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Oh Mistress

Oh Mistress
Pairing: girl!Jay James/girl!Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Oli
Prompt: 28: Dominant
Warnings: Femmeslash, BDSM
Notes: Sequel to Waiting For My Turn for asphyxiatide. Originally Jay was gonna be a bandslut like Oli, but then I had this idea so... (I was gonna have watersports, but... well.)

It was a month after the time Lee suggested getting me with a girl. They'd managed to get their first choice, Jay James, bassist of Bullet For My Valentine. She was willing, very in fact. So here we were, all piled in the room at her place, the basement. The thing was, she was different to me.

While I was the band's bitch, on my knees whenever they could get me, she wasn't. The others had expected her to be though, perhaps from her appearence. She came towards me, licking her lips. She wore knee-high black boots, with heels a few inches high. From her waist extended a strap on, easily as big as the bigger Matt's cock with a series of piercings along the underside. My eyes glanced briefly to her bandmates, who were all in cages along the wall. That was the difference between us. She controlled her bandmates. She kept them in cages. She had their dicks strangled with cock rings. She made them crawl.

The others were looking at the cages nervously from the worn sofa that they were all crowded on, though their eyes quickly went back to us when they saw that Jay had stepped closer. "Slut." My eyes met her hazel ones and I saw the glint of the piercing on her tongue. He made my cunt twitch. "Now, you are going to be a good girl. You are not going to pay attention to them." She gestures broadly at the men. "They are worthless twats."

"Hey!" I recognised Matt's voice, then saw Jay glare in their general direction.

"Shut the fuck up or fucking leave." She growled angrily. "You are here because I allow you to be. Are we clear?" She paused and I had a feeling someone nodded, if not all of them. Jay scowled, but said nothing, though I was sure she was considering it. "Good. And no touching yourself either." They let out groan's of displeasure and she growled again, returning her attention to me. "See slut, men are animals. Now, where was I..." She seemed to think for a moment. "Ah yes..." She took another step towards me and ran her fingers through my hair, gripping it tight and yanking my head back head.

"While you are here, I am your mistress. Those cunts don't matter. You will learn to worship my twat." She smirked, speaking in that soft voice of hers. "Tell me, have you ever been with a girl before?"

I swallowed, then shook my head no. "No..." She smiled, then shook her head. "No what?"

"No mistress."

"Good girl." She released my hair, then petted it. "Then I'll start you off with the familiar." She pushed me onto my back, then got between my legs, pressing the strap-on against my cunt. She pushed in, the rubber toy easily filling me. It had been awhile since I'd had a dildo this big inside me. Sometimes the guys would make me wear one for gigs, just to make sure I was extra horny after. She started to thrust, moving harshly. Like the guys, she knew I was used to being fucked, so she wasted no time. She fucked me hard, but made sure not to touch my clit. Instead, her hands were on my tits, groping and squeezing the flesh.

All too soon she stopped thrusting and pulled with a wet sound. She moved up my body to straddle my face, presenting the dildo to me. "I think you know what to do." I nodded parting my lips and taking it in. I tasted myself on the rubber, purring softly as I sucked on it.I gazed up at her as I began sucking on it, treating it just the same as if it was real. I heard groans, but blocked them out, focussing on her. From this angle I couldn't see her face, her full breasts taking up most of my vision. I was sure she could see me though, could somehow know if I wasn't looking at her.

"Good girl." She whispered again, shifting back so the dildo left my mouth, the tip slipping out with a pop. "Now, for something new for you." I watched as she undid the straps, letting the strap-on fall to the floor with a thud. I swallowed, gazing at her exposed cunt. I'd never been this close to one before. It looked pretty much like my own, though I had a feeling hers was fucked far less. Her crotch had more then my dusting of hair, with thick dark curls sprouting from various angles. She looked expectantly at me and I leaned close, shyly extending my tongue and licking along the wet opening. She tasted different to me, more sweet. I swallowed, licking slowly and steadily. She didn't rush me, merely keeping my head loosely in place with her hands. I got more into it, licking deeper and exploring her wet clunge, her hairs tickling my face. She tasted so good, better then I expected. I shifted slighty so my nose rubbed against her clit, smiling when she moaned softly above me. When I shifted back for air I switched to suckling on her clit. "Mmmm you learn fast." She sounded slightly breathless now, her fingers tightening in my hair. "Fuck..."

She nudged my legs apart with her booted foot, pressing the end of the right one against my pussy. I rocked against it, alternating between eating out her sopping wet cunt and sucking her sweet little clit. I closed my eyes, her boot rubbing against my clit. It made my pussy twitch, just as hers was now. I groaned softly, feeling myself get closer. She hadn't told me not to cum, so I didn't even try to hold back. When she came around my tongue, I closed my eyes and did too, spilling over her boot.

"Oh for fucks sake!" She growled and moved away and I whimpered, almost falling flat on my face as her pussy left it. "You're useless!" She was addressing the guys now, presenting the boot to me. I licked it, hoping that would please her. "I'm keeping her for a few days until she can learn some self-contol. Now, get out!" I heard the guys move quickly and had a feeling it was as much to do with getting off as it was with obeying her. Only when we were alone, well apart from her caged bandmates, did she speak to me again. "Now, we have a lot to get through..."

I swallowed nervously and nodded, wondering what exactly she had in mind.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bring me the horizon, bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/girl!oli sykes, girl!oli sykes
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