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We're out of tea

Yesterday was an ok day, although my cousin ended up coming and being annoying. We watched the Ghostbusters films (I thought I'd not seen them, but I remembered seeing the second one).

Later on, we watched mostly random stuff. That and a Smosh video which was hot cause Anthony was topless. Also finally saw the Being Human episode I missed too. I knew there was something wrong with that doctor chick. And everyone needs a ghost girl buddy giving advice and making cups of hot water (cause they're out of tea).

We may be going to a filming of Russell Howard's show when I'm down south to see Rhod.

Today we're off to Birmingham in a few hours. Hope to get Clone Wars figures (if Argos have good ones), Trek dvds (if there's £1 ones I don't have), maybe a magazine and perhaps something from the gig.

Also gonna try take pics for the Lostprophets comp and then there's The Blackout signing. I bet they'll be sick of us. And I know saur's gonna take Gavin down.

I plan on wearing my Zelda tee, cause Sean's lately been signing with triforces.

Tonight, after the gig (which is probably gonna be filled with sexytimes) I'll be watching Heroes (well, the download of last weeks) and maybe something else. Tomorrow, when saur goes bah, I'll watch Desperate Housewives and go on Rabbids.
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