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Pairing: Ian Watkins/Jay Smith/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: None really, porn
Notes: Honestly, I don't know how I've gone this long without doing a Smithcest fic. Seriously. Well, here's one now, this is just a random idea that came to me. Blame them going all the way to Birmingham to see them. Also, this is for antontobias86

I sighed softly, gazing at my brother. He was currently tangled up against Ian, kissing him hard, his hand down Ian's jeans. I should've known this was the reason he wanted to come, though he'd also took the opportunity to make out with the band's new drummer. He'd climbed onto his lap and made out with him for a good five minutes. He'd been too surprised to push him away and from the smirk Sean had when he'd hopped off, he'd certainly enjoyed the experience.

I kept staring at him and Ian, their bare chests pressing together as they kept kissing. It wasn't the first time either of them had done this. You didn't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

I wasn't sure what to do at first, just staring with a boner in my tight jeans. I considered going to wank, but that thought was cast aside when my brother moaned. "Jaaaaaaaaaay." He'd parted from him now, his cheeks flushed and his tongue licking his lips. He gazed at me, much like a predator assessing his prey. I swallowed. He licked his lips again. "Ride me."

I nodded and started to strip, watching as my brother undid his jeans and pushed them down along with his boxers. I stared at his erection, not surprised by it at all. My brother was, after all, a boy slut. He flopped down into a chair and spread his legs wide, rocking up so his dick bounced. As I pushed my boxers dow the plug up my ass slipped out too, settling on the floor. It was always best to be prepared. Once I was naked I headed over and straddled him, but he shook his head. "So you're facing him." I turned so I was doing that, then sank down onto him, groaning at how full his dick made me. Sean's hands snaked around, gripping onto my thighs. "That's it dear brother, ride me like the slut you are." He thrust up, making me moan before I could form a smart mouth reply.

I began doing what he wanted, bouncing steadily on his stiff cock. Every so often he'd thrust up, moaning louder against my ear. Ian was now naked, having stripped while we started fucking. He was just standing there, palming his dick. My eyes locked on the gun tattoos on his hips which I'd always thought looked so hot. He stepped towards us, his dick swaying with every movement. I licked my lips, then purred as he sank to his knees. Our fellow Welshman leaned forward and ran his tongue along my cock. I'd heard he was a lot like my brother, a slut and, since he always seemed to talk as Sean did, he was great with his mouth.

He waited until I sank down on Sean to hover his lips over my cock, his mouth open wide. When I moved back up my dick entered the warm cavern of his mouth. "Fuck..." He locked his lips around my stiff flesh, his tongue darting and wiggling around me. His mouth stayed in place, so ever thrust down I was filled with Sean's aching dick and every thrust up meant I filled his pretty mouth. Every move I made seemed to just result in me groaning more, especially when Sean's dick started hitting my spot. I fisted my hand in Ian's hair, tipping my head back against Sean's shoulders, his lips attacking my neck. "Shit..."

I bucked up hard, feeling myself get close. As if sensing my closeness, which I wouldn't be surprised if they had, Sean held my hips down, preventing me from moving up. At the same time, Ian swallowed me whole, keeping his lips in place as the base of my cock. "Oh fuck..." I came quickly from the overstimulation, flooding Ian's mouth with my load, which he swallowed quickly.

Ian slipped over me with a soft pop, smiling up at me when my vision returned. At the same time, Sean lifted me up, wiggled out from under me, then set me back down.

From then on, my role returned to being a spectator. Ian had moved back and Sean pushed him onto the floor before laying on top of him. In seconds, they had begun sucking one another off, their movements fast and sloppy. It was maddeningly hot and I wished I hadn't just came, else I'd have a fucking boner. Instead, I reached for my jeans and took out my slimline camera, taking pictures of the whole thing. I may not be able to cum again now, but that wouldn't stop me from cumming later. At first they didn't seem to notice, but once Sean did, and Sean always seemed to have a sixth sense when a camera was on him, he began moaning and making it hotter. He kept maaking eye contact with the camera, flicking his tongue out so I could see and generally acting the slut. However, they couldn't keep it up forever. Soon, they came, though it was hard to tell who did first. They seemed to do it at the same time, almost as if they were synchronised. Maybe they were. Maybe it was one of those weird singer things or something. I dunno.

Either way it was hot.

Ian pushed Sean off him and slipped out, licking his full lips. I stood up and collected his things, shoving his clothes on. "Amazing as always Sean." He smiled, licked his lips and winked at me. "I've got to go and get ready to get onstage, see you guys after the show?" I nodded and I wasn't sure if Sean did too. Ian ruffled Sean's hair, the came over to me and kissed my cheek. "Make sure to send me those pics." He whispered in a low voice in my ear, then he winked at me again and left.

Sean was grinning at me, even more like an idiot then usual. I just sighed, rolled my eyes and started dressing. "You're wearing that the rest of the night." I smirked and nudged the plug his way with my foot. His grin didn't disappear and he merely nodded and took it in hand.

"Only if you promise to fuck me later."
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/jay smith/sean smith, ian watkins/sean smith, jay smith, jay smith/sean smith, lostprophets, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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