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Y meirw cerdded

The past day's been productive, yet not.

I finished fic last night/early this morning. It was basically something random I started this weekend and was basically done to serve as Ilan porn. I think it worked out oretty well.

After that (and showering) I still couldn't sleep so I read Death Troopers. I finished it too, yay! It's so awesome. I want the prequel now. Everyone should read it cause it has two awesome things (Star Wars and zombies).

I missed Glee. And I think there's other things too. Oh well.

I saw Being Human last night. Poor Annie. And guh, Mitchell looks good tied up.

Pudge has lost his key on AC again. Stupid boy. I spent about twenty minutes trying to find it before giving up.

I wanna go to a gas giant, cause scientists think there could be whole diamond oceans there causa the pressure. How pretty and cool does that sound?

I love this song. I think it's my fav on the album.

I may try fic some more tomorrow, but I'll definitely go on Guitar Hero. I'm not quite sure what I'd fic, probably something random (since most ideas either need research, rereading or would be multipart stuff). I may do another of those fic polls.

Saur's gonna be here a week tomorrow. Eeep!
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