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We Have A Problem

We Have A Problem
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Mikey Way, others implied
Rating: NC-17
POV: Adam
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: The next meme fic, for mikeyface (it's also thanks for the magazine< 3). It's the longest of the mem fics so far, which 've mostly kept purposely short I'm quite pleased with this, so I hope you like. It's also sorta a srquel to For Your Entertainment though reading that's unecessary.

"You know, we have a problem." When I'd answered the door, I'd honestly been surprised by the angular features of Mikey Way, especially since it was the middle of the night. On saying those words, he pushed past me, not waiting for an invitation. My eyes followed him as he walked into the living room, dropping a bag on the floor at his feet before flopping into the sofa, crossing his long, thin legs. He wore all black, black t-shirt, black pants, black boots. The only accents with the button and zip of his pants and the buckles of the boots. "Do you know what that is Adam?"

I lowered myself into a seat opposite him, staring across at him. The tone of his voice left no room for arguement, though I was unsure what I'd done to displease him. After all, this was our first meeting. The only thing that came to mind was that maybe I'd gone a bt overboard the last time Bob was here and he'd had trouble sitting still enough to drum. "Well? I'm waiting." He muttered, a hint of impatience in his voice.

"Is this about Bob?" I ventured, though I knew instantly from his glare I was wrong. There was also something else in those hazel eyes, as if that was new information to him. Information that he'd store to use later.

He shook his head and leaned forward in his seat. "You don't get it do you?" He sighed softly, then sat back, a chuckle escaping his lips. Lips that were painted midnight black, no doubt to match the eyeliner encircling his eyes. "You fucked my brother Adam." I blinked, vaguely remembering the older Way brother stretched out across my bed, moaning like a wanton whore. I thought briefly that he might be like Bob, here for a fuck, but his demeanor was completely the opposite. I just nodded. "No one fucks him without my permission."

He stood and stalked over me, giving me a look like a predator stalking his prey. When he stood over me, so close that our knees touched, he stopped. I swallowed and looked up at him. He was unusually posessive considering Gerard was his brother. "What do you want me to do? Apologise?"

He growled, low in the curve of his throat and he tangled his fingers in my hair, yanking my head back. "No. I'm going to fuck you." His eyes locked with mine, a fire burning within them. "Now, get naked." He released his grip, moving back to his earlier position. I sat there for a few moments in stunned silence, unable to do anything but watch. "When I say now, I mean now bitch!"

My hands shifted to my t-shirt, gripping it and pulling it up and over my head. I dropped it onto the arm of the chair, then stood to remove my pants. All the time, his eyes were on mine, following me. My fingers pushed my sweatpants down my legs, exposing myself fully. I hadn't bothered with underwear, after all it was late at night on one of my days off. The pink of his tongue darted across the line of his lips.

"Down on all fours." I dropped to the floor, bracing myself with my arms, my cock twitching between my legs. I'd not really bottomed for anyone before so this whole thing was unfamiliar territory. I shifted uncomfortably, looking up at him as I heard him fumbling through his bag. "Put this on." The thing he tossed me landed right in front of me. It was a cock ring, made out of black rubber so that it could easily fit on any cock. I plucked it up, shifting it between my legs and sliding it down onto my fully erect dick. "Mmmm that's it..." He was licking his lips again, his eyes dark with lust. "You know, I think you have pretty cock sucking lips." The implication hung in the air, his hand moving between his legs. He deftly undid his fly and pulled out his stiff dick, the tip glistening in the light.

I shifted closer, crossing the shoft distance between us carefully until I was firmly between his legs. He'd pulled open his pants now, pushing them down to his knees so I could see the creamy white of his thighs. I wondered if the rest of him was that pale. Probably. I considered that in his current outfit he could scare any drunk that saw him in the shadows and considered him to be a floating head, a nameless apparition roaming the city streets. I swallowed and let the thoughts pass, focussing on the task at hand. I reached up, wrapped my fingers around the base of his dick and aimed it for my lips. I swallowed again, but was thankful it wasn't thick like Bob's. However, what he lacked in girth he made up for in length. I parted my lips and took in the head, sucking on it gently.

