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It's Not The End Of The World

It's Not The End Of The World
Pairing: Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard, Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar/Quinn Allman, Bob Bryar/Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard
Rating: NC-17
POV: Dan
Warnings: Porn really
Notes: This is assuming Bob was kicked out of the band, not leaving my choice (although I've purposely left the reasoning vague). When I started it that was my original thought, which is why the start's a bit... angry. There's porn, but it takes awhile to get there as it's kinda long. Thanks to asphyxiatide who helped me pick out something towards the end.

I studied Quinn as he paced back and forth. "No, he does not fucking want to talk to you." There was a pause, obviously for him to listen to whatever the other person was saying, then he growled. "I don't care what you said or not, he doesn't want to talk to you." Bob was laying in bed, with Jepha perched on one side of him, stroking his hair. "I don't give a shit!" Quinn increased his pace, clenching the fingers of his other hand repeatedly. "Listen you little cunt..."

Bob reached out with one arm, sitting up for the first time since I'd been here. "Bob you don't have to..." Jepha whispered, his voice soft. Bob just let out a low growl in response and Jepha went quiet.

"Hold on." Quinn looked at Bob, then handed him the phone.

Bob glanced at the phone briefly, clearly just to check who it was. After a moment he lifted it up, turned and then threw it at the wall. The cell shattered from the force of the impact, bits of plastic and electronics landing on the floor.

"Fuck Bob..." Jepha whispered softly, breaking the silence. Bob shrugged, then flopped back on the bed as if nothing had happened.

"Thank fuck Bert wasn't here..." Quinn muttered, then headed out, presumably to grab the last beer. Bert had gone awhile back to get, some supplies, most likely beer, smokes and some form of food.

I wasn't exactly sure what was going on. Bob had been as vague with us as the band's official statement. All we'd managed to pry out of him were the words 'kicked out'. We'd not pressed him for details, though Bert had gone on a rant about how they were 'fucking dickhead assholes'. I didn't know the guy as well as the others did, but he seemed like a decent guy and certainly didn't deserve all this. Bert had assured him that he could tour with us if he felt up to it.

"Where the fuck are all the knives?" I smiled at the sound of Bert's voice, then headed off to him. Jepha had asked me to round up and hide all the sharp objects in the house, knives included.


Jepha sighed, answering his phone. We'd moved into the living room once Bob had fell asleep after eating. "How did you get this number?" There was a pause, then he shook his head "Listen, I don't care. You've hurt Bob. Don't call again." He hung up, then turned his phone off.

Sighing, he reclined back against the sofa, rubbing his head. "I hate this."

"I know." I leaned over and kissed his cheek. Bert and Quinn were asleep on the sofa, curled up in each other. "I'll check on him."

"Thanks." He smiled, then turned and kissed me properly. "You're awesome."

"I try." I stood, up and headed into Bob's bedroom. The bed was empty, though I wasn't prepared to raise thee alarm. I checked the room, noting that the wardrobe was open and the blanket was on the floor but otherwise there was nothing. I tapped my chin with my middle finger, before turning and checking the bathroom.

Sure enough, there he was, standing in front of the bathroom mirror. He was staring at his reflection intently. He was dressed in the Black Parade outfit which probably wasn't a good idea. I bit my lip, then patted his back. "Bob?" He didn't respond, or even move, so I shook him gently. "Bob!"

"Huh? Oh." He blinked a few times, then turned a little to face me. "Yeah." He looked down at himself, flexing his fingers a little. "I should... yeah." He walked past me, as if in a daze, heading back into the bedroom. I watched, following him back into the bedroom. He removed the clothes slowly, then stood there naked for a few moments. He stared at his reflection in the smaller bedroom mirror, then swallowed before putting on clothes that were less dressy and more baggy. "What are they doing?" He whispered, sitting on the bed, looking in my direction but not really seeing me.

"Bert and Quinn are sleeping. Jepha's keeping an eye on them. Is there anything you need?"

