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The Balls Game

The Balls Game
Pairing: Alex Gaskarth/Jack Barakat/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jack
Notes: I blame them for this! First time I see All Time Low and all they do is go on about Sean's massive balls. And that in Kerrang there's written proof that Jack got his balls out to show them and Sean did the same and had bigger ones. So... yeah. This is their fault.

I hummed softly to myself as I headed down the corridor to our dressing room. I pushed open the door, biting my lip at the sight of what was inside. Alex was there, though that I'd expected, only he was on his knees. Ok, that wasn't really a surprise since he was a bit of a slut. Ok, bit was an understatement of epic proportions. It was who he was on his knees in front of that made me blink a little. Sean Smith. And Alex was kneeling between his spread legs, sucking on his balls.

I should've known this would happen. Since Alex had seen Sean's balls, and his eyes had bugged out of his head like some cartoon character, he'd been thinking about him. Ok, maybe not him, but his balls. Alex loved balls, especially big ones. The bigger the better for him.

I stood, watching s he sucked and licked at the wrinkled skin, not caring how loud he was being, or that he'd have Sean's pubes between his teeth for days. Sean had a hand in his hair, holding him in place loosely. I wasn't sure who I was more jealous of actually. They seemed unaware of my entrance, so I quietly made my way over.

I sank to my knees next to Alex, leaning close and licking along Sean's hard cock. Alex smiled at me, not looking particularly surprised by sudden appearence. Sean moaned, but didn't seem to notice. In my experience, Brits didn't seem terribly smart during sex and, while he may look like a lightbulb, I doubted he had any flashing in his head too often. He groaned, held Alex's head tighter and even moaned his name again. It was amusing watching his face, it had to have taken him at least two minutes before he actually realised that there was another mouth down there. Even then his hand groped blindly, stopping when it found my head. I smiled around his dick and kept sucking. It wasn't as impressive as his balls really. Mine was bigger. I sniffed, inhaling his scent as I went back down on his cock, my nose buried in his pubes. Seriously, who the fuck dyed their pubes? Maybe it was a Welsh thing.

I felt a hand on my thigh and knew it was Alex's. Not that it could be Sean's, unless someone stretched his arms in the last 20 seconds. He undid my fly, pulling the zipper down all the way. His fingers pulled my boxers down until the waistband was tucked under my full balls. He wrapped them around my dick and started stroking me. I groaned softly, which sent vibrations around his dick. He moaned loudly, like a whore, his grip tightening on us both. I sucked harder, feeling Alex's hand glide along my cock. If I was in the right position, I'd have stroked him too. He never seemed to mind though about not being touched. He seemed quite happy about touching himself after.

I wiggled my tongue against his dick, making him moan again. I was sure he was a whore, almost as much as Alex was. He certainly moaned like one. His dick pulsed and twitched on my tongue, a sign he was probably close. I shifted back, suckling on the head as Alex pumped my hard. I guessed he wanted us to cum together, but I knew that wasn't happening. Still, I bucked into his hand, craving the contact. I smiled around him, sucking harder on his stiff cock. "Ugh... fuck..."

He let out another moan, then I felt him throb and fill my mouth. I swallowed his cum, slipping off his dick with a soft pop. I wiped the back of my mouth with my hand, just to get rid of the drool. I may not suck cock much, but I knew how to swallow it all.

I shifted up, so my dick was aimed for his big, fat balls. I moaned loudly, bucking again. Alex seperated from Sean's sac at last, smiling up at me and licking his lips before latching onto mine. I groaned as he sucked and licked at my balls. "Ugh yeah, that's it... just like that." I purred as he kept it up until, with a low and understated groan, I shot over Sean's balls.

Instantly Alex switched again, licking eagerly at the sticky white fluid. "Cum addict." I grinned as I sat back. "You should be put in rehab for it or some shit."

"You were the one that swallowed his load." He mumbled against the wrinkled skin, before resuming his task, although I was sure he was done. I rolled my eyes and looked up at Sean, who looked a little... out of it but that was due to him being post orgasm. I grinned, kissed his thigh and then stood up.

I leaned in close and licked his ear, smirking before whispering. "Next time, I'll get to know your balls better." I winked at him and did up my pants, flopping down onto the sofa to watch them. Well, by them I meant Alex because watching him jerk it was always pretty hot. I was sure Sean would agree.
Tags: alex gaskarth, alex gaskarth/jack barakat/sean smith, all time low, fic, jack barakat, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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