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Displaced People

Displaced People
Pairing: Jethro Cane/Merlin
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jethro
Warnings: None really
Notes: Next Xmas fic, for antontobias86 < 3

I laid back on the bed, thinking back over the past few months. Ever since Midnight everything had been... different. I hadn't been able to look at my parents the same way. That was why I was here, on Earth, far from them. Galaxies away. I sighed, staring up at the ceiling.

That was when I heard something. It sounded kind of like a... sparking. It was like the sound that would be made by some sort of old faulty electronics. I looked towards the cause, half expecting to see some form of computer fault or something. Instead I heard a thud and then the sparking sound stopped.

The sound had come from the other room, so I peeked out into it. There, laying face down on floor, was a... person. They were dressed rather strangely, in clothing that seemed more fitting for a holomovie or historical re-enactment. More strange was him even being here, since I'd made sure the door had been locked. "Hello? Are you ok?"

"Ugh..." He shifted and rubbed his black hair, sitting up. Ok, my day just got so much wierder. He looked just like me, only in those strange clothes and without any make-up. "Where am I?" He looked well and truly confused, his eyes unfocussed as he rubbed his head again.

"Earth." I replied simply, then realised it may need some more then that. "You're in the city of New Cardiff, in the Uk." He looked at me and blinked, his face a picture of utter confusion. "I'm Jethro Cane and you are?"

"Merlin." He replied and I raised my eyebrow at his words. I'd heard the name in ancient legends, though I'd always pictured him to be an old man, dressed in flowing robes with a pointed hat and staff, with gray hair and a beard that hung past his chin.

"Merlin? As in the wizard?"

"How do you know I have magic?" He asked, scrambling to his feet and taking a step back, his eyes wide. "This is a trick!"

"No it's not..."

"Then how how come you look like me?" He looked at me accusingly.

"I... I don't have the answer for that." I swallowed and tried to think. I tried to remember my lessons from the institute. 'Occasionally you'll encounter a person that's misplaced in time. In such a situation you have to keep them as calm as possible. Let them know they're your friend and that they can trust you. Of course, in extreme cicumstances, such things are impossible, in which case you need to knock them out as soon as possible.' Ok. This shouldn't be too hard right? "How about I get you a drink? Something to eat?" He nodded a llittle, so I headed into the kitchen, pressing a few buttons and waiting for the food.

As I waited, I lifted up my comunicator and making a call, leaving a quick message. "Hey, it's Jethro Cane. I have a misplaced person in my apartment." I set it back down, taking out the food and carrying it back into the living room. I wasn't sure what people ate back then, so did a sandwich and a glass of milk. Fairly safe choices I thought. As long as he wasn't lactose intolerant.

"Thanks." He was perched on the edge of the sofa, clearly not sure if he should settle back or not. I took a seat in the chair opposite, watching him carefully. He sniffed the food, then took a curious bite. He lifted up the upper slice, staring at the lower one. "What is this... brown stuff?"

"Peanut butter." I knew it wasn't from his time, but it couldn't hurt right?

"It's good." He took another bite, resuming eating in silence. The silence wasn't oppressive, it was more... comfortable. Once he'd finished eating, he set the plate down on the glass table, staring at it curiously for a few moments before drinking the milk. He downed it fairly quickly though I knew time travel often gave people an appertite, especially when it wasn't intentional.

He stood up and walked over to me, stopping in front of me. He sank to his knees in front of me in one fluid movement, his hands shifting to my crotch. He mumbled something under his breath and I was sure I saw his eyes change colour, if only for a moment. My fly and top button fell undone. I swallowed, not exactly sure what to do, so I just watched. He pushed my boxers down to free my cock, which was definitely reacting to his touch. He looked up at me and whispered in a soft voice. "Prince Arthur likes me doing this." He leaned in, swiping his tongue across my head. He took my semi-hard cock between his soft lips and began to suck. He pushed my jeans down more for better access. He began sucking at a steady pace, his lips seemed to glide along my hardened skin.

He was certainly a good cock sucker, better then I would've expected from someone from so long ago. He'd clearly had a lot of practise on that prince of his. He shifted off me, looking up at me. "Do you want me to keep going? Or do you want to..." He moved so his ass was in the air and he wiggled it slightly, making it clear what he meant.

I swallowed and considered, before nodding. "Yeah..." He smiled and shucked his trousers down, showing off his shapely ass. It really was eeriee how alike we looked. "Do I need to prepare you?"

He looked at me for a few moments, then shook his head. I pushed my jeans and boxers off, then moved between his legs, pulling his arse cheeks apart. His hole seemed surprisingly ready, especially since it didn't look like he'd been fucked before ending up here. Strange. I shook the thought from my head and pushed into him slowly, letting out a small groan. He let out a small moan, wiggling under me slightly. I wasn't hurting him, I knew that much. I held onto him, starting to fuck him steadily. "You feel so good."

"So do you." He mumbled below me, squeezing around me just right. I smiled, snaking an arm around his waist, taking his dick in hand and starting to stroke. I thrust into him harder, listening to those sweet sounds he made below me.

I closed my eyes, thrusting ever harder and faster, stroking at a similar sort of pace. We came together, at exactly the same moment, like we were connected on some level, like twins. Perhaps we did have some sort of connection. Maybe we did.

I slipped out of him slowly and kissed the back of his neck. I lifted my sticky fingers to my lips, tasting him as he pulled up his trousers, securing them around his waist again. "Thank you." I whispered, watching him carefully.

"Thank you too." He replied and shifted until he was sitting. "What happens to me now?"

"I know people, who can send you back to where you came from. It just takes a bit of time." He nodded slightly and I dressed too. "They should be here soon. Before you know it you'll be back in your own time."
Tags: doctor who, fic, jethro cane, jethro cane/merlin, merlin, merlin (series), slash, xmas fic 09
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