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Swallow Me Down

Swallow Me Down
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 4: Biting
Notes: This came to me last night (well the random image of Matt being a cock sucking slut) so here it is. I hope this helps cheer up asphyxiatide < 3

Most people thought that Matt Tuck was cocky, even arrogant. Those people didn't see him on his knees, with his lips parted and begging. "Please..." He looked up at me, his blue eyes darkened with lust. "Please..." He was topless, wearing only a pair of three quarter lengths which hung low enough to show he had no underwear.

"Please what?" I asked him, tapping my fingers along the inside of my thigh absently. He whimpered softly and wiggled on the floor, wetting his lips.

"I want your cock." He looked at me pleadingly, parting his lips again and circling his tongue over them. "Please..."

I considered for a moment, then smirked. "Not yet." I stood up, reached down and undid my fly, pushing my jeans down. Unlike Matt I didn't have the legs for those skinny girls jeans that he always wore. Once the were past my thick thighs, gravity took over until they were pooled around my ankles. I hooked my fingers under my waistband, then pushed them down to join the jeans. His gaze shifted to my crotch, eyes filled with obvious hunger. I chuckled softly and shook my head again, nudging my jeans and boxers aside with my feet. I could tell he'd go for my cock if left to his own devices so I gripped his hair before he had the chance. "You have to do something else first."

"What?" He asked, his eyes darting back up to my face again. I stared back at him, then waited for him to get it. "What do you want me to do sir?"

I smiled and nodded, then turned around, releasing him. "What do you think?"

I didn't see him respond, but I felt his hair brush against the backs of my legs as he nodded. His hands settled on my ass, gently pulling the cheeks apart. I reached down and braced myself against my seat. He draged his tongue along my cleft, starting at the base of my spine and ending just behind my balls. He repeated the action in reverse, his tongue pressing a little harder against my opening this time round. With each lick of his tongue he pressed a little harder until, on the fourth time, he pushed it into my ass. I groaned softly, digging my nails into the arms of the chair. His tongue moved slowly inside me, circling it against my insides. I swallowed, the felt him begin to tongue fuck me.

"Yeah, just like that..." I gasped softy, his tongue remaining inside me, twisting and turning. He had an amazing tongue, one which could have made him quite a high class hooker if he wasn't our singer. Occasionally he'd pull back to lick along my crack and I felt him take deep breaths with his nose as he did so.

After a few minutes, I let go of the chair and reached behind me, pushing him away from my arse, his lips making a wet sound as they left me. "Mmmm now to give you what you want." I turned again, my cock bobbing in front of his face. I'd barely turned when his lips were around me, swallowing me down. I groaned, tangling my fingers into his hair, his soft lips surrounding the base of my shaft. He wasted no time, he took me all in essentially one go and held me in his mouth for a good few seconds. His tongue wiggled around me, running along the underside of my length. He began bobbing his head, squeezing his sweet lips and scraping his teeth just enough to feel good. "Fuck Matt..." He smiled around me, steadily increasing the movement of his head.

He hummed softly, probably one of our songs, though I couldn't tell from the vibration. His hands were on my thighs, his thumbs brushing against my full balls. He circled his tongue around my head every time he moved back, each time illiciting a moan from low in my throat. "You'd better be ready bitch, because you know what's coming." He groaned and seemed to move more eagerly, despite my shitty dirty talk. Moose was better at it, much better. I tipped my head back, gazing at the ceiling through half-lidded eyes as I released with a low grunt. He swallowed it all, just as he always did. He was a good boy. When he slipped off me, I flopped back into my seat, smiling down at him as I panted.

"Up." He rose to his feet, almost tripping up as he did so. His erection wasn't as obvious as mine had been, mostly because of how baggy his three quarters were in comparison to mine. "Sit on me." He nodded, plopping down on my lap and I instantly latched onto his neck, attacking it with my lips, teeth and tongue. I held him in place by wrapping my left arm around him to hold him up, while the hand of my right slipped into his three quarters. I took him in hand and began stroking him quickly, nipping a trail across the curve of his neck.I made sure to bite hard enough to leave marks, marks which would be hidden either by his clothing of his hair. "You cocksucking slut..." I whispered between nips, speeding up my hand. I stopped biting to crash my lips on his, tasting myself on his tongue as I twisted mine around his.

Before I knew it, he jerked up hard and wetness coated my fingers. "Good boy." I slipped my hand out, moving from his face so I could lick the salty fluid away. He smiled and then we kissed again, this time so he could taste himself. "Such a slut..."
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, matt tuck, slash
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