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Feeling Hot And Wet

Feeling Hot And Wet
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Matt Kean
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 20: Standing in the corner
Warnings: Femmeslash, toys
Notes: This came from a random image I got, which I blame asphyxiatide for. It kinda took awhile to do cause I was doing other fic and then I kept being distracted. Still, here it is.

It was halfway through the gig when I noticed her at the side of the stage. I was sure she'd not been there before, because I obviously would have noticed her, especially with what she was wearing. It made the rest of the set difficult, partly because I kept staring at her and partly because she just made me so fucking wet. The whole time she was smirking, knowing the effect she had on me.

The gig seemed to last longer then usual, but I knew it was all in my head. Once the set was over I stopped and turned to the others. "I'll be heading straight back to the hotel."

"Can we watch? Just this once." I sighed and shook my head at Padge's words.


"We'll be real quiet..."


They tried this every time and my answer was always the same. Perhaps they were hoping one day I'd cave. "They trying it on again?" Matt was grinning in obvious amusement and I nodded. "Perhaps we should give them something..." She licked her lips and, before I could even set my bass down she pulled me close and kissed me. I groaned against her lips and she took the opportunity to slip her tongue into my mouth. Her full breasts pressed against mine, my bass getting in the way.

I heard the guys mumble their appreciation and I was sure their mouths would be agape if I turned to see. But that would mean seperating from Matt which was something I didn't want to do, even though the bass was digging into my stomach now. She smiled when she pulled back, lifiting the bass off me and setting it against an amp. She licked her lips, then kissed me again, her body pressing against mine, her hips grinding slightly. I gasped and then, all too soon she seperated from me. "And that's all you're getting now boys!" She winked at them, then took me by the hand and pulled me out.

All I could do was watch her, staring at her shapely ass in her oh so tight jeans. Her tits bounced as she moved, which also drawn my attention. I swallowed, following her out to her car, letting go of her to get inside. I had so many memories of us with this car. Making out in the back seat, being fucked over the hood of the car, being eaten out on the side of some back road. I squirmed and she chuckled, having gotten in the driver's seat while I was lost in thought. "Have you missed me?"

"Fuck yeah baby. So much." I hated how little we saw each other most of the time due to our respective bands touring. Thank fuck for phones. And webcams. Although the latter wasn't a particularly good idea when the guys were around. "I always do"

"I've missed you too." She smiled, playfully, starting the car up and driving away from the venue. "Touch yourself." I licked my lips, parted my legs and undid my fly, slipping my hand inside. I pushed my panties aside, running my finger along my twat. I was already so wet. I swallowed, pushing my middle finger inside myself slowly. I let out a soft groan and eased my finger all the way, squirming at the feeling. I slowly moved it in and out, curving it slightly to make me moan.

The whole time she smirked, though the trip was over so soon. I was unsure if this was a blessing or a curse. I slipped my finger out, zipping myself up with my other hand as I licked my wetness away. "So hot...." She whispered, kissing me gently before undoing her seat belt and getting out, grabbing her bag from the back seat. We walked into the hotel together and I headed straight to the lift, going straight up to the room.

I was glad Calvin had given us the key cards before the show, that way we didn't have to bother stopping at the front desk. Fortunately we were alone in the small space, so I took advantage by cupping her breasts through her top. She groaned and I squeezed them, smiling as she pushed them into my hands. The lift pinged when we reached the floor and I reluctantly let her go, grasping her hand and tugging her to my room.

I unlocked, then pushed open the door to room 409, barely having time to turn the light on before she had me on the bed. She dropped her bag to the floor, climbed on top of me and pushed me into the matress. Almost instantly, she was pushing my sleeveless tee up and off me, purring and burying her face between my tits. She was licking and kissing wherever she could, her nimble fingers undoing my fly. I raised my hips up, allowing her hands to push my three quarter lengths down. I smiled, running my fingers through her long hair as she pushed my plain black panties down. If I'd known she was coming I'd have worn sexier underwear. She licked betweeen my breasts, then seperated from me, leaning back. Normally I'd whimper at such a loss, but I knew it was a necessity.

She quickly pulled her own top off, exposing her ample tits. The plunging v-neck of her tee had shown off so much of her cleavage, but it was still better for her to be bare. I stared intently, licking my lips lightly. She undid her jeans, sliding them down her legs, which were much slimmer then my own. "Fuck..." I whispered, gazing at her cunt. She'd not bothered with panties, probably knowing how I would stare. She licked her lips and smirked again, bending over to get something from her bag, wiggling her arse a little. I let out a small groan, making her chuckle.

