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Pairing: Jay James/Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 35 - Ball gags
Warnings: BDSM, watersports

"I wasn't sure if you'd come." I whispered softly after opening the door, gazing at the boy that stood there. He shifted slightly, but smiled, quickly stepping inside. I shut the door and watched him toe of his trainers.

"Of course." He turned and smiled at me again, his eyes darting around the room. "The place hasn't changed much."

I shrugged a little, following him as he walked into the living room. "You know how it is. Touring and recording."

"Yeah." He nodded, stopping in the middle of the room and turning to face me. "How've you been?"

"Very good, busy. Excited about the album." I paused, wet my lips a little then continued. "I'll get the label to send you a copy. How about you?"

"Thanks. I've been good too, busy writing and recording. Doing a few new designs for Drop Dead too, I'll make sure to get some sent to you."

"Thanks." I replied with a smile, then went quiet for a few seconds. He went silent too and just looked around the room. It seemed we'd reached the end of the talking portion of his visit. He stepped towards me, stopping only when he was right in front of me, his face so close to mine I could feel his breath. He leaned in close and kissed me, running his hands down my sides. I kissed back, but let him take control. When the kiss was broken, I twisted around and headed upstairs, knowing he was right behind me.

I walked right past my bedroom and stopped at a door that I usually kept locked. I felt Oli's hand on my ass which made me both smile and open the door. The room beyond was intended as a spare bedroom, although I'd kitted it out so it was now somewhere very different. Sure, there was some normal bedroom stuff, a bed, cupboards, a wardrobe, but there were other things which weren't as normal. Shackles embedded in the wall, a cage large enough to hold a person and various toys scattered on the tops of the drawers. He closed the door and walked around the room slowly. Like downstairs, this room had changed little since he had been here last. "Strip."

I nodded, licked my lips and began to remove my clothing. I only wore three items of clothing, anticipating his arrival. I pulled my t-shirt up and off, tossing it aside into a basket beside the now-closed door. My three-quarter lengths followed, quickly being joined by my black boxers. All the time he watched me from where he sat perched on the bed. Once I was naked I shifted on my feet, waiting for him to say something.

"On your knees." I dropped to my knees and waited, watching him as he stood. He circled me slowly and I heard him close the door when he was behind me. "Hands behind you." I swallowed and put both of my arms behind my back, lacing my fingers together. I waited in case he put restraints on me. I heard his footsteps move away, then turned slightly to look. "Eyes forward slut!" His words were accompanied by a growl which made me look straight ahead. I waited for him to return, then felt him move my arms. He secured a series of straps around my arms, at my elbows, wrists and one in between. After that, he slipped something over my hands, keeping them pressed together. He ran his fingers over my newer tattoos, clearly studying them. He stopped, then moved in front of me. He seemed to be considering what to do, though I suspected he was also just making me wait for the hell of it.

Several minutes went by, though it felt far longer then it was. He broke the silence, tapping his foot on the floor. "Open wide." I half expected him to unzip his jeans and stick his dick between my lips, though instead he moved away again. When he returned he held a black ball gag, which he promptly shoved between my parted lips. He made my jaw ache, though it wasn't the biggest one I owned. I swallowed, inhaling through my nose as he buckled it tight behind my head.

I didn't have to wait long for his next instruction. "Lean forward. Ass up. Forehead against the floor." I nodded and did as I was told, managing to do it without falling over. I'd had practise, though I was still unsteady. I heard him move around some more, which was followed by the sound of zips being undone and clothes being discarded. I kept my eyes on the floor, swallowing my saliva. It was hard not to at least try to look at him and study all those tattoos of his. I heard him spit, then felt his inked fingers between my arse cheeks. He found my opening easily, pushing his middle finger into me easily. He thrust the wet digit a few times, burying it down to the second knuckle. I moaned behind the gag and he slapped my ass with his free hand. "Quiet!" He growled, slipping his finger out and pushing it back in with his ring one. He worked them in and out a few times, occasionally curving them so the tips brushed against my spot, then he slid them out fully.

He positioned himself at my entrance, gripping my cheeks and holding them wide apart. He didn't say another word, he just pushed into me. I groaned behind the gag at his entrance, my eyes lidding. He didn't exactly have the biggest dick in the world, but it certainly did. I felt drool escape my lips around the gag as he started to fuck me hard. His hips snapped against my fleshy cheeks, the sound of the contact filling the air. "Fuck, you feel so good slut." He moaned the words, his nails digging into my skin as he spoke.

After a few minutes he began undoing the straps binding my arms. First came the one at my elbows. Then, after a few more thrusts, he undid the midway one. He growled and slapped both of my asscheeks hard before undoing the one at my wrists, removing what held my hands together at the same time. "Keep them there." His words were a command, though the desperation and need in his voice lessened their edge. I nodded against the floor, feeling his pace quicken.

And then, he just stopped, growled and pulled out of me. I blinked in confusion, puzzled as to why he'd stop when he was obviously so close. He walked around me, tangled his fingers in my red-tinted hair and yanked me up by it so I was on my knees again. He spat on my face, his right hand jerking his dick. His tattoos became a blur as I watched, transfixed by the motion. As I expected, it didn't take him too long. He came across my face in thick spurts, some landing on the gag. I immediately cursed the rubber ball, wishing I could taste him. I heard him laugh as he wiped his cock in my hair and I could see the smirk playing on his lips. "Start wanking."

I bit into the gag, moving my right hand to my dick quickly. I wrapped my fingers around my aching, needy dick and began stroking myself, watching as his dick softened. I waited, closing my eyes as I sped up. I knew what was coming, he didn't even have to say it. The first splash landed on my chin, on the little facial hair I still had. I tilted my head up, moaning as I felt the cascade of his piss land over my chest as he aimed for his target. He soaked my dick and pubic hair in seconds, the wetness making my movements more slick. I felt the flow subside, though knew it was him making it so. He gripped my ahir again, tilting my head forward and then started to piss again. This time the hot fluid landed on my hair, some of it rolling down my back. I groaned loudly behind the gag, releasing hard across my belly. "Good boy." He whispered, wiping the last few droplets across the newest ink on my arms. "You look so much hotter doused in piss." He smiled, licked his lips and dropped on the bed.

I watched him, then shifted slightly to move, but he growled. "I never said you could move now did I?" I could hear the smirk in his voice and wondered if he had anything else in mind. He probably did. It wouldn't surprise me in the least. For now, though, I was content to stay on my knees and wait to be told what to do.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/oli sykes, oli sykes, slash
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