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I don't give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a 15 hooker gang bang!

I'm currently finishing the first Saw film, cause the special edition finally came today. I hope to watch II and III laters.

Also hope to finish the other fic tonight.

Wonders of the solar system last night was interesting. I learned a lot, especially about the late heavy bombardment and the geyers of Enceladus (which create one of Saturn's rings. I hope they do something on Jupiter, they're bound to at least include something about the great red spot (a storm that is so big it could contain three Earth sized planets). I hope they include Europa too because it's the most likely place in the system to include life.

I'm all caught up on Gilmore Girls now, woo! Although I wish Lorelai had stayed with Luke.

I still need to sort out icons. I kinda fail at choosing.

Random curiosity. For some reason I wanna read kinky Bob fic, anyone know where I can find some?

Also, related to Bob, I believe MCR made a massive mistake not saying why he left. Yes we are entitled to know, especially when not to long ago they called him the 'saviour' of the band. And to add to that, the vagueness has caused the fans to be more bitch, made people paranoid and everything. Every interview the band will have will have them asking about why Bob left, as opposed to asking about the album. So yeah, they've screwed up there.

Anyway, enough of that.

A few pics now, just cause.

Danny curled up on the bed

And then looking at me

Solo, my kitty though I wish he liked cuddles more

And this is a new kitty friend Solo had! They were rubbing noses and being cute and everything! I think he's from the same place as Rhys (he headed back there) and he likes being petted a lot
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