"Lay back and spread those sexy legs beautiful." I nodded, toeing off my shoes before falling back on the sheets, spreading them as wide as I could. She sauntered over to me, purring softly and holding up a deep purple double-ended dildo. "Hold yourself open." I nodded, slipping a hand down and used two fingers to open up my pussy for her. She climbed on the bed, pressing the head of the dildo against my twat. I groaned softly as she pushed it into me, my eyes lidding slightly. I forced my eyes to reopen, watching as she climbed on top of me, sinking down onto the other end of the dildo. I moaned again as he cunt pressed against mine, my hands instinctively grasping her tits. She groaned, then started moving, rocking her hips against mine. Whenever she moved, she caused the dildo within me to move.

"Fuck..." I whispered, rocking up. Her hands shifted to my stomach, stroking my skin gently. All I wanted was her hands lower, her fingers rubbing against my clit. I knew she wouldn't oblige so soon, but she would.

"You're so beautiful..." She smiled, licked her lips and moved a little harder, her tits bouncing in my hands. "Mmmm..."

"Holy fuck..." Our head's both turned to the source of the voice and I gasped softly. It was Matt, who's eyes were practically bulging out of his head at the sight of us. From the look on his face I guessed it wasn't intentional. "I... er... Calvin must've give me the wrong key... fuck... I'm sorry..."

"Go stand in the corner." My girlfriend growled above me at the identically named boy, noting the singer was about to leave. "Now!" He shuffled across the room to stand in the corner, the furthest from the door. The crotch of his jeans was noticeably bulging, mostly due to how tight they were. My eyes tracked him until he was standing in the corner before returning to my Matt. "Come on babe, let's ignore him." She began moving again, faster this time to keep my focus on her. Her hands shifted lower, holding my thighs as her thumbs pressed gently against my sensitive clit. I gasped, her thumbs grinding into my clit.

"Fuck..." I whispered, watching enthralled as her cunt twitched around the toy. My hands had settled on her sides now, holding her up as she essentially rode the toy.

There was a whimper from the corner and, not missing a beat, Matt groaned above me. "Don't you dare get your dick out." There was another whimper and she growled softly. "Stupid cunt..." She mumbled the words and looked at me, smiling. Her thumbs were rubbing from where the dildo entered me to just above my clit, swiping over the sensitive spot. "You're so hot."

"S're you." I mumbled, my hips jerking up to meet hers. I wanted to touch her too, but the position of her arms effectively blocked the way. I swallowed, twitching around the dildo. "I... baby I..."

"Shush..." She leaned down, covering my lips with hers. I groaned against her mouth, parting my lips to admit her tongue. I lapped at it eagerly, kissing her sloppily, my nails digging into her soft skin. I jerked up one last time and, as our twat's touched again, I came. "So hot..." She whispered against me, parting from my lips and looking between our legs. She shifted her hips, sliding off the dildo with a soft pop. "Now..." She shifted up my body, pressing her cunt against my face. "Eat me out."

I didn't need telling twice, almost immediately starting to tongue fuck her soaking wet twat. After a few thrusts of my pierced tongue I stopped and switched to sucking her clit, gazing up at her. She was moaning loudly, her head tipped back and her back arched. She looked so beautiful. I pushed my tongue back into her, moving it around in slow circles, my hands holding her thighs so I could rub her clit. She didn't need too much more stimulation before she came, surrounding my tongue with her juices which I lapped up hungrily. She tasted so good, she always did. She was amazing.

"You can go now." She muttered as she fell down onto the bed beside me, slowly pulling the dildo out of me. "Go on, shoo." I'd never seen him move so fast in the whole time I'd known him. He was seriously like a blur, crossing the room in a heartbeat and darting out the door. It was so obvious what he was going to do. "Think he enjoyed it?"

I chuckled softly and nodded. "I thought his cock was going to explode. Or his eyes pop out of his skull."

She laughed too, kissing the curve of my neck as she wrapped an arm around me. I always felt small beside her but that was ok, she amde me feel safe. "How long have I got you?" I whispered, always hating to ask that question because it was usually such a short amount of time. She smirked, then purred against my ear.

"Well, we're not doing anything for awhile so..." She licked the spot just behind my ear, making my eyes lid. "I was thinking of joining you guys on tour. That is, if you want me to."

I grinned and knew the only way I'd smile any bigger was if I was given a Chelsea smile. "Of course baby! If you're sure, cause you'd be basically switching one bus full of sweaty boys for another... you could spend your down time at home."

She put her finger to my lips, which was slightly sticky from handling the dildo. "Wherever you are is home." I smiled and kissed her finger, flushing slightly. "Besides, who would I find back home to eat me out half as good as you?"
Tags: 50kinkyways, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!matt kean, girl!matt kean, matt tuck
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