He shook his head slightly, slumping back on the bed. "Not right now. Thanks."

I nodded a little, turning to go. "Things will work out Bob... we're here for you."



It took us a week to get Bob out of his place, but we managed it. We ended up seeing a movie, settling on Alice In Wonderland. It seemed to improve his mood, which could only be a good thing.

A week after that he joined us on tour, though he preferred to stay on the bus to avoid people. I couldn't say I blamed him. As Jepha said, it was all about baby steps and we shouldn't push him to do anything he didn't want.


"There was no need to hit him Bert." Jepha spoke, annoyance clear in his usually calm voice.

"The fucker deserved it." Bert shrugged slightly. "He had it coming. And I'd have done it to the lot of them if you hadn't stopped me." He jabbed his finger in my direction angrily, taking a smoke from the cig in his other hand. I'd managed to grab him and pull him away before he'd hit him more, though I was sure he'd given the singer a black eye.

"We should get them later, beat the lot of them." Quinn spoke up from the somewhere behind me. "We could take them, they're all pussies really. Well, cept Toro and Iero."

"No one's beating up anyone." Jepha said, in the tone that made it clear he'd said those words, or words like them, many times before. It wouldn't surprise me honestly. "Just calm down."

Bert growled, then flopped down into the sofa, annoyance clear on his face. "Guys?" Bert's face softened at the voice, Bob's. "What happened?"

"He punched Gerard in the face." The glee in Quinn's voice was obvious. Had they really just been looking for an excuse and biding their time until they were at the same place.

Bob heaved a heavy sigh, then shook his head. "There was no need for that Bert." He paused, scratched his beard for a few moments. "But thanks."


"We need to get him laid."


"What? The guy needs cock. When was the last time he had any action that didn't involve his own right hand?" Jepha sighed and shook his head.

"We should do it." Quinn piped up and, when Jepha looked at him doubtfully he shrugged. "What? He's been with us all before, well apart from Dan, and he knows us. And he knows we won't post about it on facespace or mytwitter or whatever the hell those things are called."

Jepha rolled his eyes, but nodded in agreeement. "Yeah, that's true."


We entered Bob's hotel room as steathly as we were able. He was laying on the bed, watching tv though clearly not paying much attention. As soon as he heard us he turned and smiled. "Hey guys."

Bert bounced over to the bed, flopping down beside him. "Hey Bob. We figured you'd need some... company." He placed his hand on Bob's thigh, stroking it lightly. "You need some action. And we're here to give it to you." Quinn smirked and sat the opposite side of him, leaning close to kiss and lick Bob's neck. We'd agreed to let them take the lead so I watched with Jepha as they worked on stripping Bob. His checkered shirt went first, unbuttoned quickly by Bert's surprisingly nimble fingers, exposing his pale chest. He was bulky, but he wasn't fat. His arms were strong, obviously from all the drumming he'd done. He had a dusting of ginger hairs over his chest, though those were few and barely noticeable.

Since Bert had removed his shirt, Quinn had settled on getting his pants off. He shifted down, took the zipper between his teeth and worked it down. He wasn't the best person to it. Jepha could get it down in about 3 seconds, but Quinn wasn't as skilled. He kept managing to lose his grip somehow and eventually ended up doing the last bit by hand because he'd managed to get it stuck. I rolled my eyes, smiling when he pulled Bob's pants down fully. His boxers followed, freeing his semi-hard dick. He looked to be quite big, which didn't surprise me to be honest.

With his clothing gone, Bert worked on kissing Bob, while Quinn licked his stomach while undoing his flies. He shifted back to shuck them off, kick aside his sneakers and pull his top off. Naked, he went back to licking Bob's skin, extending a hand out towards us. Jepha realised that was the universal, well Quinn-iversal, sign for lube. Jepha stepped closer, handing him the tube, then bent down and removed his sneakers. Shrugging, I did the same, figuring that it was easier to lose them now then later.

