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Pokeball, go!

Guess what came today?

Pokemon that's what! Woop!

It's so so awesome, even better then the others. There's even sound effects when you're near water and for the creaking of sprout tower. And all the remixed old music makes me all nostalgic and smily. When you talk to the Pokemon following you (omg venat and amreep are so cute when they follow you) they can dance and smile and be all cute!

The pokewalker's so tiny! But it's fairly simple and I got a few Pokemon on it, especially venonat! Yay! I got all the Pokemon of one course already (although I had two of them to start with so...)

In short, it's awesome and I can't wait to go on more. I'll be going on later to get night time Pokemon (I think there's only two) then try very hard not to be on for awhile. Even though I wanna beat the first gym with nommy Falkner.

Current team: Mareep, Kakuna, Rattata, Totodile, Spearow (All level 11).

None Pokemon stuffs now.

I went to Cannock today, which was eh cause the bus got stopped due to dumb roadworks. I got Gay Times (causa Doctor Who... 11's pretty hot) and saw N-Gamer. I guess Nintendo magazine advertised it too early. It has the Pokemon decals for the DS which are the only selling point (the mag's not great). I'm gonna deck it out in the silver ones after taking a pic of them.

Boba Fett's gonna be in the last eps of this season of The Clone Wars. He looks kinda hot There's, what, 5 eps left and they've gotta fit in him, Bossk and Aurra (the latter two having promo pics but no episodes).

My uncle has dyed his hair, which looks tragic and amusing.

I'm gonna go watch NCIS now and fic (hopefully I can finish it now I have some ideas). And later watch Flashforward, then Fightstar, then Sonisphere stuffs cause 4's repeating.
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