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Over The Beds

Over The Beds
Pairing: Dougie Poynter/Jay James/Matt Tuck/Padge, Harry Judd/Moose
Rating: NC-17
POV: Moose
Notes: Blame Dougie's twitter for this, and my dream which gave Moose a different role. The Bullet pics came from looloothebooboo

"Am I drunk, or is that Mcfly?" I looked in the direction that Padge indicated by waving his beer bottle. There, at the bar were four young guys. One was blonde, one had black hair and two were brunettes. I considered for a moment, then nodded.

"I think the answer to both of those is yes." I chuckled softly at Matt's words, still staring at them. They were talking and drinking, oblivious to the fact that we were watching. They were all fairly attractive, although the brunettes were more so. I licked my lips lightly, then took a drink from my own bottle. The smaller of them was gazing at us. It was a look I was familiar with, the kind of look fans gave us when they saw us out and about. It was a look that said 'is it really them?' and 'should I approach?' He seemed to mentally debate it for a few moments, before seperating from the others. Slowly, he walked over, drink in hand.

"I'm sorry, are you..."

"Bullet For My Valentine? Yeah, that's us." Matt spoke up, spokesman for us all as he so often was. I smiled and offered him a small wave, the others giving him similar gestures. The kid blushed shyly, returning our waves nervously. "Want a picture?" Matt leaned over the table, a smirk playing on his lips. "Or something more." His cheeks flushed more, then he glanced back at the other three, his eyes focussing on one of them though I couldn't tell who. When his gaze returned to us, he nodded eagerly.

We all stood up and, drink's in hand, moved around the table to the boy. "Would it be alright if someone... watched?"

"Sure." Again, Matt spoke for us. Then he waved over one of the others and headed up. "So, what're your names?"

"I'm Dougie, that's Harry." He spoke up, his voice soft as we walked up to the hotel room. Harry remained silent the whole trip, although it was a fairly short one. Even the trip in the lift was quiet, though that was probably due to the elderly couple that shared it with us. Once we got to the room, Matt opened the door. The room beyond had a pair of beds, with a small space between them. Matt and Padge's bags were in front of the wardrobe, open only slightly due to our short stay. We all made our way into the room, stopping when we were all around the beds.

"So..." There was a pause and everyone seemed to shift in their places until Jay made the first move. He pulled off his sleeveless tee, revealling his slightly tanned chest, then he tossed it away. Padge did the same, as Matt leaned forward and kissed the boy. Everything after that became a blur of motion. Our drinks were set aside, apart from Padge who downed the last of his before discarding the bottle. Matt, Jay and Padge lost their clothing, as well as the three of them working on getting Dougie out of his. I stood and watched, remaining, like Harry, clothed. I knew well enough that there was no room for me yet, so I would wait. There was no way to for the four of us to use Dougie at the same time, not without some sort of swing or something similar.

I watched as they pushed Dougie across one of the beds as Matt fumbled in his bag for lube. "Ah ha!" He grinned when he stepped back, holding the tube up triumphantly. He squirted some on his fingers, then handed it to Jay. I watched Matt as he reached behind himself, deftly working two of the fingers into his body, gasping at the intrusion. He was used to having things up his arse after all. Although I'd seen it before it was still a pretty hot sight. His slim fingers worked in and out of him, opening his ass up.

I glanced over at the others and smiled. Jay was doing the same to Dougie, fingering him just as easily as Matt was fingering himself. Seemed Matt wasn't the only one used to having things up him. My gaze alternated between them, watching as their fingers slid in and out the respective holes, soft gasps leaving their lips. Matt stopped first, his fingers slipping out of him before climbing on the bed. Jay held Dougie's stiff dick up by the base so that Matt could easily sink down onto him. He moaned, louder then he had before as his ass cheeks met the boys hips.

A few seconds after that Jay lifted Dougie's legs over his shoulders and pushed into him. The boy moaned out loudly at both the intrusion and the feeling of Matt's ass. My bandmates started moving after letting themselves get accustomed, though they kept the movements slow.

I glanced at Padge, who was stood opposite them, his cock swaying between his legs. He was waiting, allowing them to get adjusted. Padge, however, wasn't exactly a terribly patient person and he soon had his fingers tangled in Dougie's hair. He pulled his hair until his head hung off the side of the bed, then he swiped his cock across his lips. Soon after, the length was firmly down his throat.

The four of them started moving, although my bandmates were doing most of the obvious moving. Jay ad Padge were thrusting their hips, while Matt was bouncing slightly on his cock. Matt's hands were stroking the boy's brightly coloured tattoos, while he leaned back and pressed against Jay's chest. Jay pushed Matt's hair aside and latched onto his neck, his lips and tongue attacking his neck. Padge and Matt were soon kissing sloppily, their tongues twisting around each other.

"That's hot..." Harry spoke, the first words he'd said since we'd encountered, though it was spoken like a gasp.