When I looked up, Quinn was sitting up, squeezing lube on his fingers and Bert was naked. It hadn't really surprised me, Bert was always quick to strip whenever he could. To Bert clothing was optional. I kept watching, expecting Quinn to insert his lube-slick fingers into Bert or even reaching back and pushing them in himself. However, he did neither. Instead, he parted Bob's legs and pushed a finger up inside him. I blinked a little in surprise, then Jepha leaned close to me. "Did we forget to mention he's a bottom?"

"Yeah." I whispered back and he smiled, kissing my neck.

"It always seems to surprise people that." I nodded, looking over at them. Quinn now had his second finger up Bob, moving them quickly in and out of him. "It's pretty hot though." I nodded slightly in agreement, still a little shocked by what I was seeing. My cock definitely approved of what I was seeing. After a little while longer, Quinn shifted back, retreating his fingers. He shifted between Bob's legs, moving them around so he push in easily. Both of them groaned loud as Quinn entered him, Quinn's hands holding his thick thighs as he did so.

Bert was whispering in Bert's ear, but I couldn't make out the words due to how quiet he was and how loud they were. Whatever it was caused Bert to move until he was squatting over Bob's face, facing Quinn. I assumed Bob started eating Bert out, although there was no way to truely tell from where I was. Whatever he was doing Bert seemed to like it, moaning softly as he leaned over to kiss Quinn, stroking his dick at the same time.

"This shouldn't last too long." Jepha commented from beside me, pulling his top off. Bob's right arm snaked around Bert's waist, his fingers grasping Bert's balls and kinda... rolling them around. Again, it was hard to tell clearly from where I stood. Bert was moaning as he sloppily made out with Quinn, bracing himself against Bob with his unoccupied hand. "May as well get ready." Jepha cast his top aside, undoing his fly.

I shrugged and stripped off too, figuring he was right. After all Jepha had known these guys for longer then I and, thus, had participated in more orgies with them then I had. I dropped my clothes in a heap on the floor.

"Shit fuck ugh!" I looked over again, noting Bert's increased and louder swearing. He was also bouncing up and down on Bob's face, his hand moving much more rapidly. "Fucking shit Bob!" He groaned out load as he came, the spray landing on the chests of all three of them. He got off, smirking and moaning obscenely, flopping down in a nearby chair to watch.

Quinn was fucking Bob much harder now. His hair was now mussed up and all over the place as his hips pounded him repeatly. "I forgot how amazing fucking your ass was Bryar." He moaned, his nails digging it his hips. "Fuck..." He slammed into him a couple more times, before his back arched and he came noisily. He bent down and kissed Bob briefly as he pulled out. "He's all yours." He said with a smile, sitting down in a chair beside Bert.

Out of the two of us, Jepha was the first to move. He sat beside Bob, stroking his hair and smiling down at him. Bob looked at him, his face sweaty and his breath unsteady. He kissed Jepha's fingers gently, swiping his tongue over them. I couldn't help but smile at the sight, taking up Quinn's position. "Lift your legs up, over my shoulders." He nodded slightly, doing as I told him. I licked my lips a little, guiding my cock until it was placed at his puckered opening. I pushed, easing into him. He hissed slightly, his face leaning into Jepha's hand. I was bigger then Quinn, bigger then most people actually. I glanced down at Bob's dick, then realised he had the next biggest dick out of all of us. For some reason that made me smirk and slam all the way into him, making him grunt loudly.

"Shit Dan, was one of your relatives a stallion or something?" He moaned from below me and I heard Bert giggle from where he was seated. I'm sure he'd have come up with some amusing remark if he hadn't just came. I rolled my eyes and stayed in place, balls deep up Bob's ass. His muscles clenched around me tightly and I waited for him to relax, as did Jepha.

"Tell me what you want Bob." Jepha whispered, his voice soft. "Tell me what you want me to do."

He swallowed, took a few minutes to think before uttering a few words. "Wanna suck you."

