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Pairing: Gareth Lawerence/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gareth
Prompt: 22 - Blindfolds
Warnings: Slight kink
Notes: Finally, the next, late Christmas fic. For heartstopperm, hope you like!

"Can I see now?" I asked, shifting in my seat, the blindfold covering my eyes robbing me of my sight.

"Soon. Patience." I heard him chuckle from somewhere before me, doing whatever it was he was up to. I heard him shuffle about, then squirmed just a little. I was already hard in anticipation of whatever he had in mind. Whenever he did this, some form of hotness always ensued.

The last time he had he removed the blindfold he'd been wearing nothing but a series of straps which criss-crossed his body and held a butt plug in place. The time before that he hadn't been alone and I'd watched while him and Rhys had sex before joining in. The time before that he'd worn a skin tight rubber suit, slipping on a hood once the blindfold came off.

"Ok..." I heard him mumble, then he felt him undo the blindfold, pulling it up and off my head. It took me a few seconds to blink and adjust top the light, which allowed him to shift to stand in front of me. From the neck down he was covered in black fishnet. The webbing covered his skin, even managing to hold back his erection. "Do you like?"

"Fuck..." It was all I could manage, my eyes roaming hungrily over him. He did a twirl and I could see that the largest hole in the whole outfit was at his ass. I had a feeling he'd had to cut that out himself. He sank to his knees in front of me, running his tongue over my head. I gasped softly, his soft lips wrapping around my shaft. I reached down and ran my fingers through his hair, groaning as he swallowed me down. He suckled on my dick, his talented, pierced tongue brushing against my length. "Fuck..." I groaned again, gripping onto his hair as I rocked up. His tongue could have a career. If he wasn't a musician, I was sure he could do quite well in porn or as a hooker.

His eyes flicked up to me, the hazel orbs sparkling as they locked onto mine. He squeezed his lips, his head bobbing up and down steadily, at an agonisingly slow pace. His nose brushed against the thick curls of my pubic hair every time he swallowed me. His pretty lips were streched around the base of my shaft, sucking eagerly, his tongue twisting and covering my length with saliva.

Slowly, he slipped off me and licked his wet, full lips. "I wanna ride you big boy." The words, spoken in his soft voice, made him sound even more like a wanton whore. He stood up and climbed onto my lap, sinking down onto my cock. I moaned again, his fishnet-clad legs rubbing against mine. I bucked up, my lips locking onto the curve of his neck, just above the fishnet top. I lightly bit at his skin, making sure that I'd leave a fresh mark. His hair was long enough that it would usually obscure such marks so I always made sure to give him more whenever we were together.

"Fuck Snoz, you feel so good!" He cried out, his hands gripping onto my shoulders. He was moving faster every few moments, slamming his arse down against my legs. I was content to let him set the pace, only rocking up every so often. I reached between us, rubbing his cock through his net. "Ugh..."

"Cum for me Jay, you fucking needy slut." I groaned against his ear, jerking up hard into the warm tightness of his arse. I wrapped my fingers around him as best I could, though the fishnet that made him look so sexy impeded me slightly. However, it seemed to be enough.

"Shit Snoz..." He groaned softly and came over his belly, the jets of cum making the fishnet stick to his skin more.

"Ugh... fuck that's it..." I purred against his ear. "So so hot." His arse was clenching tight around me, squeezing almost vice-like around my stiffness. I bit into the skin of the opposite side of his throat as I released, pumping my cum deep inside of him. "Fuck...."

"Do you wanna..." He panted after a few seconds of silence, shifting slightly on my lap.

"Yeah, always." He stood up and moved to the table, bending across it and pushing the fishnets of his lower hald down enough to reveal his fleshy cheeks. "Tidy..." I crossed the room to him, slipping down to my knees behind him. My hands pulled his cheeks apart, enough to expose his pucker, which was stretched open and slick. I extended my tongue, circling it around the rim to taste some of the cloudy fluid that oozed out him. My nails dug slightly into him as my tongue penetrated him fully. He always tasted so good, just the right mix of ass and sweat, though he tasted better with cum inside him. I closed my eyes, wiggling my tongue in him in much the same way his had danced around my cock just a short time ago.

When I sat back, taking in a deep gulp of air, he was empty of as much of my cum as I had been able to get at. I planted gently kisses on his cheeks before standing and wrapping my arms around him, pulling him to his feet. "Mmm come on, let's get to bed." Nodding, he stoof and let me lead the way. While I wasn't sleepy, my limbs did ache a little and bed was always the best place for post-sex cuddling.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, gareth lawerence, gareth lawerence/jay james, jay james, slash, the blackout, xmas fic 09
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