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Of Fire And Water

Of Fire And Water
Pairing: The Kraken/The Seance, Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone (implied... vaguely)
Rating: NC-17
POV: Seance
Warnings: Pyrokinesis, hydrokinesis, death
Notes: No real porn, but it's implied. I honestly can't rememeber what gave me the idea that started this. It's taken so long to work out an actual ending. The original thought was more exciting but I couldn't seem to work it in my head so... Set before the series, so not much spoiler-wise.

I didn't even look up from my the bright, glossy pages of my magazine when I heard the door open, followed by a series of heavy footfalls through my apartment. I knew who it was. Not just because he was the only person who had a key, but also because of the sounds he made were so loud, so urgent. I glanced up from my pages only slightly, confirming his appearence as he entered my room. Diego. My brother.

"I'm not in the mood to give you head brother." I waved my hand slightly, then nodded towards the drawers beside the bed. "You can take some toys and pills though."

"I'm not here for that Seance." He replied, dropping some papers atop the bed that I hovered above. "Take a look."

Sighing, I dropped the magazine to the floor and lifted up the papers, glancing over them. I raised an eyebrow as I read the first paragraph. "A drowning? Why should I care?"

"Keep reading. It's no ordinary drowning."

I flicked through the pages, glancing at the picture on the second page. The man was inflated much larger then he should be, his torso turned into an unnaturally large, round form. I skimmed over the words, mumbling the words to myself. "Both lungs and stomach filled with water, almost triple the amount then would be natural for a drowning. Not only that but all of the body's blood plasma has been replaced by water." I shrugged slightly. "Ok, so I see the strangeness to this. But I repeat: why should I care?"

"I need your help with this." He sat on the chair next to the bed, looking right at me as he spoke, his chest heaving as he spoke. I glanced right back at him, licking my lips slightly. I wished he had just come for a blow job or quick fuck.

"So you want me to use my powers on him?"

"No." He shook his head, which made me surprised at his words. Normally he bought this shit to my attention to try and get me to communicate with the dead. He always had to make it worth my while. "The body was found near a strip joint I know you go. I'd like you to see if anything suspicious is going on."

I raised an eyebrow slightly, then shrugged slightly. "Yeah, I guess I can do that for you brother." After all, I was going there tomorrow night anyway. "I trust we'll have the usual sort if arrangement."

"If you find out anything."

"Of course." I levitated the magazine back into my hands, and sent the papers back over to him. "I'll head over there tomorrow." I flicked over the pages, sparing him a glance when he didn't move. "Sure there's nothing else?"

I licked my black painted lips as he pulled his striped t-shirt from his upper body, dropping it to the floor beside the chair. "I may as well, while I'm here." The magazine was quickly discarded again.


It was Wednesday night, the middle of the week, the joint was mostly empty. I prefered coming on night's like this, rather then the busier days of Friday and Saturday. I sat down in a seat off to one side, reclining back against the wall. Something my adopted brother did not understand was that this wasn't just a strip joint. There were others things here too.

Along the furthest wall from me was a long tank of water. It was only about two feet across and the bottom of it was decorated with tiles of various colours. Within it, a naked man swam from one end to the other, only rarely coming up for air. He was a slim male, with tattoos along one of his slender arms. His hair was dyed bright blonde, with a stripe of blue hair curving through the center to his left. He seemed to be like Diego, able to hold his breath underwater. Also, he was an incredible swimmer, seemingly content to remain swimming without stopping.

I took my eyes off him for a moment, surveying the rest of the room. There in the room's center was a podium with a silver pole. Twirlling around it was another blonde, who looked alot like the one swimming. I knew they were twins. The pole dancer was slightly... chunkier and had a red stripe in his hair, curving the opposite way to his siblings. Like his brother, he had tattoos along his arms.

My view was distracted as a shadow fell over me, and I glanced up slightly. "Can I get you something sir?" The male was skinny, with black bushy hair, which was carefully styled. He had black PVC straps criss-crossing his pale body, all of which met at a thong that concealled his crotch. His accent wasn't American, though that didn't bother me. This place was known for getting European guys in.

"Tell the bartender I'll have my usual." I offered him a smile. "I'm Klaus." I waved him away with my right hand, my hello tattoo a blur in the motion. He wen away after giving me a small nod, his hips swaying to make his ass wiggle as he went. While it was an arousing sight, I knew that wasn't why I was here.

When the slim boy returned, I took a sip from my blue drink and looked up into his eyes. "Thanks. What was your name again?" I asked, knowing he hadn't said it in the first place.

"Bill." He replied with a small smile, his hips swaying slightly.

