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23 Needles

23 Needles
Pairing: Lee Malia/Matt Nicholls
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: Cbt, BDSM
Notes: This'll be the last Xmas fic done. I know there's two others, but I just... can't seem to work them. Maybe I will later. This one's for emmaopteryx

I stared over Lee's body, securing his wrists to the bed posts tightly. "You look hot like this." He really did. He always looked hotter when he was bound, at my mercy. I ran my hand over his belly, watching how each intake of breath he took made his chest rise and fall.

"Ready?" He nodded, unable to reply verbally due the gag in his mouth. I kissed his nose, then sat beside him, lifting up the box from the bedside table and placing it on the bed. Inside was a load of shiny steel needles. I'd counted once and there was 23 of them. An odd number to be sure. I picked up one of them and pushed it into the middle of his left nipple. He winced a little in pain, but didn't even try to squirm away. Smiling, I took another and pushed it through his right nipple. I could see him bite against the gag when I looked at his face, though he still didn't squirm away.

Needles three to six formed a path down to his navel, while seven and eight finished the path below it at his pubic hair. This was where it got interesting. I licked my lips, then grasped the next needle. Nine. It was pushed into the base of his hardness. He groaned behind the gag. I made a line of needles along his shaft with the next two mirroring the line on the other side of him. I glanced up at his face, smiling when I saw his head tipped back against the pillows. I smiled and kissed the soft insides of his thighs.

Eight needles were left. Two ended up in each of his soft, full balls with the remaining four being split between his thighs. I gazed at my handiwork, smiling and licking my lips at the sight. He always looked so beautiful once I'd pushed the needles into his skin. I set the now empty box aside and moved to the end of his bed. I undid the restraints that held his ankles to the bed.

"I'm going to fuck you." I said simply, watching as he pulled his legs up to his belly, being careful not to press the needles deeper into his thighs. I spurted some lube onto my fingers, then moved into position on the bed. I pushed the two fingers into his hole, curving them inside him. He felt warm and tight as always, steadily curving the fingers inside him. I worked them in and out, quickly getting him ready for me. I was eager to be inside of him, always so eager.

I removed my fingers after a few moments, drizzling some lube along my pierced cock. I rubbed it into my skin, licking my lips. I was ready and, now, so was he. I got into position, held onto his legs and thrust into him as hard as I could. He made some form of noise behind the gag, though I couldn't hear it clearly. I moaned, pulling out and slamming back into him. I began to fuck him, my hands gripping onto his ankles as I did so. I always felt a sense of rhythm when I was fucking, just as I did when I was playing drums.

I shifted my right hand towards his head, unbuckling and removing the gag so I could hear him. He was moaning, soft and low, also making sounds which were mostly incoherent, punctuated by the occasional swear word as I slammed into him. I was making similar noises, keeping my eyes on him as I fucked him. He looked so good, always when he was like this. "I want you to cum Lee. Cum without being touched." I smiled, angling my thrusts so I hit his spot each time, his back arching as I did.

It only took him a few more thrusts from me for him to spill over his belly. It was so beautiful. The thick, cloudy white fluid landing across his stomach. I groaned, his ass squeezing around me as he came, bringing about my own orgasm. "Fuck..." I stayed within him for a few moments, pulling out only when I was certain I'd came too.

"You're so hot." I whispered, running my fingers through the cum on his chest, before bringing them to my lips to taste.

His cheeks were flushed, but he managed to pant out a response. "So're you."

Smiling, I kissed him gently and then worked on removing the needles from his sweat-slick skin, replacing them in the box they'd come from.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, lee malia, lee malia/matt nicholls, matt nicholls, slash, xmas fic 09
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