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Pairing: Gerard Way/Mikey Way
Rating: PG-13
POV: Mikey
Warnings: AU
Notes: Next meme fic, for x_monroeville_x who wanted adorable Waycest.

I padded through the apartment I shared with my brother, pushing open the door to what should have been his bedroom. Instead, the room had been made into his studio. The room was filled with his art. Currently, he was sat at his desk, scrawling something on a sheet of paper. The desk was covered in doodles and sketches, with the ones he liked the most being stuck against the sides. His latest project was something called Umbrella Academy, some comic about a bunch of people saving the world. Just a few days back he'd made a presentation on it and ever since he'd been shut in here working on it.

I wasn't sure ehe even realised I was there, not even when I was peeking over his shoulder. "Who's that?"

My big brother jumped in his seat. It took him a few seconds, then he seemed to realise I'd asked him a question. "That's Diego, aka The Kraken. He can breathe underwater. He likes knives." He leaned back a little, enough so I had a better view. "What do you think?"

I glanced at the drawing, then smiled. It was only in three colours, plus the white of the paper, but he looked prettty kick ass. "He looks like Bob."

"Huh?" He looked back at the paper, as if my words were some sort of revelation that he'd missed. "Yeah... you're right... kinda."

"Who's this?" I nodded towards one of the ones that was secured to the desk's side. Although he'd practiced his presentation on me, he was prone for rambling and most of these were new after all. His gaze followed mine and he smiled.

"This is Klaus aka The Seance. He can talk to the dead. And levitate." He smiled and waved his hands around in that animated way he did. "He has hello and goodbye tattooed on his palms. And he's sexually ambigulous."

I gazed at that pictured and smiled at his angular features and gawky limbs. He was sitting cross-legged, obviously floating by the way he jacket hung in the air. "You do realise he kind of looks like me."

"Really?" He blinked, clearly oblivious again.

"If I go through these sketches will I find ones of everyone you've ever met?" I grinned, though I thought it was sweet. To be immortalised in a comic was pretty awesome. I kissed his cheek, stroking his back. "Come on, you need to rest."

"Ok..." He finished a few little details on Diego, signed it and stood. "Bed sounds good." He looked pretty tired, obviously only kept up by the coffee that was from the maker in the corner. This morning I'd caught him slumped across his desk mid-sketch, a sheet of paper stuck to his face.

I led him out, into the room we both shared. It was smaller then the studio, as that would have been the master bedroom. I watched as he flopped down on the bed, smiling before joining him. "I really think it's sweet that Seance looks like me, even if you didn't intend it." He smiled and I kissed his chin, it being the nearest of him I could reach that wasn't covered by clothing.

"I'm glad." He smiled, combing his fingers through my hair. "I'm sorry I've had to put us on hold I..."

"Shush." I smiled, placing a finger to his lips. "It's ok, I know how important this is to you. This is a pretty big deal." I kissed his chin again. "Please don't worry about it."

He nodded and smiled, ruffling my hair slightly. "Thanks Mikes." He wrapped his other arm around me, holding me close to his chest. "How about we make Thursday date night? We'll watch a movie, order in some take out and snuggle on the sofa."

"I'd like that, really." My smile widened and I leaned into his touch.

"Awesome." He yawned and shifted under me to get comfortable, grasping the sheets and pulling them over us. "Night Mikes."

"Night Gee." We laid there for awhile in silence, the only sound being our breathing. When I looked at him again, he was asleep, probably dreaming of his comics. I kissed his clothed chest, then settled to follow him into sleep.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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