her drink. "You know, maybe we can make him comfortable some other way." There was something about the way she said it that made me shift slightly. Still, it was the best idea.


Once Padge had finished her beer, and Moose flung on a new tee, we went to Matt's room. We used the spare key we'd been given to get into his room and the three of us filed in. Matt was laying on the bed, much as Moose had been in our room. He looked over at us, clearly a little confused. "Hey, I thought you three were gonna have some girl time."

"Yeah well, we figured we'd spend some time with you." Moose replied with a smile, as Padge set her bag down beside the door. The three of us sat on the bed around him, Moose at the end, Padge on his right and me on his left.

"Are you uncomfortable around us?" Padge asked, always getting right to the point.

"I...err..." He swallowed and his cheeks flushed. "What do you mean?"

"I mean are you..." Padge stopped, blinked and looked down. "Hey, you've got a boner!" She felt the need to point it out, as if we had no idea where it would be. Matt's cheeks flushed bright red and he covered his crotch with both hands.

Moose chuckled and pushed his hands away. "Well, seems like we've found the source of any discomfort." She cupped his bulge through his three-quarter lengths and smiled. "Well I know what to do with that." Her nimble fingers undoing his flies and pulling his three-quarter lengths down.

Matt watched, his eyes slightly wide. "Wh... what are you doing?"

"What do you think Matt?" Moose smiled, licked her lips and stroked his bare legs. Matt opened his mouth to speak, then swallowed his words when Padge pulled her t-shirt off, freeing her breasts. Padge rarely wore bras, she figured they just got in the way. Matt visibly swallowed, his eyes on her tits. Moose chuckled softly, tugging Matt's boxers down too. "I think Padge has the right idea."

I returned her smile, nodding and pulling my own t-shirt off, making sure to discard it in the opposite direction to Padge's. I reached back and undid my bra, sliding it off my arms and discarding that too. Padge was already naked, her jeans and underwear tossed aside. Moose stood too, stripping off. I pushed my jeans and panties down, kicking them aside.

The three of us were now naked, not for the first time either. The only thing left on Matt was his sleeveless t-shirt, though that had been pushed up halfway by Padge. My eyes went between Moose and Padge, both of their bodies now familiar to me. Out of the three of us, I had the biggest tits. Moose had the smallest, though the difference wasn't that big. Padge pulled on Matt's tee, pulling it up and off him.

There was a pause as we studied each other. Before now Matt had only caught glimpses of us when we changed or got drunk, so now his eyes were on us intently. He licked his lips lightly, shifting slightly on the bed, his cock hard between his legs.

Moose was the one that spoke up first. "So, who wants to go where?"

"I want him to eat me out." Padge spoke up, licking her lips and parting her legs a little.

Moose nodded, then looked at Matt. "Who do you want riding you Matt, me or Jay here?" She pointed at me, looking back at him.

"J... Jay." He replied, eyes locked on me, his dick twitching. "Not that I don't want to fuck your cunt Moose."

"That's fine." She grinned, licked along my neck and stepped away, pushing me towards Matt.

I climbed onto the bed, moving until I was over Matt's dick which he was holding up ready for me. I sank down onto his cock, groaning softly as he filled me. "Fuck..." He whispered below me, rocking his hips up slightly. I placed both of my hands on his chest for balance, then began to slowly move. I was aware of the others moving, even though I couldn't see Moose at all. Padge was shifting beside us, fingering herself almost lazily. I couldn't help but watch as she did it, sliping her middle finger in and out so slowly it must have been driving her crazy.

It took a few minutes of riding Matt before Padge decided to move. She shifted until she straddled Matt's face, her hairy pussy pressing against it. I heard Matt groan, then he started to lick. I could hear the sounds of him licking and slurping, closing my eyes to imagine what it would look like. "Shit..." I groaned as I moved, speeding up. If we did this again, and I was sure we would, I'd have to watch.

I felt something against my back and knew it was Moose. Her fingers ran along the curve of my back, starting at my tattoo and following my spine down to my ass. Her fingers pressed into my crack, seeking my arsehole. I stilled my movements, letting her fingers push into me. I groaned softly as her digits filled me up, working me open. She retreated them after a few moments and I knew why. I swallowed, shifting my hands to the sheets, gripping onto them as I prepared myself. Moose held onto my sides as she pushed the head of her strap-on into me, the shaft filling me up easily.

"Ugh..." I grunted, the familiar feeling of fullness making me groan. "Fuck Moose..." She pressed against me, her tits against my back as she started to move her hips. We'd done this before, sometimes just the two of us, while other times Padge joined in too. I wasn't sure if Matt had been aware of what we did until now.

I vaguely heard him mumble something against Padge's cunt, though couldn't make it out. Padge must've heard it though, at least partially, as she crained her head back, smirked, then looked back at him. "Oh it's just Moose fucking Jay's arse with a strap-on." Matt groaned out louder, squirmed, then thrust his hips up. I could see Padge grind her hips down, probably to keep him quiet. I bent forward and buried my head against the crook of Padge's neck, my lips latching onto her. My hands shifted from the sheets, grasping at her sides. I groaned louder, rocking between Matt's dick and Moose's rubber cock.

Moose snaked her arm around my waist, placing her hand on my thigh, her fingers rubbing against my crotch, just above where Matt's dick entered me. "Shit Matt Moose fuck..." She pressed, ever so gently against my clit, which she found ever so easily. She was licking at my back as she thrust into me, her finger rubbing slow circles against me, pressing gently yet urgently. Her other hand was on my tits, groping them. "Ugh..." I groaned louder now, tipping my head back as I felt myself get close. "Fuck!" I came around Matt, soaking his stiff dick. I wasn't sure if he'd cum too. Sometimes it was hard to tell when I guy came, especially since I was overstimulated thanks to Moose.

She shifted her hands, holding onto me and pulling me off Matt's dick, her strap-on easily slipping out thanks to a hip jerk back. She set me on the bed beside Matt, so that I could watch them. Matt's slick dick was softening, so I figured he'd came. Padge ground her hips down, groaning as she came against Matt's face. Moose was undoing the straps holding the strap-on, letting it drop to the floor. She pulled Padge off Matt, pushing her face first into her cunt.

"Wow... that's so hot..." Matt whispered, his face slick with Padge's juices.

"It really is, but you'll get use to it." I leaned close, licking some cum from his cheek. "You've missed so much. But don't worry, we'll catch you up." I winked at him and pressed against his side, one of his hands absently groping my tits. I turned my head when I heard Moose moan out loud, the sound making me smile. Matt, on the other hand, was gawping. I had a feeling he'd be doing that a lot lately.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!moose/matt tuck, girl!jay james/matt tuck, girl!moose, girl!moose/girl!padge, girl!padge, girl!padge/matt tuck, het, matt tuck
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