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Perchance to dream

I can't seem to sleep. I dunno if it's causa napping earlier in the day or because of my headache (or both).

I hope Pokemon comes today.

Making gif icons is annoyingly hard, mostly cause it saves it as too big a file.

There's a type of jellyfish that's effectively immortal. I want one!

The main purpose of this post is to post a fic to-do list. Not all are definite, some are maybes and they're in no real order.

*Jay/Oli fic I started the other night (then had to redo due to stupid comp). I might get this done later, but I've kinda... stalled on it.

*Serial!Killer fic - I've wanted to do another one for awhile and have spent the past month getting random ideas together. Trouble is, I don't have a definite start yet and I really need that before I do

*More 50kinkyways fic - I wanna get back to doing these regularly. I'm almost halfway there so... I kinda wanna get it done.

*Boobed!Jay - Not sure what yet or who with

*Fightstar fic, likely with watersports and/or scat

*Some form of Hotel Dusk fic with a combination of Jeff, Kyle and Louis

*Matt Good/Andy from Black Veil Brides - This is one of the maybes. I've nothing other then the pairing

*Dan/Jepha/Quinn - Again, nothing other then the pairing.

*Another pornstar AU fic - This is a potential idea, I've no idea on any pairings yet.

*The Star Wars fic - I started doing it ages ago (when I got the Essential Atlas) but got stuck working out what to do with it. Since then I've got it fleshed out in my mind, but it's just... writing it.

*Possible Dougie/Sean fic - Again, it's getting ideas.

*Something with Darran from Funeral For A Friend or Austin from Black Tide... I'm just not sure what
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