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Maybe I'm having a craving

So yeah, today's been good too. Sleeping till 1 (though I didn't sleep till 4), being on Pokemon, watching Zombieland and finally Doctor Who.

So yeah, Doctor Who's just finished. So yeah, it's all new and it's... gonna take a bit of time to adjsut (new titles, new theme, new Doctor, new TARDIS). So basically this is all down to first impressions. Well, I don't think he's as good as David was, but it's only his first episode so... However, I will admit I was a bit worried he might be... well, bad. He's not though. He's pretty good I think. (And I wish they'd shown more of him topless.) The new TARDIS is all pretty and retro, with spinny parts.

The alien prisoner was... well a good idea, but I wish they'd explained why he was so dangerous though. What had he done to deserve the destruction of the whole planet to stop him escaping? And why stay in the same place for 12 years?

The alien spaceships looked nice, like snowflakes, but I didn't go much on the huge eye in them.

Now Amy, I need a few episodes to make my mind up about her. I like she's kinda... bossy and that she slammed his tie in a car door. I dunno. Her boyfriend's kinda cute though.

So, in short, I thought it was good. Not the best, but not absolutely terrible or anything.

They played a whole series trailer. Curious about the spitfire spaceships, angels and cybermen.

Other stuff:
Bullet are following me on twitter, which is awesome
*Bullet are doing a live webchat, so I'm thinking of a question
*Going back on Pokemon to train Dratini up
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