I smirked, turning my eyes on him. He was still dressed, though his clothing was bulging in the right places. I licked my lips, leaned closer, then purred in his ear. "You need to strip." He nodded a little, then began removing his clothes. His t-shirt went first, followed by his jeans and trainers. Only when they were discarded did I begin losing clothes too. "Now, you need to lay over that bed." I whispered in his ear, gesturing to the other bed.

He paused, then did as he was told after a few moments. I had a feeling he was used to being in control. It was probably a drummer thing. I grabbed the lube as I followed him, running my hand down his back, squeezing his ass. "You been fucked before?" I asked him, keeping my voice soft despite the nearby moans and grunts. He nodded slightly, chosing not to respond verbally. I slicked my fingers up, then licked my lips again. "Hold yourself open." He reached back, grasped his ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I gazed at his hole, bent down and licked along his crack. He gasped in surprise, squirmed slightly, then relaxed as I pressed my tongue into him. I couldn't make out the noises he made, since they were swallowed up by the sounds made by the others. I wiggled my tongue inside him, exploring his insides in slow circles. I kept listening to the sounds of the others, my dick twitching at their moans of pleasure. Smiling, I shifted back, licking along his cleft before straightening up.

I popped open the lube, then squeezed the clear liquid onto my fingers. I spread it around a little, then inserted my middle one into his tight pucker. He groaned, as I worked my finger around him, slipping it out when I was sure he was ready and adding my ring finger alongside him. He pushed back against my fingers a sure sign he was eager and needy. "Whore." I whispered, curving my fingers inside him. "You're just as much a slut as he is." I smirked when he moaned, then spat on his back and retreated my fingers. I lined up at his opening, then, after a moment's teasing, thrust into him. "Fuck you're so tight..." I wasn't surprised, he did seem more used to fucking then taking it. I ran my fingers up his back, stopping to tangle them in his hair, yanking his head back. From his position he'd have a goregeous up-close view of Jay's arse as he fucked Dougie. I smirked, taking in the sight as well, fucking him hard and fast. "Touch yourself."

He nodded, moaned and released his ass, snaking his right hand between his body and the sheets. I could feel, rather then see, him wanking. Good. He probably really needed it. I changed my angle slightly so I could hit his spot, slamming hard into it until he grunted in pleasure.

From the others I heard a vague, choked-sounding moan, guessing that Dougie had came, though I wasn't terribly sure. The most I could see was Matt's head as he bounced up and down and Jay's back, and my eyes were drawn to either his ass or the lizard tattoo on his back. Beyond them there was a small mirror on the wall, though that didn't show too much. I could make out part of Padge's arm and a bit of Matt's stomach, but not much else.

It was a few moments later that the next one came. It was Matt and I could tell that both from the familiar moan he made and the sight of his cum landing across the bit of stomach I could see. Matt then shifted off Dougie, flopping on the upper part of the bed, eyes going from them to us as mine had earlier. I smirked at him, then returned my gaze to them, slamming hard into Harry's ass.

The next one to shoot was Padge. I could tell from the grunt-groans he made which no one else did. He dropped onto the other side of them, reaching dazedly for one of the un-empty bottles and downing the contents.

That just left Jay and I slowed down purposely to wait for him, which made Harry whimper. With Padge and Matt out of the way I could see Jay in the mirror, well, Jay's nipple and half of his chest. "Fuck..." He whispered softly, slamming into him. He growled, head tipping back. He was close now, the growls were a dead giveaway. Sure, he'd growled a few times before tonight, but now he was doing it regularly. I wondered if he knew what that did to me. Probably did. He let out one loud growl and then his back arched, beads of sweat sliding down his skin as he unloaded into Dougie's body.

Now he was done, I licked my lips and began fucking Harry in earnest. Before us, Jay slipped out and sank to his knees. He was unwittingly copying what I'd done to Harry, although he had the addition of his cum to lick out of him. Dougie moaned again the second the pierced tongue entered his ass. Jay could have a career with that thing. I held onto Harry's hip, fucking him hard and rough. He was squeezing around me rather rapidly and I'd fucked enough guy's asses to know he was close. "Cum for me you dirty little slut." I thrust again, digging my nails into his skin. "Cum now..."

He shuddered beneath me, pushing back against me as he let go, moaning as he shot over the bedsheets. I finally let go of his hair, placing the hand on the sheets. I thrust a couple more times, swallowing a moan as I came deep inside him. My hips met his ass, staying in place until I finished unloading. "Fancy a drink?" I asked him casually, shifting out of him and stepping to the mini bar, pulling out a few cold beers and handing him one. In the short time it had taken for me to get the bottles Jay had replaced my dick with his soft, wet tongue. I chuckled softly to myself, shaking my head slightly. I took a seat in one of the chairs and listened to the others as they spoke about whatever subjects their booze and sex-adled minds came up with.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, dougie poynter, dougie poynter/jay james/matt tuck/padge, fic, harry judd, harry judd/moose, jay james, matt tuck, mcfly, moose, padge, slash
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