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Three On One

Three On One
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Frank Iero/Mikey Way/Ray Toro
Rating: NC-17
POV: Bob
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: This probably woulda sounded better, but the computer died and I lost my original work for Frank and the start of Mikey's parts. Bah. This is the next Christmas fic, for ___neg3mph and it is kinda long

I glanced up as the door opened smiling at Frank and Mikey as they came in. "Where's Gerard?" I asked, returning my attention to Ray, binding his wrists behind his back.

"He's... tied up right now." I could hear the smirk in Mikey's voice, knowing he meant that literally. I rolled my eyes slightly, then returned my gaze to them, smiling as they were already stripping.

"I guess that's one less cock for the slut." I chuckled, slapping one of the rounded cheeks of his ass. I heard him moan behind the gag in his mouth, his hips pressing against the sheets. The plug in his ass moved slightly from the force of the contact, which made him groan again.

I looked back over at the other two, who were now fully naked. To the left there was the younger Way, his pale body all sharp angles and smooth skin. When he'd had his glasses it had been easy to assume that his posture was a sign of some form of awkwardness but I'd come to learn that he was very rarely awkward, if at all. Especially when it came to sex. His dick stood out from between the curls of his pubic hair, long and slim.

Beside him stood Frank whose body was covered in the ink of various designs. Not all of them were to my taste, but I'd never tell him that of course. He scratched the inside of his thigh causing my eyes to automatically lock onto the movement. He probably did it on purpose just so he could say I was looking at his dick. I rolled my eyes again. "So, who goes first?"

"We could flip a coin." I sighed and shook my head at Frank's response.

"But there's three of us jackass." Mikey got in before I could say anything, turning slightly to face him. Frank seemed to think on it for a few moments, then opened and closed his mouth a few times, though no words came out. "You first." Mikey pushed him towards Ray's bound form. "That way he's prepped for us."

He sighed, but relented, his cock doing more of the thinking then his head. I stepped aside from Ray, watching him remove the plug and line up with his hole. "Is he ringed?"

"Of course he is. I wouldn't plug and tie up this dirty slut without putting a ring around his big dick." Frank nodded, though he reached around and felt Ray up anyway. Satisfied, he thrust into Ray's ass and started pounding into him. His movements were quick and rough, his short fingernails digging into his sides. Frank was always like this, fast and harsh. It was a lot like how he was onstage, the energy seemed to come from the same sort of place inside of him.

Mikey had stepped closer to watch, his gaze fixed on Frank's cock. "You know, you should get it pierced. Like Jepha." Frank growled and flipped him off.

"There's better things you could be doing with that smart mouth." Frank growled again, thrusting harder into Ray's ass.

Mikey shook his head and smirked. "Like I'd put my mouth on you Iero." Frank again gave him the finger but otherwise ignored him, concentrating on pounding Ray's ass. His movements were rough and animalistic, the sounds of his hips slapping against him filling the air. he seemed to be channeling his frustration at Mikey into his movements and that was added to his regular fast, roughness which I was sure came from the same place as his onstage energy. He kept moving rough and hard, moaning and growling. It took him a few more minutes, then his back arched and his inked skin glistened with sweat as he unloaded into Ray's ass.

He stayed where he was for a few moments, only moving away when Mikey pulled him out. "Come on Iero, there's other dicks that need to use his hole." Frank glared at him, though his flushed, panting face lessened it's impact. He practically fell onto the couch, laying back on it and just... watching.

Mikey took up his position between Ray's legs, running his dick along the length of Ray's cleft. The older man pushed back against it. "Look at you, you wanton whore, ready now for a real man." Ray moaned behind the gag as Mikey entered him, going slowly at a pace I know I couldn't manage. Once he was balls deep inside Ray, his sharp hips digging into his fleshy cheeks, did he speak again. "You are a whore Toro." He stayed on place, reaching around and running his slender fingers along his length. "It's a shame you can't cum yet, your dick is so big and hard. Desperate and needy, just like you."

