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You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful

Short post just to update really.

I'm still headachy and ugh, which I hate.

Yesterday we watched Toy Story. Ohhhhh the claw! I love those aliens.

Today we went to Walsall, wich was fairly productive. I got two Halloween bowls, an astronomy book and, best of all the Kit two pack cheap (with the Geonosian that I'm less bothered about, but he's not that bad).

We watched Toy Story 2 in 3D. We missed most of the trailers (How To Train Your Dragon looks cute though) and we were the only ones there oddly. Bullseye's so cute.

After getting back my head got annoying again so I ended up napping. Bah. Damn thing. I hate it. Hopefully tomorrow it'll piss off. It's making me so faily.

Rabbids came today, after over a month of waiting. Might go on after saur's gone.

No more minis. Bah.

Patrick's so copying Ilan.

Off now to... probably sleep. I might put something on if I can't.
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