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To sleep, perchance to dream

Not much has happened since Christmas. I've been lax at taking pics of stuff cause I'm lazy.

Iwatched thew new Catherine Tate special on i-palyer. Nom! Can I be visited by the ghost of Christmas Present? He's hot.

I went on Mario Wii yesterday. It's good, but I prefer ice flowers to fire ones.

I finally watched Ilan's dvd. it's annoying it's in black and white but he's so cute and squishy. And having fro sex wiht his brother.

I watched Hamlet yesterday too. Fuck I'd forgotten how long winded they talked in Shakespere's day. I couldn't understand half of what was said, which irked me. However, when David Tennant sits on the floor with his legs spread wide, shows skin and is tied to a chair, it was worth watching... but I doubt I'd get the dvd. Halfway through I recalled there was a version of Hamlet done by the Simpsons, which is nice and simpler.

I ficced today but I don't expect it'll get read. I blame looking at loads of Link porn lately, thanks to saur.

Gonna do more Christmas fic tomorrow, cause we're going to the sales Tuesday.

I went on Guitar Hero World Tour today and did two gigs. Beginner must be real simple. and apparently I'm playing it left handedly.

I've also helped mum do a few puzzles on the new Professor Layton that I got her. I may start my own game on it soon.

Gonna start Doctor Who jigsaw later and watch Day of The Triffids tomorrow.
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