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Pairing: Charlie Simpson/Matt Kean, others lmentioned
POV: Matt
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU
Notes: I blame the last Fightstar interview in Rock Sound for this, cause Charlie said he'd be a porn star.

"You know you have a porn star dick." Oli spoke casually, which would have been strange if we hadn't just had sex.

"Thanks." I was still slightly breathless, squirming to get comfortable.

"You know, you should come down to the studio." I looked at him skeptically. It hadn't surprised me when he told me he was doing porn, it surprised me even less to find his brother was working behind the camera. "I mean it! You'd be great. I promise you'll have fun, just... come down and give it a go."

I sighed and shrugged, then mumbled an affirmative, if only to shut him up.


I couldn't get it out of my head, even though I'd tried. So I now stood outside the studio where Oli worked, flexing my fingers nervously. There was no sign of his car in the car park, which I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing. I took a deep breath, then swallowed and headed into the building.

The first room, beyond the door, looked like a normal waiting room, albeit an empty one. There was a desk, which was currently unattended, a trio of chairs and a large fish tank. I shuffled nervously, then focussed on the fish, waiting for someone to turn up. I'd become entranced with a seahorse swaying in the water when I finally heard someone behind me. "Hello?"

I spun around and blushed at the person in front of me, almost knocking over the magazine on the table behind me. "Err.. .hi." I felt my cheeks turning redder, then scratched the back of my neck. "Oli said I should come..."

"Ah, you're Matt right?" The guy said, extending his hand, which I shook shyly. He was shorter then me, with dark hair hanging past his ears. I nodded slightly and he smiled. "Great! I'm Lee." He darted behind the desk, reaching down and grabbing a clipboard and a pen, handing both over to me. "All you have to do is fill this out and we'll be all set."

He grinned, took a seat and watched as I sat and filled the attached form in. It was a pretty standard sort of thing to start with. Name, age, contact details. Then, of course, it deviated wildly. 'Are you a top or bottom?' 'Have you had previous experience in porn?' 'Do you have any kinks or fantasies?' I felt my cheeks redden more as I finished filling it out, finally handing it back to him. He skimmed it for a few moments, nodded to himself, then looked at me again.

"Do you have a driver's licence?" Nodding I pulled it out and he looked at it, took down some more details and then handed it back. "Great, we're all set!"

"Just like that?" I asked, blinked slightly in surprise.

He nodded and smiled. "Sure." He returned the clipboard to where it was, seperating my form and putting it somewhere else, no doubt to be filed away later. "If you'd like we could film something now."

"Erm..." I bit my lip slightly, then thought for a moment. "Ok."

"Great!" Lee grinned again, moved back around the desk and gestured for me to follow. He let me through a doorway and down a corridor, stopping before another door. "Now, you can do a solo if you'd prefer or you can do something with one of our models." I considered for a moment while he just kept smiling. Well, if I was going to do this I may as well do this right.

I swallowed before speaking. "I guess with someone. I mean, if someone's already here."

Lee nodded in understanding. "As it happens we do have a model free, the guy he was meant to be with called in earlier saying he couldn't come in today." He finally pushed open the door and lead me into a lounge room. It had several sofas with a tv against one wall and another fish tank on another. In the middle of the room was a large coffee table, covered in various things, mostly magazines and an ashtray with a stubbed out cigarette in it. Apart from us there was only one other person in the room and he was sat on the red sofa, eyes going over the porn mag he was holding. "Hey Charlie, come ere!" He set the magazine beside him, then stood and came over.

He was tall, a little taller then I was, with dark hair and bushy eyebrows. "Yeah?" He asked, his voice deep and posh.

"This is Matt, he's new." Lee gestured at me with a smile. "Since Ian's not gonna be here, would you mind doing your vid with him?"

Charlie shrugged, then nodded. "Sure."

"Great! I'll leave you to get to know each other then." Lee smiled, then patted my arm before heading back through the door.

We stood in front of each other, sizing each other up for a few moments. Eventually he broke the silence, smiling and stretching his arms above his head. "So this is your first time with us huh?"


He nodded a little, his arms falling to his sides. "So, are you a top or bottom? I can go either way."

"Me too." I gnawed my lower lip slightly. "Maybe we should see how it goes?"

"Sure." He nodded in agreement. "Wanna see if we can do it now? Room six should be all ready now."

"Ok, lead on."

He lead me through the room's other door and down another corridor, which had doors at regular intervals. I peeked in each as I went past them. The first room had a large, dark skinned guy on a bed, naked, with a smaller guy with a lizard tattoo on his back licking at his stomach. The second room had a guy with dark hair that was sitting on a black couch, jerking off for the cameras. The third room had another short haired guy, fucking a long haired one doggy style. Both had tattoos, though the fucker's one was more noticeable, as it was a lightsaber through his neck. Four had a guy tied to a bed face down and I assumed the other guy doing him was somewhere out of sight. The door to room five was shut, though I could hear faint noises from within.