I began to suck steadily, shifting a little more down his length with every bob of my head, gradually taking him in. I had to have taken at least two inches before he let out a disgruntled growl and tangled his fingers in my hair, pushing me down onto his cock and forcing me to take it all. I could feel myself gag around him, but that only made him groan. He held me in place for a few seconds before releasing me and he didn't stop me when I slipped off him fully, taking in deep lungfuls of air. "Be glad I'm not Toro, he has a fucking horse dick." He chuckled to himself, the image clearly crossing his mind as he licked his lips again.

We sat in silence for a few moments and I half expected him to force me back on his dick again. Instead he stretched both of his spindly arms above his head, then settled them on his legs. "Your dick sucking skills leave something to be desired. You're gay for fuck's sake, you should be able to do better." He scratched his thigh, his wet dick swaying slightly. "You should do something about that." I wondered if he meant my dick sucking skills or his hard cock. Probably both. "Lube your ass up." He reached into his bag, tossing me a well used tube, as if I didn't have my own to hand. Nodding, I popped open the cap and started drizzling it over my fingers, watching him strip.

His skin was the same colour all over, something akin to ivory. It's tone only changed at his head and the lower portions of his arms, though it was barely noticeable. He was skinny, though not to the point where his bones were clearly visible through his skin. It was most likely natural, not caused by diet or some medical condition. He pushed his pants down, his legs as pale as the rest of him, with a dusting of deep brown hairs covering them. Swallowing again, this time tasting the lingering taste of his cock, I reached back and pressed my fingers into my cleft. I licked my lips, closing my eyes when i found my opening and pressed my finger into it. Unlike sucking, I had more experience with anal, though this was mostly done alone. I liked going onstage with a plug up my ass. I pushed in my second finger, moving it steadily inside my body, opening myself up for him.

"Ok, that's enough." He was standing now, circling me slowly until he was standing between my legs. He grasped my cheeks, pulling them apart to gaze at my ring. "Yeah, this'll do." He held me tight, running his dick along my crack. The second his dick found my hole he thrust into me, his sharp hips colliding with the curve of my ass. I moaned out loudly, my eyelids fluttering closed. He was longer then both my fingers and plugs, so his head brushed against places neither could reach.

He began to fuck me hard, digging his nails into my skin as he did so. He slammed into my spot, my dick aching between my legs. The ring felt tortureous now, an annoying constriction that made me squirm and grip onto the carpet beneath me. I squeezed around him, hoping that maybe, if I pleased him enough he would free me of it. He didn't though. He just made a soft moan above me and kept fucking me. Occasionally he slowed or stilled entirely, only to start up again when I whimpered.

It was mostly a silent fuck. The air was only punctuated by my pants or moans, with the occasional one from him. From the way he'd acted earlier I'd expected at most some dirty talk, though it somehow didn't surprise me that he was this quiet. When he came, he made only a sharp gasp and I felt his cum spray across my insides, though he didn't stop right away. He rode it out, still moving inside me until his dick began to soften, slipping out of me with a soft pop.

The silence continued as he dressed, the quiet broken only by the rustle of clothing and the sound of the zipper. When he finally spoke, he was fully clothed. "You were a good fuck Lambert." He reached under me, slipping the ring off my dick and stuffing it into his pocket. His fingers ghosted over my length, though not enough to send any real pleasure through me. Bastard. "I'll leave you to jerk off now." He snatched the lube off the floor, stuffing it in his bag before zipping it up. I wondered what was in there. I watched him haul it over his shoulder and make his way to the door, shifting so I was sitting up, my hand reaching down to grasp at my dick. "Oh, and next time Bryar comes, film it. I want to see that shit." He dropped a card onto the counter by the door, then left, a smirk on his smug face. Bastard.
Tags: adam lambert, adam lambert/mikey way, fic, mikey way, my chemical romance, slash
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