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And we shall call him squishy...

Yesterday was quite a day. I seen Kel and we watched Matrix Revolutions. It was great! My only problem was that Persephone didn't get much screentime. But wet Neo, and gays and lesbians in Club Hell made up for it. :-D And the Smith/Neo fight was great he he

I've got about 5/6 fics in the works so bare with me if I don't update cause I'm very busy.
Gonna get that new Star Trek mag with the dvd of First Contact :D

I had another strange dream, scared the hell out of me. The lights were out and I heard this swishing, like someone swinging a sword. Anyyway when I turned the light on there was kel, covering her eyes screaming "light!" When I looked at her I saw her eyes were red and she had vampire fangs. For some reason she attacked me and I threw salt in her eyes..... Strange.
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