At the sixth room, Charlie stopped and opened the door, leading me in. This room looked pretty much like an ordinary bedroom and was furnished as such. Several camera's were set up around the room, pointed at the bed and the area around it. However, there was no sign of any one to operate them. "Don't we need to wait for a cameraman or something?"

Charlie smiled and shook his head. "Nah, this room's cameras are all linked, so all you have to do is press one button to start them all. Cause of that this room is where most first timers do their first vid."

"Ok..." I nodded a little, feeling slightly comforted by that. I looked around at the cameras, trying to work out how many they were. There were four obvious ones and a fifth in the ceiling above the bed. "Should we get naked now?"

"Up to you. I prefer stripping to my underwear before the cameras roll." He waited for a moment, clearly to see what I'd do. I considered for a moment, then began to undress, watching as he did the same. I went to put my jacket and top on a chair just off camera, but he shook his head, tossing his t-shirt to the floor. "Just chuck everything over the floor and stuff, it makes it look more real." I nodded slightly, then cast my faux leather jacket aside, undoing my flies.

Soon we were both in just our underwear, taking each other in. He was a little slimmer then I was and his body lacked the tattoos that other models had. He had no obvious piercings, though I supposed he could have something in his ears since his hair concealled them. He had hair in all the right places, dusting his arms and legs, sticking out from his armpit and forming a trail to the top of his boxers. "Shall we start?" I nodded and he shifted slightly. "Once I press this we have five seconds to get in position ok?" I nodded again, stepping closer to the center of the room, watching him press the button.

He came close to me, paused for a moment or two, then kissed me hard, capturing my lips in his own. His arms wrapped around me and I copied his actions, parting my lips to taste him. He tasted faintly of cigarettes, which wasn't a surprise really. I felt his hand move around, sliding under the waist band of my black boxers. He cupped my semi-hard dick, squeezing it lightly and moaning against my lips as I got harder. We remained like this for a few seconds and then I felt this surge inside me. I pushed him against the wall, pushing his boxers down with one hand as I took control of the kiss. I felt him smile against me and his tongue lapped at mine a little less, letting me take control.

We remained against the wall for several minutes, only moving when he pushed my underwear down to join his on the floor. Then we ended up on the bed, with him pressed against the sheets. I seperated from him briefly to glance down between us, eyeing his cock. His was similar in length to mine, though, like his body, it was a little slimmer. I latched onto his neck, sucking, licking and biting at the exposed skin. He moaned softly, running his fingers up and down my back. I ground my hips slightly against his, our stiff dicks pressing against each other. "I wanna fuck you." He groaned in response and I felt one hand leave me. I glanced at it, watching him fumble in the drawer of the bedside table. He soon gotten out a tube of lube, pressing it into my hand.

He leaned in close, whispering low in my ear. "Start with two fingers, I can take it." He fell back against the bed and parted his hairy legs nice and wide. I shifted between them, squirting the lube onto my fingers. Deciding to take his word on it, I pushed two fingers between his cheeks. I searched for his hole, pressing my fingers against the pucker once I found it. I easily filled him up with both of them, studying his face for any sign of pain, but there was none. I pushed them as far as they could go, curving them in him to seek his spot. He gasped slightly, tipping his head slightly against the pillows. "Fuck me..."

I wet my lips and, unable to resist, removed my fingers swiftly. "On all fours." He complied, shifting on the bed until his arse was in the air, his legs still spread around me. I settled on my knees behind him, guiding my cock head until it was pressed against his opening, holding his ass open with my other hand. I gave him a few seconds, then pushed into him. I licked my lips, moaning at the feeling of his ass around me. I dug my nails into his chin, starting to move within him steadily. He felt so amazing.

I sped up slightly after just a few thrusts, until I was slamming into him hard. I moved a hand under him, grasping his dick in hand and stroking him as best I could. My other hand remained on his ass, holding onto it as I pounded into him. He squirmed slightly, groaning as his cock pulsed in my hand. I had a feeling he wouldn't last terribly long, though I didn't mind.

After a few more thrusts, he came, spilling hard and thick over his stomach and the sheets, some oozing down my fingers. I shifted my hand up to my lips, licking the thick, salty fluid away.

I considered fucking him until I came, though I decided not to cum in his ass. Instead I slipped of him and shifted around on the bed. With my left hand, I grasped his hair and yanked his head back, while my right took my cock and began stroking it rapidly. He smiled, licking his lips and locking his eyes on my shaft. Lust clouded his brown eyes and that just made my full dick twitch eagerly. I moaned softly, watching as I came hard across his face, making sure some landed in those eyebrows of his. He swiped his tongue across his lips, collecting what he could get too.

I panted softly, falling to the bed beside him, licking across his face to taste myself. He shifted slightly, moving his hand beside the headboard. I heard a soft click, then he turned towards me, speaking softly. "The camera's are off now." He smiled, licking his lips again. "You were so fucking good."

"Mmmm so were you." I replied, licking a blob of cum from his cheek.

"I'm sure you'll fit right in." I smiled and knew that I'd do this again.
Tags: bring me the horizon, charlie simpson, charlie simpson/matt kean, fic, fightstar, matt kean, slash
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