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The Bang Bus

The Bang Bus
Pairing: Jay James/Matt Tuck, Jay James/Moose/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 42: More-some
Warnings: BDSM, sex swing
Notes: I blame what the band said in this vid (roughly 50 seconds in) for this. There's also still 7 drabble/ficlets to claim here

I gazed at the new bus as I approached it. It didn't look too different, though the others were insisting it was. It was a deep blue, with the windows tinted black. I stepped towards it, stopping at the door to input the entry code. A moment later it opened and I stepped inside, setting my bag down. It didn't seem much different. In fact, it looked pretty much the same as all the others. There were a few bunks, stairs upstairs, door to a toilet, a little kitchen and lounge area.

"Ahh you're here." Matt grinned from where he sat. He was the only one down here and, if it wasn't for the discarded beer bottles, I'd have thought he was the only one on the bus. He stood and came over to me, licking his lips. "Come." He took my hand and led me up the stairs. "And close your eyes."

I did as I was told, stumbling up the staircase. I wasn't sure what to expect, apart from finding out what Padge and Moose were doing up here. I stopped moving when Matt did, shuffling nervously as I waited for him to tell me I could open my eyes. I heard moving about, guessing it was Padge. He wasn't exactly the world's stealthiest person, in fact he was probably the noiseiest. "Ok, open them."

I opened my eyes, blinked a few times and stared.

The whole upper level was bathed in red light. The walls were black, with a sofa against the rear wall, with shelves taking up the space of another. The main thing that took up the room was a swing that hung from the ceiling. I blinked again and glanced at Padge and Moose, who were both naked, sitting on the sofa. They were hard, though that didn't surprise me. Matt moved behind me, undoing my fly and pushing my three quarter lengths and boxers down. "You like it?" I blinked again and nodded, letting out a low groan as he squeezed my crotch. "We knew you would."

His hands then moved up to remove my sleeveless tee, tugging it off my body and throwing it somewhere I couldn't see. "Get over there." Matt purred in my ear, pushing me towards the swing. By the time I got there, Padge and Moose were up on their feet, helping me get into it. I was facing the floor, my wrists and ankles in restraints, a strap around my chest to hold me in place. "Comfy?" Matt asked from my left side, running a hand along my bare back.

"Yeah, I guess." I nodded, shifting slightly. Every move I made caused my whole body to swing. It was a strange feeling.

Matt moved away, out of my line of sight. I didn't get my time to focus on whatever he was doing as I felt hands on me, pulling my arse cheeks apart. Although I couldn't see who it was, I had a feeling it was Moose. A few seconds later there were slick fingers probing my cleft, pressing against my opening. Padge. He pushed his thick digit inside me, making me groan softly. It moved steadily inside me, working me open. The finger was soon joined by a second, both of them thrusting deep within me. I moaned, his fingers moving steadily, curving and stroking my insides. It felt so good, but I knew it was just prep work for the main event.

"That's enough Padge." Padge grunted, but removed his fingers from me, wiping them across my ass. Moose's hands left me too, to be replaced by Matt's slightly smaller ones. I felt his dick slip between my cheeks, rubbing against me. "Time for your first fuck on the bang bus." He used his hold to pull me back, the movement causing his dick to fill me.

"Fuck..." His hands shifted to get a better hold on me and then he began to move me. He didn't move, he just used the swing to make me fuck myself on him. It felt strange, swaying in the air above the bus floor, his cock filling me each time I swung back. The swing backs were accompanied by moans from both of us. I was sure I also heard sounds from the others, though I couldn't see them.

"You always feel so good Jay, you little whore." He moved me faster, starting to thrust now to meet the back swings quicker. He spoke again, lowering his voice. "We'll put you in this eevry chance we get, leaving the door open so you can get used by whoever wants you. Would you like that huh?" He thrust hard, making me groan again as I nodded. "Of course you would, you fucking slut." He growled, slamming harder into me, the thrusts making me swing faster. "Shit!" He groaned one last time, filling me up with his hot cum.

"So hot..." He mumbled softly, pushing me off him and moving away. I was empty for mere seconds before Padge took his place, his thicker cock entering me on the second swing back.

Padge did much the same thing as Matt had. He held onto my sides, letting the swing do the work for the first few minutes. He soon began thrusting hard into me, causing the swings to become faster and more violent. It felt like some weird kind of carnival ride,b ut it felt good. The only problem was my hands felt useless, my fingers flexing pointlessly in the air. There was also my dick, which was left unattended by Matt and it looked like Padge would leave it alone too.

"Fuck this..." I looked up, watching as Moose moved so he was standing before me. His dick was just about level with my face so I took the hint and opened up for him. When I swung forward, his dick entered my mouth and I began lapping at his cock with my pierced tongue. I didn't need to suck him, the swing did the work for me. My own momentum now swung me, impaling either my ass or mouth on their dicks. It felt so good to feel this full, though I still wished my cock wasn't so neglected. I heard sounds above, sounds of them kissing above me. I couldn't see from this angle, but I could still hear and feel the occasional droplets of sweat or saliva that landed on my back.

"You know, no one's going to touch you." Matt was back again, this time sitting beside me and I could just make him out through the corner of my eye. "The only way you'll cum is if he manages to hit your spot enough times and you know how Padge is." I did. Even with the swinging, his thrusts were erratic. His head would slam against my spot on one swing, then miss it completely on the next. Matt leaned closer, licking along the bulge in my throat that Moose caused. "And if you don't cum..." He let the words hang in the air and left his sentance unfinished. There was a slight threat to it, though he didn't allude to what it was exactly. Instead, he just licked my throat again, then sat back to watch.

I almost groaned in frustration when, just a couple of thrusts later, Padge released deep inside of me, moaning into the air above me. When he pulled out, it was only a few moments before I felt Matt's tongue lap at my ass. I knew it was him and not Padge due to the lack of a goatee brushing against my skin. He tongue fucked my ass, but only enough so that he could collect all of his and Padge's cum that he could manage to get. I felt his hand on my dick, rolling something down the shaft, stopping when it arrived at my base. I knew what it was. The familiar rubbery, constricting feeling meant that it was the cock ring he seemed to like. No sooner was he done with that then I felt him slide a plug up my ass, filling me and sealing me off but not providing me with any real satisfaction.

Moose tangled his fingers in my hair, holding my head in place as best he could. I could practically feel his closeness throb through his dick and, sure enough, it took only another handful of thrusts before he spilled down my throat. I swallowed every drop hungrily, watching through slightly dazed eyes as he pulled out and wiped his saliva-slick dick across my face. "Such a good little cock sucker." He smiled down at me, his fingers ruffling my hair before he went out of sight.

"I hope you've had fun." It was Matt again. "Because you're staying like this for awhile now." He pushed something into my mouth, material which was likely someone's underwear, worn for a few days from the taste. he secured it in place with a strap, buckling it around my head. "See you soon." He planted a kiss on my forehead, then vanished from view. From the sound of his footfalls I guessed he'd gone downstairs, joining the others leaving me to wonder how long they'd leave me like this.

A few minutes went by, then I began swinging again as the bus started up.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/matt tuck, jay james/moose/padge, matt tuck, moose, padge, slash
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