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We can live like Jack and Sally if we want

Gah, writer's block's a bitch. I failed at writing yesterday. I may try tonight/tomorrow.

However, the Bullet bag was on Play for £4.99 so mum let me order it, yay!

We watched Day Of The Triffids which was good, but the Triffids make me think of Deku Baba's.

Today we went to Birmingham, hence this is a post about that.

First the train was way overcrowded, bah. I was only able to read one chapter of my book causa it.

Next faily thing was that my money wasn't in, but mum gave me some so yay! We went to Forbidden Planet and, while they hadn't got Kit, I got Captain Argyus... which I later later in The Entertainer for 2 quid less. BAH! Still, least I got him.

I got a pencil case Nightmare Before Christmas thing.

Mum got me some jelly beans though the dispensers failed and wouldn't give me them most of the time. Bah!

We went in the other Forbidden Planet and they had Kit! Yay! Sure he was probably overpriced, but I now has him! Nom!

I got some Trek dvds from The Works. The cashier was nice, but she didn't scan one of them, yay! I got another one from another place, then got Civilization for the DS. I woulda got Republic Heroes for the DS but... Game fails and didn't have it so I have to check in Cannock when I go.

I got Big Cheese and Radio Times which I'll look at soon.

On the way home it started snowing, thick and heavy. So pretty!

I want tomorrow's kerrang! Yay topless Oli and Bullet poster! I hope it's big and they're naked!

Some pictures!

Sheep cake mix, sadly I didn't get

A Madina interview in Big Cheese... not the fail

The Jelly bean Bull in the Bull Ring

The Lego Bull Ring

Argyus and Kit!
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