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We'll watch them fall

LJ e-mails are back to working, yay! Damn you LJ and AOL.

Shopping's done. Got an Evah cuddly toy, some razors, pepsi and pills. Mexican things are gone. Bah.

I finished Mario last night. WHen is Bowser gonna learn to keep bridge controls far from him? And not to stand on collapseable bridges in the first place. I gotta randomly get the last few star coins on it.

Tomorrow, re-read UA, watch today's Gilmore Girls on 4OD and do more Guitar Hero. And watch random stuff.

A-z meme under the cut, yoinked from Saur and lj user=blck_cherry>

- Available: Depends what you mean
- Age: 23 (eeep!)
- Annoyance: Homophobes, religious morons
- Animal: Most non-spider things. Especially Bugs, unicorns, sheep and fish.

- Beer: I dun like it
- Birthday: 20th October
- Best friends: Saur, Claire, others
- Body part on opposite sex: Dunno cause I'm fussy
- Best weather: Snow and rain as long as I'm not out in it
- Been in love: Yeah
- Been on stage: Not in a performing capacity
- Believe in magic: yeah
- Believe in god: I don't believe in the traditional one.
- Believe in Santa: yeah, although last year he didn't eat the mince pies I left, what's the deal yo?

- Candy: Chewits I guess, or Galaxy
- Color: Purple
- Chocolate or vanilla: chocolate
- Chinese or Mexican: Chinese, cause I've not had much Mexican
- Cake or pie: cake
- Continent/Country to visit: Japan/Wales
- Cheese: I like nice cheese

- Day or night: night
- Dance in the rain: Nah

- Eggs: Not fussed by them
- Eyes: Don't mind
- Everyone's got: Skin
- Ever failed a class?: I guess

- Full name: You know it
- Food: Is good

- Greatest fear: Spiders
- Goals: I don't have any really
- Gum: Fruity stuff
- Get along with your parents: Never met my dad. With mum it depends on the day
- Good luck charm: Dunno

- Hair color: dark brown with red bits
- Height: Tall
- Happy: Mostly
- Holiday: Anywhere with Welshmen. Naked.
- How do you want to die: I dunno

- Ice cream: It's been awhile since I had any. Chocolate or toffee
- Instrument: I can't play any cause I fail. I has a guitar, ocarina and recorder (someplace)

- Jewelry: Anything silver
- Job: None, I'd love to work in a sci-fi shop

- Kids: Will be sacrificed to my god
- Kickboxing or karate: Karate? Though I fail at it
- Keep a journal: Yeah duh

- Longest car ride: Several hours
- Love: is strange and can cause both the greatest good and greatest evil
- Letter: You wanna write me one?
- Laughed: Lots

- Milk flavor: Chocolate/that Fiji chocolate thing
- Movie: Several good ones: Star Wars, Resident Evil, Wall-e, Battle Royale
- Motion sickness: Rarely. I did when I was little.
- McD’s or BK: McDonalds all the way

- Number of siblings: At least one half-brother I've never met.
- Number of piercings: One lip, stretched ear.
- Number: 16
- Nom de plume: shadow_hive or shadowhive

- One wish: Only one? A cure for alzheimer's

- Perfect pizza: Mushrooms, cheese, sweetcorn
- Pepsi/Coke: Pepsi like woah

- Quail: They look cutes

- Reason to cry: Death, pain, memories
- Reality TV: is mostly shit
- Radio station: Kerrang/radio 1
- Roll your tongue in a circle: Can't
- Ring size: I dunno

- Song: Right now? Young Guns - Daughter Of The Sea
- Shoe size: 9 I think
- Salad dressing: *shrugs*
- Sushi: Is awesome, though I only really eat the maki
- Skipped school: A lot
- Slept outside: Does a tent count
- Skinny dipped: Nope
- Shower daily: Nah. I do sometimes
- Sing well: Nah
- In the shower: Nope. I ramble to myself in my head
- Swear: Fuck yes
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries

- Time for bed: Whenever I want. Usuallly between 3 and 7.
- Thunderstorms: Are pretty

- Unpredictable: In some ways

- Vacation spot: Somewhere with guys fucking...

- Weakness: Many things
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: I dunno
- Who makes you laugh the most: Saur/tv
- Worst feeling: Dunno
- Wanted to be a model: Kinda
- Where do we go when we die: Somewhere else
- Worst weather: Dunno

- X-rays: Can see everything
- Ex's: Are mostly bastards who should be fed to the sarlacc

- Year it is now: 2010
- Yellow: Submarine?

- Zoo animal: Most of them
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