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Because he's holding a thermal detonator!

Bye January

Hello Febuary

Dentist is today at 3:20, boo. I hate him. Finished next meme fic, two left now. Hope to do them all by Thursday. Gonna note down a to-do list tonight at some point. I love Kurt in glee, hopefully I'll see tonight's on time.

I may go on Rabbids later. And watch Heroes/QI XL/Being Human. I've never watched an episode of this series on time.

Meme now. Yoinked from lc_ffaf

01. What's your current fandom? Since when are you part of it?
My current one is mostly Welsh, though I often float randomly to different ones, depending on my mood and inspiration. Welsh and British bands are always underrated for some reason and that makes me sad.

02. Do you have a favourite character? If yes, who and why him/her? Show me your favorite picture!

Anyone that knows me/reads this journal can probably guess this one. It's Jay James, bassist, growler and hot as fuck band whore of Bullet For My Valentine. As to why, well, just look at him! He's so hot and he manages to be adorable and cute too. Do me Jay porn and I'm yours. It constantly makes me sad how little there is of it.

03. Do you have a favourite pairing? If yes, which one and why? Show me your favorite picture of them!
Not really, unless Jay/anyone counts. Which it totally does. See, he agrees!

04. What do you prefer, Slash or Het?
It depends on my mood/the pairing. (And why isn't femmeslash an option? Huh)

05. Were there any other fandoms before? If yes, which ones?
Yeah, I've been in many, some I'm stiill active in. Fandoms I've done (that I recall) are: Blue, Busted, Mcfly, Fightstar, Madina Lake, The Used, My Chemical Romance, Umbrella Academy, Doctor Who/Torchwood, Star Wars, Lostprophets, The Blackout, Bring Me The Horizon, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At The Disco, Tokio Hotel...

06. Which were your favourite characters/pairings in them? (either name them or show pictures)
I'm not gonna list them all. I'm pretty much flexible with pairings really, apart from the occasionally one or two which end up irking me.

07. How many fanfictions have you written in in your past fandoms so far?
A lot.

08. How many of them are completed/abandoned/still in progress?
Most are complete, I have a couple of half-done ones I'm still working on though

09. When did you write your very first fanfiction? (with being aware it is fanfiction ur doing there)
Err... *thinks* sometime in 2003 I think.

10. How many fanfictions have you written so far for your current fandom?
No idea, a lot!

11. How many of them are completed/abandoned/still in progress?
Currently I'm working on finishing two meme fics, I'm gonna do a slut girl!Oli fic too. I've got two fic left to finish on here too, a Star Wars one and an Umbrella Academy one, the latter I hope to get back on to once I get around to re-reading the comics. I'm also laying out the details for another, though it' too early to say anything yet.

12. If u could choose on of your stories to be made into a movie, which one would it be and why?
Since most are porn, most are good. I'd love to see Jay in a porno. But, films aren't pornos, so I'd probably say one of the killer fics (I wish I'd managed to finish Into The Darkness, bah). The world needs a film with a hot, gay serial killer, killing hot pretty boys and fucking their bodies.

13. Name one 'title song' for each of your multichapter stories like, one song which captures the atmosphere of the story the best or always reminds you of it (maybe with a link?)
I've not done a multichapter in awhile so I can't really think of one. There

14. What's your favourite (completed) multichapter story and why?
Possibly Blade You Stain. Maybe.

15. And your favourite oneshot?
I dunno. I kinda like the last ones I did.

16. Do your readers prefer the same stories? If not, which ones are their favorites?
I dunno, let's ask them!

17. Any recommendations of stories written by others for members of the same fandom? (title, author, link, small summary/comment)
Anything by asphyxiatide is awesome. Anything here in my memories is hot.

18. Tell me something about your current fanfiction projects like, unfinished stuff you are still working on
I have a notepad open with random fic ideas, which I may do randomly, plus there's the 50kinkyways ones for Jay too.
The ones I mentioned earlier:
*Jared/Shannon - likely BDSM/kink, though unsure yet
*Gerard/Mikey - some form of cuteness
*girl!Oli Sykes/BMTH/Tom Sykes - girl!Oli being a slut, with watersports
*Star Wars one, which I think'll be Jay/Matt Tuck
*A UA one, mostly focussing on The Seance. It is at least half done, but I need to read the comics and work out how to finish it.
*A Bullet fic I don't want to elaborate on yet
Like I said, others are merely ideas for now, though I've been thinking of doing Ilan fic, Darran fic, Austin fic and girl!Jay infantilism among others.
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