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Waiting For My Turn

Waiting For My Turn
Pairing: Curtis Ward/girl!Oli Sykes/Lee Malia/Matt Kean/Matt Nicholls/Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt N
Warnings: Het, BDSM, watersports, titfucking
Notes: For asphyxiatide who wanted slutty girl!Oli, I hope this does! Oddly this is the first fic I've done with Matt Kean, but this means I've ficced all of BMTH now.

Oli Sykes was naked on her knees. This wasn't an unusual sight. Often as soon as we were offstage her clothes would be shed and she'd end up on her knees or with her legs spread. If she didn't do it that fast, then it would be as soon as she was on the bus or at the hotel. Her next task, after getting naked, would be to get us in the same condition.

She'd accomplished that too, pretty quickly.

Right now, her lips were wrapped around her brother's cock and she was bobbing up and down on it. Her hands were tied behind her back to stop her from touching herself. She often did that when a cock was near her. Tom's fingers were tangled in her hair, holding her in place now as he fucked her sweet mouth. They always looked so hot together and it always made my dick twitch.

"You know what would be hot?" I glanced over at the other Matt, who was sitting on the sofa watching. Lee was sitting beside him, one of his small hands wrapped around Matt's thick cock. Tom let out a questioning grunt and the Matt smiled. "If we got Oli with another girl."

I groaned and nodded my agreement. "Fuck yeah." The others made similar mumbles, voicing that they thought the same. "Anyone in mind?"

Matt shrugged, then Lee spoke up. "That bassist from Bullet. She's got great tits." I nodded slightly and licked my lips at the thought.

"I dunno, The Blackout's one has a great rack too." Curtis mumbled from where he sat.

The converation was cut short, as we returned our attention to Tom as he pulled out of Oli's mouth, shooting across the tattoos of her upper chest.

"Who wants her next?" Tom pulled Oli's head back, swiping the tip of his dick across her lips before stepping away. He looked over us all as he walked away, taking up the seat directly behind her.

Curtis, being closest, got to her first. We watched as he traced his cock over her lips, teasing her. Her little tongue snaked out, swiping it over his length. Her eyes were filled with lust, as they always were whenever a dick, any dick, was this close to her. "Suck it bitch." He growled softly and she was only too happy to oblige. Her lips parted and slipped down his cock, taking about half of it in one go. She started bobbing her head along him, squeezing her pretty lips and making him groan. I noticed his foot was travelling up her thigh, his toes wiggling against her wet cunt. She moaned around him, sucking harder. His big toe wiggled against her clit, making her squirm and rock her hips forward.

"Curtis, stop fucking around with her clit." Tom practically growled, despite his voice being slightly breathless from his orgasm. Although he couldn't see what Curtis was doing I was sure he could work it out from the way Oli moved.

"Sorry." Curtis cheeks flushed and he instantly placed his foot back on the floor. I heard Oli whimper, but then she resumed sucking eagerly like the cockslut she was. "Fuck Oli..." His ass rocked back and forth as her lips wrapped around the base of his shaft, slurping noisy. "I can't..."

And with that, Curtis' load joined Tom's on Oli's chest, landing mostly over her ample chest. Curtis stepped away, flopped down in front of the chair he'd previously occupied.

I leaned forward, ready to take up the next position. However, both Matt and Lee had gotten there first. Matt pushed Oli onto her back, kicked her legs apart and knelt down between them. "Ready for me cunt?" He didn't wait for a reply, just thrust into her hard. She cried out loud, pushing her hips up against his. Lee had moved to her face, rubbing his dick over it. She groaned softly, swiping her tongue over it eagerly. I gazed at her tits, which were glistening from the cum. They looked so hot, bouncing as Matt pounded into her roughly. "Slut..."

"Yeah..." Lee agreed, his dick now between Oli's lips, filling her mouth. Even while being fucked she was still amazing at giving head. I watched longingly, wrapping my hand around my dick and stroking steadily. I wasn't going to cum until it was my turn, but I figured wanking wouldn't hurt if I kept it slow.

Matt's hands had shifted to Oli's tits, gripping and squeezing them. Oli groaned around Lee's dick, pushing her breasts into his hands. "Such a dirty, eager slut. With such a warm, wet twat." He growled, digging his nails into her tits. "Cunt." He slammed into her hard, his thick dick stretching her open. Even she had trouble taking him down her throat, which was why he took her pussy instead. "Shit..." He slipped out, aimed his cock for her belly and stroked himself, his hand gliding easily along his slick cock. His cum was soon plastered over her belly, covering the eagle inked onto her.

Lee pulled out too, copying Matt's actions. With the hand not holding his dick he grabbed her hair, pulling back up onto her knees. He stood behind her so that, when he came, it all sprayed across her arm tatts.

Now it was my turn.

I waited for Matt and Lee to return to the sofa, falling on it in a tangled heap of limbs, before moving in. Covered in cum, she looked like more of a whore then usual. To me, that just made her look more beautiful. I pushed her back a little, but only so she was leaning back. I took her tits in hand, just as the other Matt had had, only I pushed my dick in the space between them. I began to fuck the space quickly, knowing I wouldn't last. Normally I could, but after seeing four of your best friends fuck your band's hot as fuck singer it was kind of hard to hold back for too long. So I decided to just go for it. I fucked her tits as hard as if I was fucking her face, cunt or ass.

"So hot..." I mumbled, steadily increasing speed. She swiped her tongue out across her lips, attempting to reach my head with her soft wetness. I swallowed, jerked forward hard then came, my white seed landing in thick globs across the petals on her neck.

"You know what to do now." I looked up at Tom through slightly dazed eyes. "You were the last to cum, untie her and clean her off." I nodded, then reached behind her and freed her hands. It was almost a shame really. She looked good all cum covered, even if it was drying up. Her hands slipped down to her crotch, her fingers circling her clit slowly, waiting for me. I let go, only this time it wasn't cum that shot out of my dick. I pissed across her skin, aiming for the cum, the spray clearing it from her skin. The golden fluid cascaded over her body, sliding over her full breasts and ending at her clunge. She was working her fingers in and out of her now, some of my piss being pushed inside her on the inward thrusts. "Fuck..."

She trembled, rocking her hips into the air, her fingers moving faster and faster. Tom didn't tell her to stop. She'd earned this. She groaned louder then the five of us combined and came messily around her fingers. Panting, I sat back down, watching her suck her fingers clean.

"Hot slut..." The others murmered various sounds of agreement, settling down in their places as Tom put the tv on.
Tags: bring me the horizon, curtis ward, curtis ward/girl!oli sykes, fic, girl!oli sykes, girl!oli sykes/lee malia/matt kean, girl!oli sykes/matt nicholls, girl!oli sykes/tom sykes, het, matt kean, matt nicholls, tom sykes
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