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Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Matt Kean
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 38: Clamps
Warnings: Femmeslash, BDSM
Notes: I'd hoped to get this done in one go but I kept stopping and stating due to block. Sigh. I'd thought this would be done Friday but, well, here it is. I considered having watersports in but couldn't seem to fit it in. I wrote this as an indirect sequel to this.

I peered out from between the bars of the cage, staring at Matt. The cage was new, having being put up by... someone during the tour. I suspected she'd got one of the boys to set it up in her absence. She was sitting away from the cage, looking... gorgeous as ever. She wore a corset that barely contained her breasts and black boots that went to her knees.

I watched her as she set down the magazine she was flicking through, stood up and came towards me. I swallowed behind the gag, watching her intently. My eyes easily found her bare crotch, a little more drool escaping my mouth because of it. She looked so wet. She undid the cage, reached inside and gripped onto my hair, pulling me out hard. She reached over to the table, grabbing a set of nipple clamps and attaching both easily to my hard nipples, the teeth digging into the sensitive skin. "I want you to be a good girl for me and crawl."

I nodded and swallowed beginning to crawl around the room randomly, doing circles around the table. I swallowed down moans as the dildo in my cunt moved with each step, my eyes lidding. The chain of the clamps swayed from the motion, making the clamps move too. I was glad I was gagged, else I would have probably moaned or something.

By the third lap she had stopped watching, returning to her magazine. I didn't stop moving though. I kept doing circles around the table, doing a mental count in my head to keep my mind off my cunt. The dildo in me was a strap-on which has been turned the other way round so that it would stay in me. On the tenth circuit, she stretched out her booted foot, stopping me. She grasped my hair and pulled me up beside her, but instead of giving me her full attention, she merely released my hair and played with the chain. As I watched her, I wasn't entirely sure if she was actually reading. Still, I remained where I was, waiting for her to say anything.

Eventually, she pulled the chain hard and cast the magazine aside. "Lick my cunt bitch." I was all too pleased to do that, moving between her spread legs. She quickly undid the gag and cast it aside, smirking down at me. I swallowed and moved closer to her pretty wet twat, licking along it slowly. Her fingers threaded through my hair and held me close, not that I needed the encouragement. I licked deep and eager, twisting my tongue around in her heat. She tasted so good, she always did but somehow she tasted better being my mistress. I liked the feeling of being owned, of having her having control over me.. My nose rubbed against her hard clit before I shifted to suck lightly on it. She was excited, more then ever before. I knew we'd be doing this again, and more, at every opportunity. I pushed my tongue back into her, purring softly as I circled it in her.

I moved my tongue in and out of her quickly, swallowing down as much of her taste as I could get. Her fingers dug into my hair, holding me in place. I kept inhaling her scent, the few hairs she had tickling my nose. She groaned above me, pushing her hips up against my face. I licked deeper, then she moaned one last time and came around me. I kept licking, swallowing it all down, only stopping when the fingers in my hair pushed me away. I whimpered softly, licking at my wet lips.

"Lay back." She whispered, the breathlessness that accompanied the words made her words seem less authoritive then before, but I still did as I was told. I laid back on the floor, awaiting further instruction. The dildo up my cunt moved again, making me slightly wetter. I needed release, I needed it bad. She reached down, undid the straps that held it in place and eased it out of me. I bit my lip so I didn't whimper again at the loss and waited for her. She replaced it with the heel of her right bootm which slipped into me easily. It wasn't as thick as the dildo, but it still felt good. She pressed the the tip of the of the boot against my clit, making me groan softly. "I want you to cum bitch." She growled softly, moving her foot insistantly inside my soft wet cunt.

"Yes Mistress..." She smirked and placed the other boot on my chest, making me groan again. My hips rocked up slightly, causing the heel to sink a little deeper into me. My eyes lidded as I got clsoe, the stimulation from having the dildo inside me for hours having been too much. I cried out her name loudly, cumming ound the heel hard.

"That's it, good girl." She smiled, slipping the heel out and offering it to me to lick. I gladly lapped my juices from it, purring softly. Her smile widened, then she shifted her boot away and removed the clamps. "You know, you make a beautiful slave girl." She bent down, kissing my sore nipples lightly. "Now I'm gonna get out of this thing, wanna help?" I grinned and nodded, getting up from the floor and kissing her.

"Of course babe." I licked my lips, shifted behind her and started undoing her corset.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!matt kean, girl!matt kean
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