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Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy
Pairing: Rhys Lewis/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Rhys
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: The next short meme fic, for Saur: antontobias86

I gazed over Sean's body, who was currently laying over my bed devoid of clothing. He was tied down to the bed, a gag in his mouth to shut him up. He was so much better when he was quiet. I ran my fingers over his skin, licking my lips lightly. "Such a pretty boy..." I whispered softly, trailing my hand lower, past his stiff cock to his cleft. I pushed two fingers between his cheeks, seeking his entrance. I easily found it, it was Sean after all, and I pressed both digits into him.

He let out a groan behind the gag, but I ignored him, moving the fingers steadily inside him to open him up for me. I watched him intently, the way his back arched off the bed, the way his dick throbbed and pulsed between his legs. I smiled, then pulled them out of him slowly. He felt ready to me.

I climbed onto the bed, freeing his spread legs on the way. I lifted them up until his knees wee pressed against his chest, then assumed position. I gripped onto his ankles, then thrust into him hard. I heard him moan again, low in his throat as I filled his heat. It always amazed me how tight he was, especially since he offered himself up so freely. I smiled, held him tighter and began pounding him.

He felt so good, so fucking hot. I fucked him hard and rough, pounding his body into the sheets. I locked eyes with him, digging my nails into his skin as I sped up. He clenched around me, making me moan softly. "Such a little slut..." I was sure I could see him smile around the gag. I licked my lips, gazing down at his dick which was pressed between his legs. He'd probably be cumming already if it wasn't for the ring I'd slipped around him. I spat on it, then kept going.

When I came, a few minutes later, he let out a whimper behind the gag, his eyes looking at me pleadingly. "I'm not the one you'll need to convince slut." I grinned, sliding out and strapping his legs into position.

I chuckled at the desperation in his eyes as I left to call his brother.
Tags: fic, rhys lewis, rhys lewis/sean smith, sean smith, slash, the blackout
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