I nodded slightly and took another sip, thinking for a moment. "Were you here a few nights back? When that guy died?" He shifted uncomfortably at my question, which seemed to indicate he had. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable." I reached forward and stroked his thigh, which seemed to reassure him. "Go do whatever else it is you do." I waved him away again and he seemed grateful to take his leave.

Perhaps he wasn't the best person to ask first.


An hour after I first entered, I was now getting a personal dance in a back booth. It was the young male that had been dancing when I came in. The slim male grinded against the silver pole. As of yet, I knew essentially fuck all. The bartender knew of what had happened, but didn't say much else about it other then he'd seen the guy here. So I figured I should just do what I usually did.

I stared over the dancer, who I knew was called Nathan. I'd had a dance from him before, and done more then that besides. As I studied his body up close, I noticed several bruises, all which had been covered in make up but were now starting to show. I knew some of the customers had a tendancy to get overly rough, something I was not into. Such beauties didn't deserve such treatment. I was sure they were all grateful for the customers like me, which would treat them right.

"Are you alright?" I asked him as his arched his back away from the bar, his hips thrusting against the pole.

The candles that were on the wall holders seemed to flick out and then re-ignited again. "Of course I am. Why do you ask sir?"

"I told you you don't have to call me that." I said with a smile, then pointed at his bruise. "Those."

I levitated out of my seat in surrise as the nearest candle sparked, the entire length setting aflame then dying. The wax dried quickly on the silver holder. To some people I guess that was unusual, but I just shrugged it off. "Oh... a man tried to..." Another candle sparked and I reached forward, stroking his side.

"Oh I'm sorry Nathan." He smiled at my touch, his blue eyes lidding slightly. "I'm sure he got what he deserved."

"Oh he did."

I glanced at him curiously. "Was he the man that died?" He quivered and his body seemed to heat under my touch, causing me to yank my hand away. it wasn't just his side that was heating as wherever his skin met the metal, the pole was turning into a bright, furious looking orange. Ok, so this was unusual too. "Alright, we don't have to talk about it, keep dancing. I'm sorry I kept asking."

He nodded and returned to dancing, his body twisting and the metal cooling down. I guess that heat explained the minor burns on the dead guy's wrists. However, it still didn't explain away what had actually happened to him. After all fire and water were two completely different things. Besides, he didn't even really seem to have that much control over the flames. No, while he had caused the burns he definitely wasn't the killer. Still, it was something to tell Diego.


When I returned to the main room it was a little busier, with a handful more guys seated around previously vacant tables. I floated back towards my seat, settling in it and leaning back against the wall. My mind was working away on what happened. Obviously this guy deserved what he got and he'd tried it on with Nathan. Under normal circumstances I'd assume that someone else had seen it happen, got the guy alone and drowned him in the tank. But that, of course, wouldn't turn the blood to water. To me, that meant only one thing. That there was someone else like us.

I was no fool, I knew we weren't the only ones that had abilities. Our adoptive farther knew it too. We had been the only ones he'd found, well that I knew of. I exhaled softly, gazing into the water tank. Nathan's twin was still in it, swimming from end to end. One end to the other. Without stopping. Or coming up for air...


It was obvious really. The twins were the right age after all and fire was the opposite of water. It was probably some ying yang sorta deal. The question was what to do now. I stroked myself in thought, using not my hand but own power. Diego had a tendancy to overreact.



He was in my room, leaning against one wall, absently playing with one of his knives. I floated in through the open window, dropping onto the softness of the bed. "He was a scumbag, with at least one attempted rape to his name. World's better off without him."

He grunted softly, sheathing the knife. "What about how he died?"

"Hydrokinesis." He raised an eyebrow, as I suspected he would. "Someone who can control water did this. Wouldn't be too hard I imagine." I hovered off the bed and pulled down my now-stained pants, pushing them down my thin, pale legs and casting them aside. "We are mostly water after all."

He nodded and looked right at me. "Any idea who did it?"

I shrugged slightly. "I did my stuff in the alley where he died, he didn't see his killer. So it could be anyone." I reclined back on the bed, gazing at the ceiling. "So it could be anyone. Like I said, he deserved it."

He grunted again, but seemed satisfied. I had a feeling he'd probably have gone to town on him with his knives. I tried to decide which was a more unpleasent way to go, not realising my brother was coming closer until he sat on the bed, the extra weight making it dip. "Thanks." He paused and looked at me, not saying anything. I rolled over on the sheets, presenting my ass to him. At the same time, I opened the top drawer with my mind, watching as he took out the lube.

"Just be a little more gentle this time."
Tags: diego hargreeves, diego hargreeves/klaus hargreeves, fic, klaus hargreeves, madina lake, matthew leone, nathan leone, slash, the kraken, the kraken/the seance, the seance, umbrella academy
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