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Pairing: Jared Leto/Shannon Leto
Rating: NC-17
POV: Shannon
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: The last of those meme fics, this one for luzestrellera whose manip I used as basis for this.

I gazed down at my brother, smiling. His hands were shackled with black cuffs, a small chain connecting his wrists. He wore matching cuffs on his ankles, though the chain there was a little longer. There was a matching collar around his neck, with a similar chain hanging from it which ended on a hook at the wall. "Have you missed me?"

"Yes sir." He smiled up at me, licking his lips. His bright blue eyes looked up at me longingly. He always missed me when I was out, in that way he was much like a loyal puppy. His dick bobbed between his legs, the base surrounded by a rubber cock ring, black to match the cuffs.

Jared crawled towards me, stopping at my feet. He bent down and licked my boots, swiping his tongue across them. I was content to let him do that, merely watching as he licked the few traces of dirt away. He was always so eager to please. I reached down, running my fingers through his soft brown hair. "Good boy."

I saw him smile, then he looked up at me when he was done, my boots now shiny with his saliva. "Thank you sir." He licked his lips and gazed at me longingly. I knew what he wanted, it was pretty obvious.

"Turn around, head on the floor with your ass in the air." He grinned and nodded, dutifully getting into position. He pressed his forehead to the floor, parting his legs as far as the ankle chain would allow. He wiggled his ass invitingly and I pulled the plug out of him, tossing it aside. "Slut.." I smiled as he groan, undoing my fly and pushing my pants and underwear off. I was hard for him, though I had been since I began the trip home. I grabbed some lube, squirting it onto my fingers before spreading it over my stiff cock. Often I'd get him to blow me first, but I knew I wasn't going to last long enough for that.

I moved behind him, then thrust into him hard. My baby brother cried out loudly against the floor, pushing back against me. He was always so tight and warm, no matter how many times I fucked him. I let out my own groan as I started to thrust, moving hard and fast already, not bothering to build up. I knew he could take it. "Little slut." I gripped his hips, spitting onto the curve of his back. He moaned again, like the whore he was. He clenched around me tight, rocking his ass back against me eagerly. I growled, pounding him mercilessly, enjoying the grunts and groans he made.

I dug my nails into his soft skin, spitting again as I felt myself get closer. The first fuck was always over fairly quickly for me, but that was because I'd spent most of the day thinking about it. I growled, slamming into him hard as I came, rocking my hips as I shot into him. "Mmm you dirty whore... fuck!"

I scratched his skin when I pulled out, licking my lips at the sight of his ass stretched and dripping. I grabbed the plug, then thrust it back in him. "Come, let's eat." He nodded against the floor and I grasped the chain, slipping it off the hook to tug him upstairs. Sex always did make me hungry.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, fic, jared leto, jared leto/shannon leto, shannon leto, slash
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