"Ok." Jepha smiled and started moving, though looked up at me before getting into position properly. "Start moving first babe."

I nodded, pulling out slowly until just my head remained inside him, before pushing back in. I did this three times before Jepha decided he was ready. Jepha climbed atop him, positioned so that his crotch was in Bob's face and his own face was level with Bob's large cock. As well as that, on every inward thrust his hair brushed against my belly. He smirked at me, them grasped Bob's cock and licked a blob of Bert's cum off it seductively, before he swallowed it easily, moaning low in his throat as Bob did the same to him. Slut.

I shook my head and kept moving steadily. Despite how good his ass felt, he wasn't Jepha, so I had to take it slow with him until I was sure he was ready. That came after a couple more minutes of steady thrusting when Bob simultaneously thrust his ass back against me and slipped off Jepha's cock with a pop. "Damnit, just fuck me already." Smiling, I was only too happy to oblidge him. I began thrusting hard, getting a little rougher each time I entered him, moaning at the feeling of how tight and warm he was. I could feel the wetness of Quinn's cum around me, sticking to my length and lubricating me as I fucked Bob hard. I grasped his thighs, slamming into him, my full balls slapping against the perfect curve of his ass.

The room was filled with debauched sounds of the three of us. My balls hitting Bob's ass and moans leaving my lips and both Jepha and Bob moaning and slurping around each other's dicks. It was always hot seeing Jepha suck someone else off or get a blow job, though it was made even hotter by the fact that this was Bob. Bob, someone who looked like he'd always be a top. Bob, who even had the dick of one too. Bob, who was hot and sweet and sexy. Bob, who, just a few weeks ago, was such an insecure mess he wouldn't even move out of his own bed.

"I bet it'll be Jepha first." I blinked and craned my head in the direction of Bert as he spoke, a roll-up in one hand and smoke billowing out of his lips

"Nah, it'll be Bob." Quinn replied, shaking his head. "After all he's got Jepha giving him head. Not to mention Dan's horse dick up his ass."

"True..." Bert muttered, then took nother drag.

I sighed and shook my head, slamming into Bob hard, returning my attention to him. "Please stop fucking taking bets on who'll cum first."

"Awww! But where's the fun in that?" I practically heard the pout in Bert's voice.

"We've already cum, what do you expect us to do?" Quinn added.

I sighed again and blocked them out, knowing they'd be sure to ramble about something mindless. I was sure I heard Bert mention something about ordering popcorn. I rolled my eyes, as I so often did at his comments and focussed solely on the men under me.

I heard Bob moan around Jepha's dick, his hips thrusting up and I could tell just from that he was close. This was confirmed when I next plunged into him and his ass went crazy around my dick. He spasmed around me, filling Jepha's mouth with his cum. I kinda wished I was in a different position so I had a better view, but then I wouldn't be balls deep up Bob. I'd have to mentally debate which was better at another time.

Jepha shifted up from Bob's dick, leaning up and kissing me, letting me taste Bob's thick fluid. Fuck he tasted pretty good. I was able to thrust just one more time before shooting up him, my cum joining Quinn's deep up Bob's ass. I few seconds later Jepha moaned into my mouth, a sign that he too was spilling. Again, I wished I could see, but I was sure I'd get to soon enough.

"Told you it'd be Bob." I heard Bob say when I pulled out, watching as Jepha shifted to eat him out, also moving so his crotch was no longer in Bob's face.

I slapped Jepha's ass playfully after moving, Bob's legs flopping uselessly to the matress below. "So, did that help?"

Bob panted a few seconds before answering, though he nodded the whole time. "Fuck yeah. I won't be able to sit straight for at least a week." He licked his cum stained lip and I amde a note that we'd have to all cum over that beard of his. That'd be pretty hot. He turned his head and looked at Jepha, who'd moved to flank him. "One question though. How the fuck do you take that so often?"

"It takes practise." Jepha winked and kissed his cheek. "But I'm sure you'll learn."
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