He moved out slowly, then slammed back into him. He kept quiet for a few seconds, then slapped Ray's ass hard. "Dirty slut!" He groaned behind the gag, which caused Mikey to slap his other cheek just as hard if not harder. "How many guys have you had huh?" He released Ray's cock, snaking his hand up to his hair. He thrust into Ray's body, undoing the gag with his hand, then graipping onto his curls and yanking his head back. "How many cocks have you had up your ass?"

Ray swallowed as he thought of a response, then he let it out shakily. "Ten... m... maybe more."

"See, you are a slut." Mikey punctuated his words by slamming into him again. Mikey's thrusts were steady, measured, nothing like the animalistic movements of Frank. Mikey was much more dominating then Frank was. He spat on Ray's back and groaned low in his throat, then went silent again. He focussed on his movements instead, maintaining the steady pace. I knew I couldn't maintain such a pace for anywhere near as long as Mikey was able to.

Eventually he lost his control of his steady pace and he began moving faster and faster. He kept mostly silent, making only the occasional groan, gasp or other sound of pleasure. I kept watching him, studying him for the sign of his orgasm. He didn't make excessive noise when he came, unlike some. He kept thrusting and I barely caught the moment he came He slammed in and held his place for just a few seconds while he did. His movements ceased after a few more thrusts, pulling out fully. He glanced over at me, a rare smile crossing his features. "He's all ready for you big Bob." He winked at me and stepped aside.

I moved closer to Ray, my dick aching between my legs. Mikey had moved to stand before Ray's head, guiding his head to his cock to clean it. While he did that I grasped Ray's cheeks and pulled them apart. His ring was stretched out and slick from the cum the others had shot inside him. I eased into him, groaning softly at his hot wetness. "Fuck..." I groaned softly, starting to fuck him. I was more rhymic then the other two, which I was well aware of now. I hadn't been at first, but now I assumed it was from all the drumming.

Mikey was apparently satisfied with Ray's cleaning, so patted his head and moved out of sight, leaving me to do what I want to Ray. My problem was with my hands. I never knew where to put them. I shifted them from his ass, up to his sides where they settled. I thrust into him hard, feeling his insides clench and squeeze around me. He looked beautiful as always. Curved in the right places, with those dark curls of his that hung to his shoulders. And then there was his thick, cock sucking lips and big dick. I felt my hips snap against his ass harder at my thoughts, groaning softly.

I let out a gasp, feeling something hot and wet wiggle against my crack. A tongue. I glanced over at the couch, noting Frank was still there, half-watching. So it was Mikey's. His slim fingers grasped my hairy cheeks, pulling them apart so he could lick deeper. My hands shifted again, to hold onto Ray's thighs, another of his sexy features. I held them, pulling him back onto my dick. "Fuck..." Mikey wiggled his tongue against my hole, circling it slowly. I found out early on in the band that, although Mikey was a top, he loved the taste of ass. He's eat it out as often as he could, though always made sure it was clear he topped.

I groaned, ramming hard into Ray, feeling myself get closer and closer. "Such a hot ass..." I let out another moan, cumming hard up his tight heat. Mikey pulled back, kissing the base of my spine. I eased out of Ray, crouching down behind him and trailing my tongue along his cleft. I tasted the mix of our fluids which escaped him, but didn't delve in deeper. Instead, I pushed the plug back into him and kissed the side of his neck. "I guess it slipped my mind to remove the ring. Ah well." I smirked slightly, undoing his bonds. "No jerking off, you wait for me to give you permission." He nodded submissively, keeping silent. To be honest, I wasn't sure what else to get him to do to earn it, but I was sure I'd come up with something.

For now though, he'd be content sucking my sticky cock clean.
Tags: bob bryar, bob bryar/ray toro, fic, frankie iero, frankie iero/ray toro, mikey way, mikey way/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash, xmas fic 09
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