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You make me wanna forget

Random post.

I've not managed to finish fic cause mum kept distracting me whenever I got going, then I lost it. Sigh. Although she is saying I can have the Star Wars trainers I want when they're out (yes they are ones out now and they're really cool, but they're not the ones I like most). She also mumbled about something else, but as always she says it while walking away so I don't get it.

We're (hopefully) heading to Walsall Monday to see Avatar. Yes I know everyone's seen it and yes I'm late for it. Screw it. I hope it's as good as it's meant to be. Good thing about going is that I can get the Star Wars magazine with the Mandolorians on, so yay!

Tomorrow we're seeing nan. If Up arrives in the morning we'll see it there with her.

I wish I knew where my USB lead was so I could charge up the pod. It's awol damnit.

My Futurama run's sorta gone odd since I watched disc 4 of season 3 before 3.

Anyone know where you can watch tv shows online? I really wanna see the Clone Wars and the Star Wars site fails.

Toy Fair's this week so gonna squee over new Star Wars stuff.

I got something this morning. Finally The Used photopack turned up! Yay! Quinn has sexhair.

Random semi-nice one of me

The Futurama boxsets

The Used pack

The best pics!

These amde me think of saur, causa Pudge on AC

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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