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Bad Girl

Bad Girl
Pairing: girl!Gerard Way/Lyn-Z
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gerard
Warnings: Femmeslash, Lyn-z, toys
Notes: For bloodyhands as both xmas and birthday fic. This'll be the first and last time I do anything with her

"You've been a bad, bad girl." I groaned softly as her hand made contact with my ass. I was bad of course, I deserved this and worse. I was a slut, that was just who I was. I couldn't help it. "You're such a filthy whore." She slapped my ass again, harder. "You really can't stop yourself, you just spread your legs for anyone that asks don't you?" I nodded a little, squirming on her lap. She hit me again. "I could do this all night and you still wouldn't learn anything would you?"

I shook my head and she sighed. "On the floor on all fours and look straight ahead." I nodded and slipped off her lap, crawling forward into position. I heard her, moving about behind me, fumbling with whatever she was preparing. I kept silent.

"Now, since you're so eager to be filled..." I felt her behind me, feeling the ends of the strap-on against both of my holes. "I'll fill you." She thrust inside of me hard, making me cry out as both holes were filled.

"Fuck..." I moaned loudly, my eyes lidding. I pushed back, but she held my hips in place. She began to fuck me mercilessly, her hands shifting up to my large tits. She gripped both of them tightly, squeezing them.

"Whore! Filthy fucking slut." She growled from behind my neck, fucking me hard and fast. I got wetter from every slam of her hips against me. Her nails dug into my breasts, scratching at them, probably hoping they'll leave marks. She always wanted to leave marks on me, to show that I was hers. It never really worked. I always needed, craved sex. It didn't matter who it was with, guys or girls, I wasn't fussy. As long as my pussy got attention, it didn't matter how. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. I groaned again, half expecting her to bat my hand away. Instead, she just snorted and slammed harder into me.

"Fuck..." My eyes lidded and my whole body trembled and I came around the dildo that was buried up my pussy.

"Slut." She chuckled, pulling out and undoing the straps. I heard the toy being thrown aside, then watched her step into my line of sight. I couldn't really manage tio lift my head up, so I had a view of her cunt. "Eat me out." I nodded, pressing my head against her, extending my tongue to lazily lap at her wet heat. I wiggled my tongue around, rubbing her clit with my nose. Her taste was getting stronger and I knew, knew she was close. She gripped onto my long, ebony locks, holding me in place as she fucked my face. Her cum surrounded my tongue, filling my senses as I swallowed it.

"Better." She petted my hair as she let it go, stepping away from me. "I think I'll have to find a way to deal with your lustful needs."
Tags: femmeslash, fic, girl!gerard way, girl!gerard way/lyn-z, lyn-z, mindless self indulgence, my chemical romance, xmas fic 09
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